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1. Long [55972 words]The Chiefs Investigate by Ed Pahnke [Mystery/Crime/Humor]
2. Long [98612 words]The Summer of Wanderlust by Lydia Forsythe [Romance]
3. Mid-Length [32534 words]Safety First for Savvy Seniors by Ron Smith [Health/Fitness/Self Improvement]
4. Long [58134 words]A Jolly Good fellow by Stephen V. Masse [Mystery/Crime/Humor]
5. Long [52858 words]The Island Prison by K.G. McAbee [Young Adult/Fantasy]
6. Long [108106 words]Blue Haze by Tricia McGill [Romance/Historical Fiction]
7. Mid-Length [35223 words]Into the Light by John R. Ford [Spiritual/Religion/Science Fiction]
8. Mid-Length [25308 words]A Boy of All Time by Che Dee [Young Adult/Fantasy]
9. Short [8908 words]The Beauty in the Beast by K.G. McAbee [Dark Fantasy/Humor]
10. Short [5419 words]Best in Show by Lynne Cantwell [Horror/Dark Fantasy]
  1. Long [72521 words]Horse Passages by Jennifer Macaire [Science Fiction/Romance]
2. Short [15707 words]Becoming Elijah by Bob Meads [Science Fiction]
3. Long [108106 words]Blue Haze by Tricia McGill [Romance/Historical Fiction]
4. Long [78023 words]Heroes in the Dust [Iskander Series Book II] by Jennifer Macaire [Historical Fiction/Romance]
5. Long [106145 words]Time for Alexander by Jennifer Macaire [Historical Fiction/Romance]
6. Long [59145 words]A Charm for a Unicorn by Jennifer Macaire [Fantasy/Romance]
7. Short [8908 words]The Beauty in the Beast by K.G. McAbee [Dark Fantasy/Humor]
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A Boy of All Time
"There was a time when sheep had black and white stripes and cats could play the trumpet, when all children could see me. Then the magic was gone--or perhaps I should say destroyed. Now time waits for two special children to find and recite the words that are lost. If I cannot restore my image to all children, then I might fade away completely. Even the land of the tulies is beginning to wither away and crumble. You see, I sense you can help and that is why I am asking so much of you. But one wo... more info>>
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A Charm for a Unicorn
IN a land where magic still exists.... Two charming sisters and two handsome brothers find themselves pulled into trouble by the uncontrolled magic of one sister, who is just too lovable for her own good. An evil wizard is determined to marry her no matter what it takes. Defeating him involves war, diplomacy, and the judicious use of science--oh, yes, and a unicorn. A mouse magician, a battle at sea, a unicorn hunt, whirlwinds ... and magic, await you in 'A Charm for a Unicorn'.
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A Jolly Good fellow
Two different worlds collide one Christmas when a sidewalk Santa becomes a kidnapper, and life will never be the same for Duncan Wagner, who has a foolproof plan to kidnap Gabriel Booker, the eleven-year-old son of State Representative Winthrop Booker. But the plan goes awry from the start when the boy runs away from his own home, straight into Duncan's car. And Duncan's problems don't end there, as the ransom deal goes sour. Duncan soons finds that Gabriel is a runaway with problems of his own.... more info>>
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Attack of the Killer Prom Dresses
A feisty teenaged girl is ambitious for a career in dress design. Her fancy new sewing machine turns out to be controlled by aliens! One by one, from their lair in her closet, the aliens take control of her friends. Our determined heroine and her devoted boyfriend must block the aliens from their dire designs.
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Becoming Elijah
In a post-apocalyptic society plagued by dwindling resources and radiation-induced birth defects, Ganthr sought to restore hope to the People and validate his own perfect birth by defeating a great warrior sent as a divine test, a gigantic brown bear. Though the great beast lay dead, Ganthr is also slain in the battle and awakens in the presence of his god, who demands of him his soul for his failure.
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Best in Show
With her husband gone on business every week, and a small son, Marcy took up quilting to keep herself sane. Now a stranger is pushing herself into Marcy's life, seemingly reading her mind and saying things that Marcy would never utter herself. Who is this woman who has invited herself into Marcy's home and hobby, and why does she scare Marcy so?
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Blue Haze
Australia, 1800. Isabella O'Shea arrives on a prison boat, just one of hundreds of convicts to be sold as indentured servants in Botany Bay. She hates men. She especially hates the English--and she's about to become the servant of a wealthy, ambitious Englishman, a man called 'Tiger'. A man who has decided to make Isabella his own. But he hasn't counted on her fierce pride or her determination to be free, no matter what the cost.
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Chester and the Green Pig
When Chester wakes up, there's a green pig on his lawn. When it squeezes out under the back gate he follows it to a new, enticing world. Welcome to a place where plants complain, where local people with the silliest names are obsessed with gold even though they have no idea about money. Welcome to Goldintown. It's being terrorized by an evil fat food fairy named Gluttonia, who with the aid of some pretty powerful magic, is stealing all the town's kids. Or as the town's Sheriff, Wetpants McTumble... more info>>
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Face to Face
In her inspiring new book, author Judith Casey offers a heart-wrenching account of her personal struggle with her son's alcohol abuse and suicide attempt. Still healing, Judith Casey put her story into words in hopes that the events of her life's tragedy might help others in a similar situation to recognize the signs of a cry for help. "It was just before Thanksgiving when my son put a shotgun under his chin and pulled the trigger. He survived, but the blast obliterated his face. As I watched hi... more info>>
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Heroes in the Dust [Iskander Series Book II]
Ashley, once a time traveling journalist, now the beloved wife of Alexander the Great, journeys to Bactria in the hopes that she may one day be reunited with her son Paul. She knows Alexander is on the most dangerous and difficult part of his fight to recapture the crown of Persia. She loves her hero, but also feels melancholy because she knows when he will die and there is nothing she can do to change that. Sequel to TIME FOR ALEXANDER and 2nd in the Iskander series. Alexander the Great's campa... more info>>
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Horse Passages
Orphaned twins, Meagan and Carl Cadet, share an honored path--they're horse herders. But the horses they herd are unique, for each horse grows beautiful clusters of unicorn-like horns made of living quartz. Like fingerprints, each is dazzlingly different from the other. The horses use these horns to travel through mystic passages, finding new planets for humans to colonize. Meagan and Carl are teenaged equestrians who make perfect caregivers for these unusual horses--if they can avoid the mercil... more info>>
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Into the Light
A group of people with nothing in common ... except they are dead, find themselves on a voyage through a strange land toward a mysterious mountain. They don't know where they're going. They may never arrive. They have to learn to work together or else they may all fail, and if they do so, they will be stranded forever in the darkness. This haunting first novel will stay with you long after you've read it.
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North Star
A centaur who has lost her family and an angel who has lost his wings search for a race of beings from before historical time. A moving, wise story of the relationship between two people who learn to adapt to the unthinkable.
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Not Poppy, Nor Mandragora
When Carill found the mutilated bodies of his wife and son, he could think of only one thing: revenge. But he's only a simple farmer; what he and his village need is an official monster slayer. Brys Bradaigh arrives, straight from the queen's court, complete with sword and vast experience in dealing with monsters. Carill is beginning to wonder, however, if she has a hidden agenda?
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Odo and the Time Children
Children's fantasy. Two Saxon children meet Odo the talking cat, and find themselves careening through time with him in search of an ancient gold coin.
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Safety First for Savvy Seniors
"I've fallen and I can't get up." We've seen that commercial time and time again, but for seniors it's no joke. The Home Safety Council reports that deaths from home injuries and car accidents triple for adults between the ages of sixty-five and eighty-four, and are eight times as much for those eighty-five and older. The book describes simple dos and don'ts of basic safety techniques seniors can use at home, while traveling, behind the wheel of a car, in meal preparation, during a hospital stay... more info>>
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Summer Flames
A teacher's determination to retrace the steps her pioneer ancestors took thrusts her into romance and danger. All teacher Chera James wants from rugged, independent Kade Morgan is permission to set foot on his private forestland. As the only female in a male household, she refuses to be treated like a hothouse flower, especially by a man who symbolizes everything the word masculine embodies. She has the map of the trail her ancestors took during their trek west and is prepared to take her own j... more info>>
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The Beauty in the Beast
When Erik's father acquires yet another gambling debt, a most unusual payment is demanded. Erik must go to live in the castle in the wood and never see his father again. Even the thought of numberless books doesn't make him happier about the deal. But when he arrives at Arraine DuBois' castle deep in the enchanted woods, Erik finds even more than he'd bargained for--magic, wonder, love, danger, fear?and death.
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The Chiefs Investigate
Follow the two protagonists, Charlie and Jimmy Chief, two mainstream Native American private detectives, while they crack cozy mysteries and smiles. If you expect clues and red herrings and action in your mysteries, you'll get all these in The Chiefs Investigate. There will also be a twist, starting with the first story in this collection of fifteen mysteries, continuing through each of the succeeding stories. Jimmy and Charlie Chief vie to solve mysteries and out quip each other. They end eac... more info>>
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The Dark Legacy
Noah Macgregor and his sister Holli were just following their dog Gilbert through the dark hallways of the old house on the South Carolina coast that once belonged to the dread pirate Captain Ambrose Craven. They find Gilbert just in time to see him run full speed into--and it looks like, through--a painting. Naturally, they follow their dog; wouldn't you? But just imagine their surprise when, on the other side of the painting, he and his sister find themselves in a strange sort of colonial Sout... more info>>
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The Falling Down Man
Upon his wife's death, a lonely old man's memory is stirred and a past he had forgotten spurs him to action. A dead man tells tales and he listens closely. He begins a hunt to unravel a mystery that involves his own past. With the intensity born of 'that need to know' he pursues the trail of a criminal who is involved with spies, and in the process identifies a network of trained killers. Who were they after, and why? And what world power was behind it all? An old friend urges him on with a moti... more info>>
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The Island Prison
Holli is trapped in time, trapped in the evil Captain's house, and trapped in a strange world full of talking animals and walking skeletons.She wants to go home, and she's counting on her brother Noah to come back and save her. But before she can search for a way back she has to honor a promise made to a friend in need.
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The Seed
Something odd is going on at Susan's farm-turned-ceramics-studio. Her boyfriend moved out, her latest commission has been canceled, and rabbits are getting into her garden. Now one of her dogs is sick. And to top it off, her dotty old neighbor lady is going on and on about a "seed." Things have been going from bad to worse for Susan all summer. Could a legend be coming to life in the woods behind Susan's house?
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The Summer of Wanderlust
Nicola never dreamed she would give up modern comforts to sail across the Atlantic Ocean and yet, desperate for a summer escape, that is exactly what she did. Fleeing her abusive ex-fiance, she snags a ride on a trans-Atlantic cruise to deliver a sailboat to the Caribbean from the South of France. While she expected adventure, she never expected to fall for Ian, a ragged mystery man with eyes like the sea. In the tight quarters of the sailboat, she struggles to keep Ian from discovering the secr... more info>>
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Time for Alexander
Ashley is a one of the elite, a time-travel journalist who has fought to prove herself in a world that that believes her road in life was paved by her parents' money and her title. After winning a prestigious award she is chosen to travel through time and interview a historical figure. Choosing her childhood hero Alexander the Great, she is sent back in time for less than a day to find and interview a man whose legend has survived to the present day. He mistakes her for Persephone, goddess of ... more info>>
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