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Dunnottar Castle, Scotland, the domain of the Clan Keith, close consorts of the royal family for many generations. The whole country is at war with itself: Scotland against England. William Keith, the patriarch, is the wealthiest man in Scotland, but he desires only to be known as the kindest; John, his younger brother, is eager to fight for his country, even if his motives are a little questionable; and Robert, William's oldest son, is off to battle, but his mother's only hope is that he finds ... more info>>
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"Marylebone," the sequel to best-selling "Dunnottar," flits back and forth between London and the Scottish highlands during the regency era. Handsome young James Keith, wanting to remain anonymous, visits "the clubs" in London, where he encounters Caroline Kent, who has just returned from Vienna after studying the piano. Caroline is immediately enraptured by the mysterious Scotsman, but he seems to disappear every time she gets close to finding him. She calls on their mutual friend, the Duke of ... more info>>
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The Voice of Many Waters
A beautiful race, the Humana lack war, jealousy, and other human vices; however, they also have virtually no religious or aesthetic sense. Peter, a Neo-Catholic priest, wishes to change this so he calls upon Xanthu, a SoulSinger, in the hope that the insect-like creature can awaken the Humana's souls and help them to find not only their love for art, beauty, and deep emotion, but, above all, their love for God...yet as the silver-stringed instrument of the SoulSinger rises in a nest of claws and... more info>>
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