This page lists answers to the most common questions about the eReader for Android Beta release.

Current Version:

1.0.39 BETA (this BETA version is not compatible with versions of Android, 3.0 and higher)

Previous Versions:

No previous versions have been released.

How do I Download eReader for Android?   

Install eReader for Android directly from your device. For your convenience, you can copy and paste this URL in an email and open it on your device browser:

Features of the current release:

  • Connect to or bookshelf for wireless download. Optional automatic download of new purchases.
  • Basic reading features: forward page, back page, table of contents, change font size, landscape vs. portrait rotation views. Compatible with all eReader (PDB) content.
  • Advanced reading features: bookmarks, highlights, notes, dictionary lookup when a compatible dictionary is installed.

Please note that more features and improvements are scheduled to come out in our next release, so if you don't see your favorite feature here we ask for your patience.

What Devices Does eReader for Android support?

You can use this product on devices that are running Android OS version 1.0 or later (1.5 or later recommended). For installation instructions click here. We have tested this beta release on versions 1.5 and 2.0 using several different devices.

Where can I get content?

You can connect to your or bookshelf directly from the application wirelessly to download your purchases from those stores. In addition, you can launch the Android browser from within the eReader application to browse for new purchases. Several other retail websites sell or have free content in eReader format, such as

eReader for Android navigationHow do I navigate through my eBooks?

Trackball (where supported): You can scroll the trackball up to go to the previous page and down to advance the page.

Keyboard: Pressing "Space" will advance the page and "shift+Space" will go to the previous page.

Touchscreen: Clicking the screen on the bottom half or right side will advance the page. Clicking the screen on the top half or left side will go to the previous page. You can also swipe the screen to the right to go to the previous page and swipe the screen to the left to go to the next page.

You can also use the "Table of Contents" and "Go To Page" items in the menu to jump to any section of the eBook.

What if I have accounts at both eReader and Fictionwise?

If you have two accounts, one with eReader and one with Fictionwise, and both of those accounts have exactly the same login id and password then you may login on the device using that common login id and password and you will see all the compatible eBooks from both accounts on your device!

If your login information differs between your eReader and Fictionwise accounts, then whichever set of information you use to login on the device determines which bookshelf you will see.

How can I get my own personally created eReader format content onto eReader for Android?

This new version now supports the acquisition of personal content in eReader PDB format. For details see the Personal Content FAQ.

How can I get eReader content I downloaded from other websites onto eReader for Android?

You can send eReader-formatted PDB eBooks from your personal computer to the Android. This includes both encrypted and unencrypted eReader files. For details see the Personal Content FAQ.

Which of my eBooks can I download to eReader on the Android?

For customers, every eBook available on of course works when using the eReader eBook reading application.

For customers, every Multiformat (unencrypted) eBook works, and every Secure eReader eBook works. When you log in to your account from the device, note that you will only see listed those eBooks that work on the eReader software. You will not be shown eBooks that don't work, such as Secure Microsoft Reader eBooks, etc. If you see it on the device, you can download and read it on the device.

For eBooks you download from other web sites, they must be in eReader PDB format. No other format will currently work with eReader for Android. Please note that PDB is a container format and may hold many different kinds of files. The file must be an eReader format PDB file.

I have had problems downloading my Bookshelf, what can I do?

The most common cause of downloading errors is that you do not have a credit card registered at or Secure eBooks in the eReader format are encrypted using a credit card number and so if you do not have one on file with us the download server can't deliver the file.

I downloaded a Book but am having trouble unlocking it.

First, make sure you are using the correct unlock information. Login to your or account (whichever one you bought the book from) and go to your bookshelf. You will see your billing name and the last four digits of the default unlock card listed next to every Secure eReader eBook.

Remember that your unlock name must be exactly as listed there, including middle names, middle initials, etc. That is the most common error when trying to unlock. Also make sure you are using the same credit card as listed on the website. The website displays the last four digits for security reasons but you must of course type the entire card number in to unlock the book.

The eReader application remembers the hash code of the last few unlock codes you have used on the device, so you typically do not need to type unlock codes very often, really just when you change credit cards or get a new device. In practice many people go years without having to type another unlock code.

When you download secure eBooks from and accounts, an "unlock hint" will be provided for you on the Unlock Book screen. The "hint" works by providing the Purchaser's Name that unlocks the book and automatically filling it in for you. Also, the last four digits of the credit card number that makes up the Unlock Code will be displayed. This helps you to be sure what information you need to use to unlock and open your book.

Can I purchase eBooks from or right from my Android device?

There is a mobile optimized site for eReader. Now you can browse, purchase and install titles from your device! Great for last-minute purchases before traveling. To check out the improved flow of on your handheld device, just point your mobile browser to

You can also access the mobile site using the Android browser launched from inside the eReader application. To add books to your Android device's bookshelf from the eReader mobile web sites, tap the MENU button from the bookshelf listing and select SHOP. A browser will launch to the eReader mobile site from which you can browse titles, purchase and download eReader PDB files. eReader has added a new feature that allows books to be automatically sent to your device. A new preference has been added to your bookshelf that when set allows any new books you purchase from the web site to be automatically downloaded to your eReader bookshelf on your Android device (or other devices) when you start the application. You can also manually choose books to send to your device by setting them for pending download within your bookshelf. Finally, you can log in to your or account by pressing the MENU button on your device and selecting "Online Bookshelf". After logging in, you will see your compatible purchases and may click on one or more to download.