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1. Mid-Length [30283 words]Royal Treatment by Cecilia Tan [Erotica/Science Fiction]
2. Very Long [177396 words]The Academy by Laura Antoniou [Erotica]
3. Long [95893 words]Faewolf by D. M. Atkins & Chris Taylor [Erotica/Romance]
4. Long [145916 words]The Slave by Laura Antoniou [Erotica]
5. Short [9488 words]For Want of a Nail: A Marketplace Short Story by Laura Antoniou [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
6. Long [120619 words]The Trainer: Book Three of the Marketplace Series by Laura Antoniou [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
7. Short [11436 words]That's Harsh! by Laura Antoniou [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
8. Mid-Length [29549 words]One Saved to the Sea by Catt Kingsgrave [Erotica/Fantasy]
9. Mid-Length [32520 words]Like A Wisp of Steam: Steampunk Erotica by Cecilia Tan & J. Blackmore [Erotica/Science Fiction]
10. Long [62822 words]Sexcrime: An Anthology of Subversive Erotica by Cecilia Tan [Erotica/Science Fiction]
  1. Long [95893 words]Faewolf by D. M. Atkins & Chris Taylor [Erotica/Romance]
2. Short [19786 words]Mate: And More Stories from the Erotic Edge of SF/Fantasy by Lauren P. Burka [Erotica/Science Fiction]
3. Mid-Length [41881 words]Like Clockwork: Steampunk Erotica by J. Blackmore [Erotica/Alternate History]
4. Long [145916 words]The Slave by Laura Antoniou [Erotica]
5. Mid-Length [32520 words]Like A Wisp of Steam: Steampunk Erotica by Cecilia Tan & J. Blackmore [Erotica/Science Fiction]
6. Mid-Length [27241 words]Alpha by Molly Maddox [Erotica]
7. Long [131130 words]The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou [Erotica/Mainstream]
8. Long [60151 words]Even More Erotica for a Gay Universe [Wired Hard 3] by Cecilia Tan [Erotica/Science Fiction]
9. Mid-Length [35535 words]Like An Animal: Erotic Tales of Werewolves by Cecilia Tan & Bethany Zaiatz [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
10. Mid-Length [35214 words]Like Tooth and Claw: Shape Shifter Erotica by Cecilia Tan & Joy Crelin [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
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Royal Treatment
A BDSM science fiction novella from Cecilia Tan. On a world where dominance and submission are a way of life, a young noble named Arshan takes full advantage of the carnal pleasures that slave girls can offer. But disaster looms when the crown princess starts looking for a consort and looks in his direction. A prequel to Telepaths Don't Need Safewords.
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The Academy
The Academy: Tales of the Marketplace continues the brilliant saga of resolute slaves and exacting owners begun in previous volumes (The Marketplace. The Slave, and The Trainer). A dynamic culture of honor and duty embracing absolute servitude is the basis for the clandestine society known as The Marketplace. Sensuality, intelligence, and passion meld into exquisite eroticism and scenes of blazing sexuality. In "The Academy" we follow Chris Parker and his trainee, Michael LaGuardia, to Japan, w... more info>>
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Faewolves, like werewolves, can walk among men. What happens when Kiya White Cloud, a young gay college student in Santa Cruz, wants one of these men enough to risk his heart--and his life? A paranormal m/m erotic romance from Circlet Press, Inc. [Warning: explicit sex, dubious consent, and rough scenes.]
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For Want of a Nail: A Marketplace Short Story
"The ambulance pulled away at two, just as the glazier arrived. Chris could see them both through the window as he waited on hold. Thunder crashed; it was technically too early for a Nor'easter, but water spouts had been spotted off the north shore, and out of a sunny afternoon a deepening gray sky had grown and harsh winds shook the pin oaks on the front lawns. In retrospect, he thought, perhaps this wasn't the best day for a party..." So begins another day at the Long Island mansion where eli... more info>>
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One Saved to the Sea
In the Orkney Islands, seals shed their skins to dance on land. Lighthouse-keeper's daughter Mairead has watched the selkie girls secretly and longs to join them. But a selkie girl has been watching her, too. What wildness will the shapeshifter draw her into? One Saved to the Sea by Catt Kingsgrave will sweep you away to a past that never was, and into a love story just this side of impossible.
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That's Harsh!
This short story about Robin, the main character in Laura Antoniou's THE SLAVE, originally ran as a bonus story in the ebook edition of THE SLAVE. Winner of the NLA: International Writing Award for best BDSM-positive short story, "That's Harsh" tells the story of what happens when Robin's masters -- a gay couple -- decides to throw an all male sex and BDSM play party. Hint: Robin doesn't get sent on vacation. [Warning: graphic sex, BDSM play, boot licking.]
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The Slave
[Warning: Explicit Sex.] Robin wants to be a slave in the underground world of the Marketplace. She falls under the tutelage of the infamous trainer Chris Parker and spends an intense few weeks with him. Little does she know that her adventures as a slave are just beginning, taking her from one coast to the other, into the whirlwind party world of a California gay couple and their house full of slave boys. Contains an all-new, never before published bonus story about Robin! Her masters decide to... more info>>
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The Trainer: Book Three of the Marketplace Series
The third book in THE MARKETPLACE series brings us into the house of Anderson, the Trainer of Trainers, where Chris Parker and a few clients are in residence. Michael LaGuardia loves being part of the Marketplace and loves the sex slaves he regularly trains. After a couple of years in California, though, Michael thinks he is ready for a step up, an apprenticeship with Anderson. He's wrong. Michael arrives at Anderson's Brooklyn brownstone with a chip on his shoulder and promptly trips over... more info>>
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1901: A Steam Odyssey
Aliens! Corsets! Tattoos! Steam! Join the intrepid Lady Cheyenne as she battles Lunar soldiers and Venusian love-warriors in her quest to save the Earth, and Her Majesty's Empire, from the sinister machinations of voyeur Martians! Discover this and much more in Lionel Bramble's 1901: A Steam Odyssey! It seems only fitting that now, as a new age of digital publishing is dawning, we would see a resurgence in the kind of fiction associated with the beginning of cheap print publishing. In the Victo... more info>>
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A Taste of Midnight: Vampire Erotica
A collection of erotic short stories which explore the realms of the mysterious and beautiful children of the night: the vampire. Fall into the darkness and sensuality that is the vampire's world, velvet nights and sweet blood. Come, take a bite and sink into the warm arms of a midnight unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Includes the stories Descend by Pagan O'Leary, Goddess of the Wine by Kate Hill, Waiting for Sunset by Elizabeth Thorne, Pale Smoke by Raven Kaldera, Would You Live... more info>>
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Janey Hyde is fighting to keep her people alive in a Manhattan ravaged by zombies. Seamus, the leader of a werewolf pack also on the island is doing the same. Will an alliance between them be the salvation of their tribes? Or is the intense attraction they feel for each other going to be their downfall? Exploring love, lust, war, and politics, ALPHA is the debut novel from writer Molly Maddox. Seamus's pack isn't ready to accept a human in their midst, and attracted to him as she is, Janey isn't... more info>>
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Apocalypse Sex: Love at the End of the World
[Warning: Explicit sex] With their own demise staring them in the face, the characters in Apocalypse Sex decide to do one thing: have the best sex of their lives. These stories include a range of settings, tones, and sexualities, but they share the feeling of freedom that impending death can provide. And, of course, they share the desperately intense kind of sex that you can only have if you think it might be your last. In J. Daniel Sawyer's "Buried Alive in the Blues," a woman finds a speakeas... more info>>
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Best Erotic Fantasy
The editors at Circlet Press present a cherry-picked collection of only the best of erotic fantasy and science fiction. From over 300 entries, they have chosen the top 16, including the stunning winner by Allison Lonsdale "Vaster Than Empires." Vylar Kaftan's "Fulgurite" and Jason Rubis's "Now I Live On The Street of Women" were the runner-ups. The stories in the anthology span many genres and sexualities, at times defying such categories. Entries were judged on writing quality, originality, and... more info>>
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Best Fantastic Erotica
The best erotic science fiction and fantasy as determined by the annual contest run by Circlet Press. Rewarding originality and positive sensuality, the contest inspires well-known and unknown writers alike to excel in this provocative genre. Erotic sf/f combines erotic and sexual themes with magic, futurism, high fantasy, cyberpunk, space opera, magic realism, and all the many other sub-genres. The winner is a multi-genre writer from Canada Arinn Dembo, whose "Monsoon" draws on the mythic tradi... more info>>
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Beyond the Softness of His Fur: Part Two
Dominant Emily and her submissive pet fox morph Wynn face new challenges when they learn he must be shared at her company retreat. Yet while Emily worries for his wellbeing at the hands of others, both are introduced to a commune that believes morphs ought to be free, leaving Emily with a difficult decision to make: keep her pet to be potentially mistreated by others or leave him to be free in the morph friendly commune?
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Black Feathers: Erotic Dreams
This new ebook edition of BLACK FEATHERS: EROTIC DREAMS contains the original 23 erotic short stories plus a new foreword by author Cecilia Tan. A ground-breaking book of "sex-positive" erotica in the 1990s, BLACK FEATHERS combines BDSM, pansexuality, fantasy, science fiction, and dream-like realism in a panoply of stories by the founder of Circlet Press.
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Chasing Tail
When the shapeshifter community of northern Arkansas is rocked by a string of disappearances, individuals aren't the only ones in danger. The entire community's way of life is in jeopardy, but this new threat brings some shifters together in ways they never expected. Alone, they are targets; together, they are strong. As they discover, the hardest part is finding the courage to let another person in. Through six linked erotic stories, Chasing Tail explores the realm between human and animal, o... more info>>
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Chocolatiers of the High Winds
This gay steampunk romance follows the globe-trotting adventures of young Mayport Titus, the sole scion of the Titus Chocolate fortune. Mayport's father, an adventurer and entrepreneur, established the intercontinental chocolate trade using sugar from India, cacao from South America, and a factory in New Amsterdam, before he and his wife were lost when their airship went down over the ocean and left Mayport orphaned. Now determined to make his own way in the world, Mayport attempts to resurrect ... more info>>
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Erotic Fantastic: The Best of Circlet Press 1992-2002
In the first ten years of its existence, Circlet Press published over thirty anthologies and several single-author works, all the time pushing at the boundaries of sf/f and Erotica and fusing the two together. This is a collection of the very best and brightest of this unique publisher and unique genre, with twenty-five stories picked from the hundreds Circlet has put into print. Includes Francesca Lia Block, Catherine Asaro, M. Christian, Thomas S. Roche, Laura Antoniou, and many many more.
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Erotic Tales of Superheroes [Like A Mask Removed, Volume One]
[WARNING: Explicit Sex.] You don't have to be an evil genius to figure that superheroes are hot, and not just because of the perfect bodies clad in spandex (or leather, or stylized body armor). Film adaptations of favorite superheroes remain on the rise and comic book conventions are among the best-attended gatherings in the world. But as comic book creators and artists have been trumpeting for decades, comic books are not for kids. Although the battles of good versus evil and of archetypal ico... more info>>
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Erotic Tales of Supervillains [Like a Mask Removed, Volume Two]
[Warning: Explicit Sex] You don't have to be an evil genius to figure that superheroes are hot, and not just because of the perfect bodies clad in spandex (or leather, or stylized body armor). Film adaptations of favorite superheroes remain on the rise and comic book conventions are among the best-attended gatherings in the world. But as comic book creators and artists have been trumpeting for decades, comic books are not for kids. Although the battles of good versus evil and of archetypal ic... more info>>
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Even More Erotica for a Gay Universe [Wired Hard 3]
The follow-up anthology to Wired Hard #2 of erotic science fiction with gay male themes and characters. These scorchingly hot tales of men on men are far from ordinary, with a touch of futurism here, a dab of fantasy there. Wired Hard 3 brings you everything from high tech interplanetary street hustlers to a gay Cupid. Includes 12 stories! Simon Sheppard, Gary Bowen, Jay Starre, S. S. Moses, Karl-Rene Moore, David Macmillan, Jon-Emory Michael, Jack Dickson, Tim Chadwick, Michael Barnette, Jsaon ... more info>>
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Fantastic Erotica
To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Circlet Press, Fantastic Erotica presents the very best erotic science fiction and fantasy short stories published by Circlet in the past five years. Chosen by popular vote by the readership from among all the stories published by Circlet from 2008 to the present, these favorites are the cream of the crop. A winner and two runners-up were chosen. N.K. Jemisin's "The Dancer's War" shows us the sensuous magic not of a stock fantasy medieval Europe, but of an A... more info>>
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Fetish Fantastic: Tales of Power and Lust from Futuristic to Surreal
Top writers in today's sexual underground present tales of futuristic fiction. These lush stories (eleven in all) transform the modern sexual fetishes of BDSM, S/M, D/s, bondage, and eroticized power exchange into the templates for new worlds. From the near future of BDSM in cyberspace to a future police state where the real power lies in manipulating authority, these takes are the cutting edge in both sexual fiction and science fiction.
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Kneel to Me
Circlet Press brings you seven erotic stories of dominance and submission that will return you to the moment when a master, mistress, or slave first stepped out of a story and made you theirs. The submissives, slaves, and bottoms you will meet here are tough and competent. No passive orifices, they are beautifully-realized individuals with the spark that makes them recognizably human. In "KATT," the slave is a beautiful android who fights to hold on to the precious scrap of her life after a dis... more info>>
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