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1. Long [72768 words]Assassin Master by C. L. Scholey [Erotica/Romance]
2. Long [73884 words]Assassin Deception by C. L. Scholey [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
3. Mid-Length [30387 words]For the Love of Pete by Elizabeth Adams [Erotica/Romance]
4. Short [12038 words]Table for Two Hearts by Christine DePetrillo [Erotica/Romance]
5. Short [7035 words]Beyond Castle Walls by J. Troy Seate [Erotica/Romance]
6. Long [66204 words]My Assassin Lover by C. L. Scholey [Erotica/Romance]
7. Long [71894 words]Assassin Treasure by C. L. Scholey [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
8. Short [16278 words]Candy Cain by C. L. Scholey [Erotica]
9. Long [52618 words]The Ravens Revisited: John by Rhiannon Neeley [Erotica/Romance]
10. Short [12824 words]Crash and Burn by Emery LaRue [Erotica/Romance]
  1. Long [66204 words]My Assassin Lover by C. L. Scholey [Erotica/Romance]
2. Mid-Length [41712 words]Ravens Revisited: Rogue by Rhiannon Neeley [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
3. Short [12778 words]A Trick of Frost by RaeLynn Blue & Dreea Riley [Erotica/Romance]
4. Long [66493 words]How to Resist Prince Charming by Linda Kage [Erotica/Romance]
5. Long [77533 words]Just My Luck by Gail Koger [Erotica]
6. Short [9595 words]Coming Home by Dee S. Knight [Erotica/Romance]
7. Long [72768 words]Assassin Master by C. L. Scholey [Erotica/Romance]
8. Mid-Length [47152 words]Ravens Revisited: Holt by Rhiannon Neeley [Erotica/Romance]
9. Mid-Length [43816 words]Ravens Revisited: Drake by Rhiannon Neeley [Erotica/Romance]
10. Mid-Length [49718 words]Reconstructing Cady by Holli Winters [Erotica/Romance]
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Assassin Deception
In the blink of an eye, eight-year-old Chloe's world changes. A car explodes in her midst, killing her father and leaving her mother to battle insanity. After a late night wandering, the child is soon privy to frightening information better left unsaid. Returning home for good eighteen years later, Chloe confronts the man responsible for murdering her father. A beloved man who has cared for her as if his own, supposedly wanted her as if his own. After a turn of serious events causes Chloe to l... more info>>
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Assassin Master
The world belonged to Carrie. She was ranked highest in her class at university and had her sights set on a bright future. In a moment of deception by a man she stops to assist with what she believes is a medical emergency, her dreams are shattered. The man drugs Carrie and whisks her away to a cabin in a remote area, where she refuses to eat or drink for days. Seeing her opportunity for freedom, Carrie escapes and struggles to survive in the dense forest. Her abductor follows, with the hel... more info>>
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Assassin Treasure
Candy witnesses the brutal slaying of her boss, Tyler Darren. Though she feels his death is justified, she finds herself in the position where she must flee for her life. She is certain Tyler's family will hunt her down and demand she reveal why a powerful assassin was sent to murder their son. That would place a young woman and associate, who had already suffered brutally, into more danger. Tyler's family isn't Candy's only threat; the huge blond assassin is tracking her with relentless determi... more info>>
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Beyond Castle Walls
Virgilia smelled of jasmine and lilac. John nuzzled her neck and took in the aromas seldom found on the women beyond the castle walls--fresh, clean smells which were afforded to those with unsullied water and scented powders created by adept apothecaries. John led Virgilia to the largest rock. The couple perched upon it and watched the brook slowly meander around several bends and froth over rocks as it made its way downstream where it pooled into eddies of calm water. Further along, it dropped ... more info>>
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Candy Cain
When it comes to a few of her favorite things, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens aren't exactly what Candy has in mind at Christmas. Those things are fine if your head is in the clouds. A high powered lawyer doesn't have the luxury. When her car is run off the road by a deviant--a sexy deviant, she finds herself in a compromised position--horizontal. If she wants to stay warm and alive, she doesn't have a choice but to keep him close. While a blizzard rages, the only heat she and Cain a... more info>>
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For the Love of Pete
Sometimes the line between love and hate gets real blurry. Pete Henson was loathe to admit that the bridesmaid from his baby brother's wedding party didn't seem so mousy when she was fired up--like when she tried to ignore the desire he created in her just by running a finger down her spine or her frustration at him when his leg brushed hers. It was those hints of wanting which had her dominating his thoughts for weeks after she made it clear he was the last thing she needed or wanted in her lif... more info>>
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My Assassin Lover
Wolf is death. Casey is life. When the two collide neither are prepared for the outcome. Casey's heart shatters from the ultimate betrayal of her husband when she is faced with the fact he has sent an assassin to take her life. A hardened killer of the evil, Wolf suffers from a tragic loss which sets him on the path of justice for the innocents of the world. When the two become shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island alone, death meets life. As both enter twine loss becomes fulfillm... more info>>
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Table for Two Hearts
Eric Rangeley is a cargo pilot with a passion for flipping houses. His latest purchase, a run-down restaurant, is crying for a makeover. The building is in such bad shape--much like Eric's heart--that he and his best friend need an expert to help transform it into the town's next hot spot. Sam Falcon is an architect with a drive to design the perfect ambiance. After catching Eric off guard--he thought she'd be a man--her ability to know exactly what Eric wants for his restaurant makes her th... more info>>
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33 Days Til Christmas
Archangel Gabriel is sent to Earth in human form to keep a woman, Zippy, safe for the next thirty-three days. He's not told why, on that he must protect her. After Zipporah is rescued by a handsome man when she's nearly run over, she quickly discovers he could use some saving of his own...especially when she realizes he's not a man after all. As Gabriel starts feeling things he shouldn't, Zipporach, or Zippy as her friends call her, begins experiencing a rash of near-miss "accidents". His job m... more info>>
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A Betrayal Of Friendship
Mace left her two years ago. Now he's returned. Charlie's gotten her life back together. The last thing she needs right now is this hard-headed man. But wanting him? That's an entirely different story.
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A Christmas Wish
Two years ago, Brady and Macy kissed and walked on the edge of giving into their desire, but the time was not right. She was newly widowed after the death of her abusive husband, who was also Brady's cousin. Now it's Christmas Eve in the midst of a snow storm. Macy heads to Brady's bar for a drink and ends up stranded when the storm turns into a blizzard. Now, she's trapped with a man she's wanted for a long, long time...and the timing couldn't be better. One night of passion isn't enough for Br... more info>>
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A Demon in Stilettos
New Shoes, Dangerous Attitude Coy VanAlstine is a quiet and reserved lab tech. Mostly she spends her dateless weekends scouring garage sales. When Coy happens upon a pair of stunning black stilettos, she has to own them. After placing her feet inside demon possessed shoes, Coy's entire demeanor changes, and she becomes a woman she never knew existed within. Dr. Lincoln Johns is head of the research department. It doesn't take him long to realize there's a new girl in town...or in the lab, ra... more info>>
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A Lesson in Espionage
Espionage and daring intrigue in the nineteenth century? Vonnie, a woman of African-American descent, is a reclusive historian searching for her passion. A missing quilt made by Harriet Powers. Her dreams have been haunted mysteriously by the woman since her first visit to the Smithsonian when she was but a child of six. Vonnie is certain there is something of desperate importance Harriet needs her to discover. The only thing Demarco Axel needs to discover is how Vonnie became tangled up in... more info>>
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A Love Reborn
On the isle of Aquatrion, there is a legend that speaks of the Sirens' gift to those who drown at sea. Once one has been consumed by the waters, for his sacrifice, he will be turned into a selkie--both man and seal, to live amongst the sea, for his soul would forever be tied to both: that to which had been born, and to that which had died. Kikomo mourns the death of her husband-in-waiting, Takumi. Lost saving her life during a storm at sea, Takumi's body was swallowed up by the roaring waves and... more info>>
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A Spirit of Christmas Past
Elizabeth waits for Harold in their London home, circa 1880. When he arrives, they make rapacious love in front of the fireplace in celebration of another year. Yet, something is amiss. When the maid comes on Christmas day, she finds Harold alone, passed out on the Persian carpet, naked and exposed. She fantasizes what it would be like to be intimate with her employer and does things of which Victorian society would not approve as he lies at her feet unconscious. The truth about herself and the ... more info>>
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A Taste of Honey
British born Honey DeHaviland wanted one night of passion before she saved her widowed father, a Greek scholar, from financial ruin by entering into a loveless marriage. Who would have thought that the stranger who gave her that passion would be the very man who was to ferry her to Crete to marry another? The journey proved fateful, for Honey fell in love. But she couldn't afford to marry a penniless man, and from what she could see, her dream man was truly penniless. When she accidentally l... more info>>
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A Trick of Frost
Two days before Christmas with her ex-husband, Rick, harassing her parents, Jaycee Froste needs a gift to lift her spirits. She stops in at her favorite restaurant, and it brings more than a hot meal. Jaycee finds herself seated across from one of the most annoying and handsome men she's ever met. She would even consider letting him taste her stew, if he hadn't stolen her reservation. With the holidays upon her, Jaycee decides the thing she needs to lift her spirits is J.C., a man who offers her... more info>>
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A Warrior's Woman
Kivra was bound by her honor to live as Kona's woman for one month. For one month she was to please him in every way, become one of the lowest class of women, but finding herself under the Barbarian's masterful body, she knew she would be begging to be used. She wanted nothing more than to seduce him and have him beg for more. Even though she surrendered her body, it was something altogether different to surrender her heart. Kona was the second son of the King, and as second son, he had no inher... more info>>
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A Witch's Kiss
Kathleen is restless, just turned thirty-year-old woman, longing for adventure in her life. Enter Cedric, a dashing, mysterious, older Brit who lures her into his web of shadowy secrets. They fall into an intense love affair, hurling Kathleen headfirst into a dark and sensuous world of taboo S&M pleasures and witchcraft. As she becomes emotionally and erotically addicted to him, she is forced to make a choice that could change her life forever as she knows it. Will she succumb completely to his ... more info>>
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Alley Cat
Photographer Shara Dumorte loves taking pictures of gorgeous models for a hot fashion magazine. What she hates is always looking over her shoulder for her ex-boyfriend who wants her dead. She destroyed his plans for the biggest bank heist in history, and now he plans to destroy her. Shara fears each moment might be her last until one night a chance encounter in a dark alley offers her hope. Renn Tygris, almost king of the shapeshifting Felinians, is on a mission to find a mate. When he sees Sh... more info>>
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Always and Forever
Emma Baker's husband, Jonathan, has just divorced her, shattered her heart and left her and her young son, Christopher, to fend for themselves. Bitterly lonely, she accepts a girlfriend's suggestion to go out on her first night as a newly free woman. She vows not to let a man turn her head, vows not to let love make a fool of her again. But she never counted on meeting a charismatic and sexy bouncer like Ben Lauery, who takes her for an exciting ride on his Harley, sweeps her off her feet and st... more info>>
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Angel's Luck
What was a nice Italian girl doing in an Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Day? Whatever Angelina Marinucci had thought she'd be doing, it certainly was not what she is doing, which is hiding out in the ladies' room to delay her best friend's sneaky matchmaking machinations! After stalling for as long as possible, a resigned Angel dodges her way through the crowded bar to face the inevitable, but before she can rejoin her friends, she runs smack into,literally, Declan Harrigan. Fourteen years ago Deck... more info>>
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Anna Rose
Sometimes the dead are not easily buried. For almost a hundred and fifty years, the legend of Jonathan and Anna Rose Freeman has titillated the little town of Coventry, Pennsylvania. The property dating back before the Civil War has a new owner. He takes the opportunity to investigate these tales of floating revenants and severed heads. He not only goes to great lengths to uncover the past, but must also seek rational explanations for what is transpiring in and around his home. The information h... more info>>
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Barbary Coast-The Love Genie
When Scott Eugene Anderson inherits his aunt's motel in the foothills of the White Mountains, he decides to turn it into a motel for anonymous sexual fantasies and advertises himself as The Love Genie. Meaghan Rowe, who doesn't wait for anything, has a sexual itch and she turns to The Love Genie to get it scratched. Chris Baxter has a treasure chest full of lovemaking expertise, but can't do commitment. The two are matched and separately choose The Barbary Coast fantasy aboard a pirate ship. ... more info>>
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Barefoot In the Snow
Dave Seranno had a bad marriage, 16 years worth of it, which left him with no desire to ever be emotionally involved with a woman again--he'd rather ride his Harley. He does have an eye for one he wants to have in his bed, though, a pretty blonde girl who drives him crazy. She's 18 years younger than him, married to a wealthy lawyer, and way out of his league. It's only a fantasy to have her, until she shows up at his garage on a cold night, barefoot in the snow. Joy's husband is abusive and con... more info>>
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