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1. Unleashed by Kristina Dalton [Erotica/Romance]
2. Vampire's Lover by Kristina Dalton [Romance/Fantasy]
3. Taken by Kristina Dalton [Erotica/Romance]
4. The King's Right by Kristina Dalton [Romance]
5. The Virtual Thief by Hartford S. Brown [Suspense/Thriller]
  1. It's All a Matter of Choice by Liberty Allure [Erotica]
2. Taken by Kristina Dalton [Erotica/Romance]
3. The Virtual Thief by Hartford S. Brown [Suspense/Thriller]
4. The Controller by Hartford S. Brown [Suspense/Thriller/Mainstream]
5. Vampire's Lover by Kristina Dalton [Romance/Fantasy]
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A Binary Convergence
Of all the wonders that lie in the infinite reaches of space what small few might we witness? In the infinite stretch of time that lies before us, everything can and will happen, and the fun of discovery has already begun. A Binary Convergence is dual contributor science fiction at its best, bringing the complementary talents of Brian L. Porter and Graeme S. Houston together and giving them free reign to take us beyond our wildest dreams. Within are three stories from each author with a co-autho... more info>>
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Avenue of the Dead
In this novella, Juan Morales is back! After the baffling case of the six missing choirboys and the tragic revelations surrounding the death of his brother, the priest Father Rodrigo, Morales is faced with his strangest case yet, as a vacation with his best friend in Mexico City leads him into a world of human sacrifice, ancient Gods, and a relationship with the beautiful archaeologist Sophia Kanakarides. When Sophia goes missing Morales and his friend Francisco Tamayo face a race against time t... more info>>
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Folding Infinity
A bundle of stories from Graeme S. Houston; they run (though not in sequence) from his very earliest works to his very latest. From Thrillers to Serial Killers, from Philosophical Speculation to Speculative Fiction, within this volume is something for everyone. "Mistaken": Arisa watches in horror as a dark shadowy figure swoops upon Roberto, and in the man's hand flashes the silver of a wicked blade, brought around to where Roberto stands. She can do nothing but watch that brutal moment, while h... more info>>
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From Pin Stripes to Army Stripes
The writer relates his college experience being conservative among some "liberal elites ". Incidents involving crime, his near death in a factory accident, immigration problems back then. There's the hint that the "college boy "will join up. The main character meets with the Air Force recruiter, takes battery tests for flight. He wants to be an interpreter. He almost passes. The Army recruiter hears about from next door and gets Michaels specifications and calls him. Mike resigns from the firm a... more info>>
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It's All a Matter of Choice
A novel about two ordinary people who find an extraordinary love. Twenty-six year old Emmet Barrows lived a very sheltered and life until Anita Bowen walked into it and turned his world upside down. As a man who had next to no experience with women but desperately wants to change that, Emmet has to deal with the fact that a pretty young woman is attracted to him. And when it comes to the polite, generous young man, naughty Anita plans on breaking him in the right way. It's All a Matter of Choice... more info>>
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Lili Rothington's sheltered life changes forever when she becomes the pawn in a deadly game of vengeance. En route to become the wife of a British officer, she is kidnapped by his enemy, the pirate known as El Pantera. Captured and intimidated she might be, but Lili resolves to use her wits and beauty to gain control of the situation. She sets out to seduce her captor, make him break his vow to leave her untouched until his enemy exchanges himself for her. The battle of wills and growing desires... more info>>
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The Controller
Unnoticed by the police or the public, a number of important executives of different software companies have died by accident and their companies sold to the same bidder. At the same time, a group of Russian software experts, at the direction of a man known only as "The Controller", are undertaking the theft of software from a company by tapping into their internal computer network. When a series of accidents begin happening to John Packard, the CTO of the company under attack, he teams up with ... more info>>
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The King's Right
A kingdom of unrivaled enlightenment, equality and prosperity was shattered by betrayal and vanished into legend. Now the prince and heir--believed dead--has crossed paths with a woman determined to defy her family and society to gain freedom. He must chose between continued anonymity and confronting his tragic past to reclaim his right as king to have her. Assuming his throne will mean returning a ruined monarchy to its former glory, while battling the ruthless horde of warriors invading the la... more info>>
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The Lost Generation
Going Straight to Hell.... Mike Hamilton is a man marked for death. No, the Mafia isn't after him--hepatitis C is. The disease hid in his system for years, slowly eating at his liver. Mike had no idea the incurable virus was after him. Now it's too late to do anything about it. So why not party? The Lost Generation is a tale about today, tomorrow, and well, the nutzoid place we live. Mike gives up everything your average Ruthless New York lawyer holds dear. He trades it for a cherry RX-7 and hea... more info>>
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The Nemesis Cell
A group of women gather at a Belgian fertility clinic where Doctor Margherita Dumas offers a revolutionary and decidedly experimental treatment for their infertility. A year later, each of the women give birth to a healthy baby boy, it would seem that the doctor's controversial methods have been successful. Thirty years later a mysterious killer stalks and begins to wipe out the children born as a result of Dumas' programme. Is there a link between the events of the past and the deaths of the in... more info>>
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The Ring
Kitt Sebastion's life changes when he receives a telegram from a man he believed long dead. His ailing grandfather implores him to return to the states so they may meet. Kitt rushes to answer the summons, only to find his grandfather has died and entrusted him with recovering an until now secret family heirloom ring hidden in a desk. But the desk is gone and Kitt's left with a very personal quest for the piece of his heritage. His search leads him to Sonny Lawrence's antique shop, and they learn... more info>>
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The Shade of the Soul
This is a novella of our deepest fears. No one knows where the noki came from, or how they got here, but they are terrible fiends. Black as night, drifting, floating wraiths which can drift through any substance as if they were ghosts, but their claws can be as sharp and as solid as the sharpest blade, when they want them to be. The tentative civilisations have survived only because the noki have a deadly aversion to jade; jade posts keep them at bay, jade weapons will kill them, jade walls are ... more info>>
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The Virtual Thief
Joseph Simon, who has more names than he can remember, finds that stealing money from a professional thief and murderer can be a dangerous occupation. A major credit card company, systematically destroyed his life--Joe loses everything, his job, his wife, his home and his good name. Enraged, Joe decides to teach the company a lesson. Using his computer savvy, Joe steals millions from them via the Internet. The man in charge of that money, a Colombian with drug connections, a killer and thief him... more info>>
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The Voice of Anton Bouchard
As the city of Paris swelters in the grip of a summer heat wave, a serial killer dubbed "The Butcher Best" stalks the dark streets of the great metropolis, despatching his victims with increasing brutality and savagery. Author Brian L Porter goes deep into the mind of multiple murderer Anton Bouchard, revealing the thoughts and the events that have shaped the life of that most heinous of society's misfits, the serial killer! This definitive collection of tales from the pen of the author includes... more info>>
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Top Ten Tips To Advertising Your Book
It's a Hard, Cruel World! So you've decided to set out in the publishing jungle and print your own book. It's a great feeling to see it in print and by doing the work yourself you can get a bigger percentage of the sales. But it won't take long before the hard, cold reality comes to call--somebody's got to sell the books. Most writers are great at putting words together, but they're lousy salesmen. They can find themselves with a garage full of books all dressed up with nowhere to go. But it doe... more info>>
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Roth Garrett has finally found the man who used a group of henchman to attack and leave him for dead. He is resolved to settle the blood feud and avenge himself. However, the man seems to have ingratiated himself to a legitimate businessman, Braxton Langford. When Roth arrives to speak to the merchant, he finds a woman. Braxton has her own agenda for the man they hold in common. She refuses to cooperate and having a female refuse him anything is a new experience for Roth. This begins a maelstrom... more info>>
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Untold is an erotic romance anthology showcasing three sets of characters who appear in the first two of the Garrett series, telling their stories: Con and Ivy, Diego and Dougless, and the most beloved characters by readers, Etienne and Walks Softly. Their story predates Taken, and offers a sort of prequel to the series. Untold is intensely emotional, explicitly sexual, and a must-have accompaniment to the other two novels in the series.
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Vampire's Lover
Tynan Singleton is a modern woman with clear goals and a cut and dried view of the world. Her heated, whirlwind affair with Faelen Cairo, a member of underground aristocracy, shatters her view of reality and introduces a new one. She becomes swept into the glittering, decadent underworld of vampire society, and caught in the midst of a feud between two vampires.
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