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Alutar: the Great Demon [Demonstone Chronicles Book 7]
Using the enemy's own portals, King Arik sends the elite forces of Alcea to Zara to crush the Federation. Woefully outnumbered, the Alceans join forces with the indigenous rebels to battle the massive armies of Emperor Jaar while the Knights of Alcea scheme from within the enemy's leadership to foil the Federation's ability to respond. While the world focuses on the battle between King Arik and the Federation, Fakir Aziz gathers the most powerful mages in Zara to carry his own battle directly to... more info>>
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Complement for a King II: Redemption
The Great Peace is shattered, and war is upon the Land of the Nine Kingdoms, but Antion and his friends are forced to journey beyond the Roof of the World to seek wisdom from a mage who vanished many generations ago. If Orro still exists, he is Jared's only chance to acquire the knowledge needed to vanquish the evil that is spreading through the world, but Antion has doubts that Jared will be able to fulfill his mission even with the help of Orro. As nations of the Land of the Nine Kingdoms fa... more info>>
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Complemet for a King I: Search for Audric
The Great Peace in the Land of the Nine Kingdoms has lasted for ages, but that is about to change. The events surrounding the accidental death of a queen fuels a rage in a young magician, and she sets out to exact her revenge on the world. Little does she know that by using the dark arts of the Talent, she will drag the Land of the Nine Kingdoms into a fight for its very survival. A young prince, filled with the Talent but incapable of using it, frantically searches for answers that will help h... more info>>
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