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1. Long [70016 words]A Cousinly Connexion by Sheila Simonson [Romance/Historical Fiction]
2. Short [12681 words]Haunted Hills by Taylor Manning [Romance]
3. Long [86953 words]Love and Folly by Sheila Simonson [Romance/Historical Fiction]
4. Short [21665 words]Haunt My Heart by Julie Kimbrell [Romance]
5. Short [5802 words]Love's Liberty by Lesley-Anne McLeod [Romance/Historical Fiction]
6. Short [3924 words]Eyes of a Child by C. S. Fuqua [Dark Fantasy]
7. Long [121098 words]The Imperial Engineer by Judith B. Glad [Romance/Historical Fiction]
8. Long [120619 words]The Lost Baroness by Judith B. Glad [Romance/Historical Fiction]
9. Long [125564 words]Knight in a Black Hat by Judith B. Glad [Romance/Historical Fiction]
10. Long [97083 words]Noble Savage by Judith B. Glad [Romance/Historical Fiction]
  1. Long [96233 words]Laura by Lynne Martin [Romance/Historical Fiction]
2. Long [91448 words]Three Drops of Blood by Michelle L. Levigne [Fantasy]
3. Long [70016 words]A Cousinly Connexion by Sheila Simonson [Romance/Historical Fiction]
4. Long [83109 words]Braenlicach [Zygradon Chronicles Book 2] by Michelle L. Levigne [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
5. Long [53882 words]The Groom Wore Guccis by Taylor Manning [Romance]
6. Long [82552 words]Bar Sinister by Sheila Simonson [Romance/Historical Fiction]
7. Long [125564 words]Knight in a Black Hat by Judith B. Glad [Romance/Historical Fiction]
8. Long [84292 words]Presidential Liaison by Anne Manning [Romance]
9. Long [77440 words]Lady Elizabeth's Comet by Sheila Simonson [Historical Fiction/Romance]
10. Mid-Length [43427 words]One Wife Too Many by Susanne Marie Knight [Romance]
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A Cousinly Connexion
When Lady Meriden's eldest stepson and husband die within days of each other, the estate passes to the second stepson. No one has seen him in years, yet he inherits everything, including his father's gambling debts and guardianship of his seven siblings. Jane Ash rushes to her aunt's aid. Months go by before the new baron comes, and Jane is left to cope with her ailing, self-dramatizing aunt and bewildered cousins, all of whom have problems. Lady Meriden alternately spoils and neglects them. Jul... more info>>
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Haunted Hills
Ex-Dallas detective Sara Barrett doesn't exactly believe in ghosts, but she doesn't not believe in them either -- until she has a disturbingly sensual encounter with the long-dead owner of her newly acquired ranch, cowboy Quinn Farrell. Quinn is a soul unwilling to rest. Now, nearly a century after he was betrayed by those closest to him, he is determined to keep everyone off his land. Quinn can only materialize in two places: the cave where he was murdered and the bedroom in the old house whe... more info>>
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Haunt My Heart
Avery James is a reporter who should be writing stories about what really matters instead of ghosts no one believes in. Yet here she is, stuck in a cemetery at midnight in the rain with her trusty camera in hand. Though she fully doubts the urban legend that is her assignment, it's hard not to feel a little spooked. And when she accidentally falls into an open grave, things can't get much worse. Enter Cody Hudson, the lawn guy who pulls her to safety the next morning. He's instantly smitten and ... more info>>
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Love and Folly
Lady Jean Conway is wildly in love with Owen Davies, a Shellesque poet who is cataloguing the Brecon library, whereas her twin, Lady Margaret, has a tendre for Lord Clanross's private secretary, who is in love with Jean. Both Johnny Dyott, the secretary, and Owen are involved in Radical politics. So is the Earl of Clanross, who wants an immediate reform of Parliament, to the horror of Lady Anne, his political sister-in-law. His wife, Lady Elizabeth, wants to study comets, and his best friend can... more info>>
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A Death of Leisure
Calvin Kahanamoku is a college football star on a scholarship, young and good looking. So when aging but still lovely--and rich--Helen Palmgren offers him bed and board for Spring Break, he can't resist. Their idyll ends when he discovers her dead in her boudoir and finds himself the most likely suspect. Calvin calls on P.I. Gin Ritchy to find the real killer and clear his name. When Gin starts digging into Helen's past, she finds too many well kept secrets, including a murder that no one but H... more info>>
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A Long Way From Eden
Zane Martin's teenage daughter is pregnant. Meg Evan's son is the baby's father. Because Zane grew up not knowing who his father was, he'll be damned if he'll let his grandchild live with that shame. Meg was forced into an abusive marriage because of an unplanned pregnancy, so she knows that love is the only good reason to marry. Neither Meg nor Zane expects or welcomes the attraction that sparks between them. As they await the impending birth of their grandchild, old wounds open and long hidden... more info>>
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A Man of His Word
As Denver lawyer Adam Larsen and his legal assistant enter a wealthy client's mansion for an evening appointment, they are literally blown off their feet. The bomb in her private bathroom killed her instantly--and leaves Adam wondering why she wanted so urgently to meet with him. Known to her many enemies as The Empress, mining magnate Helen Emerson had been in the midst of a bitter dispute with a coal miners union, and now her children persuade Adam to fight their battle for them. He soon finds... more info>>
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A Season of Miracles
Sammy Itzkowitz was born on Christmas in a hole in the ground, under the home of a brave Polish family who hid his Jewish family from the Nazis. After coming to Brooklyn at war's end, Sammy awaits with eager anticipation the arrival of the holidays: his birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas. He is dismayed to discover what he sees as indifference to the true meaning of Christmas, and ignorance of Hanukkah in America. After a frustrating incident at school, he stages a shocking protest to make people... more info>>
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A Shadow in the Night
Denver lawyer Adam Larsen--always an easy target for damsels in distress--undertakes to help the sister of a missing woman accused of a high-tech embezzlement scheme. He quickly encounters an arrogant CEO with a habit of stretching the truth, and a hostile security chief who bitterly resents Larsen's meddling. An anonymous phone call leads Larsen on a bone-chilling mountain trek where where he discovers a grisly and unwanted answer to the mystery of the missing Alice Bryant. And who ransacked th... more info>>
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A Sisterly Regard
Two sisters, one Season. Chloe won't be content with her first Season unless she catches the eye--and the heart--of the ton's most wealthy, most handsome, most interesting bachelor. And she has no intention of sitting around waiting to be noticed. Phaedra just wants the Season to end so she can return to the country, unburdened with anything so useless as a husband. The only thing interesting about London is its cultural treasures, which she intends to sample liberally. The men in the sisters' c... more info>>
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A Strange Little Band
Every family is dysfunctional in one way or another, but mostly the Blankenships get along in spite of themselves. Cecile, the family matriarch, has invited (read commanded) everyone to a family reunion at the ancestral ranch near Yellowstone. Annie brings inconsolable sorrow, Hetty dreads her parents' reaction to her latest lover, Evan has a secret, and Serhilda wants to be anywhere else. With four generations living in each others' pockets, everyone expects bickering, spats, hurt feelings, and... more info>>
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A Woman to Blame
Florida P.I. Gin Ritchey lives on a boat and takes life easy whenever she can. Trouble is, she never overheard a conversation she didn't find interesting. Her snowbird neighbors from New Jersey, three couples and a widower with a sexy young girlfriend, spend a lot of time outdoors where she can share their lives vicariously. When the widower dies mysteriously, everyone suspects the girlfriend, but Gin isn't so sure. There's something suspicious about the situation, and when she talks to Bunny (w... more info>>
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An Unconventional Murder
The high point of the Colorado Fiction Writers Association convention is the body discovered in the auditorium, dressed in clothing belonging to members of the executive board?until the corpse turns out to be real. To complicate matters, the collection of Weapons of Destruction that Lakewood PD Mitch Cameron brought for show-and-tell comes up short a stiletto and a garrote--which he soon discovers wrapped around the corpse's neck. Arthur Upton, association president and a former cop, works with ... more info>>
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And Then There Was Light
Seth's life was in the toilet. All he wanted to do was end the pain and suffering. Just as he was ready to take that final step, someone came along to show him a different way of looking at everything. Was it enough to change his mind?
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Arms of a Stranger
Desperate to reinvent her life after her wedding is canceled, Calliope Marshall chooses an exotic vacation in Costa Rica. The guidebook, however, neglects to mention steamy nights and strip poker games with a man who looks like an archangel. But even an archangel can come, it seems, with a devious, meddling grandmother, and soon Calli finds her quest for independence diverted in an entirely unexpected way. Matt Holloway is on vacation to keep an eye on his grandmother. He doesn't expect to be re... more info>>
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Talithia is governed by its Guardians, enormous black panther-like creatures who communicate telepathically. People in the surrounding kingdoms fear them, led by an evil queen who covets their rich land. After bitter fighting, in which Arnon, a peaceful farmer, emerges as a leader, the Talithians realize they will never have peace if they remain. With the Guardians, Arnon lead his countrymen to refuge offered by a sympathetic king. They cannot remain, for King Orontes faces his own problems. But... more info>>
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Bar Sinister
Captain Richard Falk's brusque manner nearly alienates Emily Foster on their first meeting. Only the realization that her young son needs companions convinces her to take in his two motherless children while he returns to the fight against Napoleon's armies. For the next two years, her only contact with Falk is through his letters, terse messages, but always accompanied by charming stories for the children. She slowly falls in love with the man behind the stories. When now-Major Falk returns for... more info>>
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Braenlicach [Zygradon Chronicles Book 2]
A new enemy arises to challenge Mrillis and Ceera as they battle plagues, an unknown enemy and treachery within the Noveni and Rey'kil alliance. Has the Nameless One survived, or has someone else taken his power? Endor's sister, Triska, is Ceera's heir as Queen of Snows, but arrogant and temperamental. Are they what they seem, or something else, something dangerous? During a star-shower, Ceera has a vision of the star-metal sword. She brings together the surviving makers of the Zygradon to forge... more info>>
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Broken Vision
Head of Janas Corporation and local counselor on Pallas Four, Maegan Shale is a highly respected member of the community in the paradise destination of the Grogon Asteroid Belt. But Maegan leads a secret life. Operating in a relay network in this remote corner of the Crestar System, she intercepts Taragon vessels and rescues children destined for armies being built to destroy the life she knew as a child. Alerik Mariltar had a choice--governor of an insignificant asteroid cluster, or the more pr... more info>>
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Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?
Emaline has been taking care of her elderly, cranky grandfather for so long, she wonders if she'll ever have a life again. When he demands a sumptuous meal, she obliges, even baking him his favorite pie. It's Johnny Banister's last meal, but the medical examiner finds nothing suspicious. So why does Emaline seek a way to dispose of the flavoring bottle? And why does she worry that Detective Harry Jordan wants more than the pleasure of her company when he asks her to dinner?
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Carolina's Walking Tour
On his return from the Peninsular War, grievously wounded and troubled in spirit, Alexander Quainton decides that an insouciant manner is the best way to avoid the pity he abhors. Exercising his damaged body with daily walking excursions proves an excellent way of avoiding social engagements. Carolina Finmere, shy and no more than passable in looks, has failed in three seasons to attract a suitor. For three months, they tramp Bath and its surrounding hills together, gaining in strength and--unwi... more info>>
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Chamber Music
Douglas Quaide is serving thirty years at the Kerwin Correctional Facility, where despair constantly presses on his soul. When his new bunkmate---notorious serial killer Heinrich Shultz---unleashes a deadly talent, Quaide discovers a path to his own humanity...and possibly to his salvation.
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Charmed, I'm Sure
Much as mortal youths once ran off to join the circus, this particular Sidhe ran off to join Actors' Equity. She's lived among us for over a century, but stage actress Juliet McKenna isn't immune to loneliness. So when a castmate invites her home for Thanksgiving, Juliet accepts. Her friend's brother sees through her magical disguise--and has the knowledge to trap her into slavery. Now she must choose: return to Faerie and the High Court's wrath, or satisfy Richmond Becket's desire for power at ... more info>>
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Clemmie's Major
Clementina, eldest daughter of the Marquess of Cheriton, has always been able to solve her family's little problems and discontents. Now the widowed Countess of Carmelth, Clemmie finds herself facing problems she cannot solve alone. Someone is trying to harm her young son, and her brother is missing in action following the Battle of Waterloo. Major Gideon Rhyle may be able to help, but his assistance becomes another problem. For Clemmie falls in love with him and he, wounded and facing an uncert... more info>>
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Comet Wine
A comet, they say, signals change. In a picturesque village in Cambridgeshire, India Pottersby did not think the Great Comet of 1811 would change anything in her quiet life as the vicar's sister. And she was content for it to be so. A difficult life had brought her at last to security with her younger brother in his vicarage, and she had no desire for alteration. Peter Trevayne had likewise come to harbour in the shire after fifteen profitable years in India. His purchase of Fencombe Hall create... more info>>
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