Download Palm DropBook

To use Palm DropBook, simply choose the desktop platform (Macintosh or Windows) to download, agree to the usage license, and unstuff or unzip the application.

After you've downloaded DropBook read how to run Palm DropBook.

Download DropBook for:

MakeBook, no longer in development

If you don't use a Macintosh or Windows desktop computer, you may download the Java version of MakeBook, which is no longer under development. In order to use MakeBook, you'll have to download and install a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) appropriate to your machine.

JVMs are available for Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. For other OSes, you'll have to dig up a JVM on your own.

Download MakeBook

After you've downloaded the program and have a JVM installed, read how to run MakeBook.