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Carruther's Place
Writer and women's rights advocate Jessica Winward is tired of publicity and fair-weather acquaintances. She hopes her forty-third birthday celebration will reunite her with companions and mark the end of her writing career in style. What she receives is Barclay O'Malley. From that first night, the women are never the same. They share their lives in an atypical arrangement, and their lifestyle doesn't come without resentment, opposition, and sorrow. Jessica's family denounces their relations... more info>>
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Tangled Web
Fifty-eight year old, reticent banker, Kevin Baker works out regularly hoping to spot the man he's become infatuated with, hunky Jake Whittiker. Kevin and Jake both have secrets. Secrets capable of destroying even a remote chance at happiness for the two men as they attempt to escape the meaninglessness of one night stands and brief encounters. Passion and testosterone, lies and omissions, tangled webs brought about by deceit. Untangling the myriad threads and revealing the truth is their only c... more info>>
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The Long Way Home
When young boys go missing, psychic Kevin Quinn is called in to help the police department. Quinn's partner is Connor Dougal, a newer detective on the force, and a skeptic when it comes to psychic abilities. That is until strange things happen to Kevin when he touches objects belonging to the missing kids. Even more disturbing is the way Kevin can participate in Conner's dreams. Conner's past is more tied to the current case than anyone realizes and it's only by lancing the pain of the past ther... more info>>
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