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Based in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada, The Fiction Works is one of the pioneers in the eBook industry. In addition to publishing a wide variety of titles in all popular eBook formats, the company also produces a unique line of "full theatrical production" audiobooks utilizing live actors and actresses, sound effects and original music. The Fiction Works also publishes an extensive line of trade paperbacks.

1. Long [76002 words]Winnie's Web by Felicity Nisbet [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
2. Long [96059 words]Mountain Magic by Mary Lou Rich [Romance/Historical Fiction]
3. Long [87683 words]The Blood of Saints by Keith Spence [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
4. Mid-Length [26328 words]The Boy and the Walrus by Felicity Nesbitt [Children's Fiction]
5. Long [57722 words]To Keep a Promise by Terry Burns [Historical Fiction/Spiritual/Religion]
6. Long [66883 words]Silent Dreams by Susan K. Droney [Mystery/Crime]
7. Long [66452 words]Over the Edge by Susan K. Droney [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
8. Long [90751 words]Fixation by N. C. Anderson [Suspense/Thriller/Romance]
9. Long [91270 words]Bandit's Kiss by Mary Lou Rich [Historical Fiction/Romance]
10. Mid-Length [36665 words]Tales From Tidy Vale by Gordon Ross [Horror]
  1. Mid-Length [40775 words]Cyclops: Misfit? Monster? Mystic? by Jerry McGinley [Fantasy]
2. Long [99219 words]Dragon's Bane & Gossamer by Jeffrey Turner [Fantasy]
3. Mid-Length [44298 words]The Strangers of Kindness by Terry Hickman [Science Fiction]
4. Long [60035 words]The People of the Mesa by Ardath Mayhar [Historical Fiction]
5. Long [71164 words]Spirit of Passion by Victoria Rivers [Romance/Mystery/Crime]
6. Long [90751 words]Fixation by N. C. Anderson [Suspense/Thriller/Romance]
7. Mid-Length [46741 words]The Ghost of Gruesome High by Larry Parr [Young Adult]
8. Long [66452 words]Over the Edge by Susan K. Droney [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
9. Long [126133 words]The Color of Blood by M. K. Fottrell [Suspense/Thriller]
10. Long [104453 words]In Glory Die by M. J. Dougherty [Fantasy]
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Alternate Casts
Each particle of time contains an encapsulated universe. In each of these universes are individuals with the same names and nearly identical lives. In widely-separated space-times Lou Graham's family and young actress Mary Llewellyn have been murdered, which means that they probably will die in every space-time. Lou travels back to 1888 to solve the mystery and perhaps save his family from their fate.
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Bandit's Kiss
Miguel, the dangerous black-clad gunman from "Colorado Tempest" returns to ride as El Gato to avenge himself against Enrique de Vega, the man who killed his family and stole his birthright. But the stage El Gato stops contains no gold, only his enemy's lovely daughter. Kidnaped, ravished, and sent home in disgrace, Elena is forced to marry the portly Diego, who tells her the marriage will be in name only--he will not be sharing her bed. Diego also states that he wants children and urges his brid... more info>>
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Between the Apes and the Angels
"There is no doubt that we are both ape and angel. The question is, what constitutes the angel? Could it have been extraterrestrial? In these pages you will find proof that you are partially extraterrestrial."--Max H. Flindt. "I go to drink from the Big Dipper. And the stuff I drink is life. Come with me." --Ray Bradbury [Foreword by Ray Bradbury.]
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Cyclops: Misfit? Monster? Mystic?
Misfit? Monster? Mystic? Forget everything Homer told you! Now learn the truth about literature's most feared monster, Polyphemus the Cyclops. Climb into his huge sandals and travel the roads he traveled. Share the adventures, the heartaches, and the magic. Told for the first time in Polyphemus' very own words! The Odyssey was nothing like this!
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Death's Avenger
Her brother dead, murdered along with the Duke she served, Karal must have the revenge she craves. Skyei, a young peasant girl, is thrust into a life of turmoil, intrigue, and grief, all at a time when she is battling the fierce facts of life. A novel rich in human emotion, and a fight to survive and save the lives of thousands, Death's Avenger deals with two women fighting to stop a cruel and vicious Duke intent on gaining complete power.
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Dragon's Bane & Gossamer
War has come to the kingdom of Edron, and young Jerrimon Tullson is eager for battle. But the enemy controls a terrifying weapon--a dragon of devastating power. The Edroni people face defeat and annihilation. Desperate for help, Jer and his comrades ally with Trevar Gerrier, the mysterious stranger whose own magic was long thought extinct. Though Trevar holds the only hope for defeating the mighty creature, Jer discovers that his friend and leader guards a terrifying secret of his own.
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Dreambox Junkies
The Near Future: A dizzy world of Mindseye implants, Maternosuppressor pills, Erotoroutines, Psychotrichology and notorious, vicious virospooks such as Sick Nick. And the Dreambox, the ultimate in electronic entertainment, harnessing the power of the human psyche to transport you to your personal paradise. As the morphomercials proclaim: The Only Limitation Is Your Own Imagination. For a hard-headed career woman like Sesha Roffey, all this lying around dreaming your life away is strictly for los... more info>>
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Things really get hot for wealthy business woman and artist Jessica Simon when she decides to overcome her dread of men caused by a childhood trauma. The strong masculine types frighten her; their hands terrify her, reminding her of being completely helpless. A way to confront her male-anxiety problem arises when Jessica's father Edward reads some character defaming press articles about Jess and decides to become a better father by stepping into Jess's life with the aid of Grady Bowman. But Jess... more info>>
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In Glory Die
Disgraced cavalry officer Jervon Dessartes must redeem himself by retrieving the Thaumaturgical weapon Skyfire before his homeland is invaded. Matching his saber and pistol against treachery and the legacy of an ancient war, Dessartes grimly plunges into battle against a clique of empire-building Thaumaturges. His options are victory or death in glory.
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Keegan Murphy
In 1919 Irish patriots mount a last desperate struggle for independence against their British overlords. As with all such struggles, the participants each have their own dreams and needs. Geoff Somervell-Turner takes wealth, privilege, and dominion for granted. He's the conqueror and quick to rage when crossed. Tynan O'Neill's soul smolders with a passion for freedom. He will wrest back control of his country if it costs his life. Alissa Hamilton is loved by both men, but she is determined to ca... more info>>
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Kissing Cousins
When Trina Garland fled Melbourne for Tasmania, she planned to spend a few stress-free weeks away from her possessive ex-boyfriend, relaxing at her Aunt Jenny's farm. The last thing she wanted was to find herself sharing her aunt's farmhouse with a tall, dark, handsome stranger--even one as charming as her new-found cousin, Alister McKenzie. Although Trina kept trying to leave, fate seemed determined to keep her at Glen Heather. Against her will, Trina found herself falling into an adventure of ... more info>>
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When Maggie Rand's estranged husband Joshua and adopted sons are killed in an acciden, Maggie finds herself alone and pregnant--and pursued by Josh's ex-boss, Kenneth Remley. Remley insists that she has major financial obligations brought on by her husband, and he needs her acquiescence in serious business matters. If she refuses to cooperate he will have to consider her a liability--one he will have to eliminate.
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Lion in the Path
Aubrey Brice knew someone wanted her dead, but why? Was it because of the accident that she had witnessed? Perhaps it had something to do with the mysterious woman in red. She had even come to suspect that her family was somehow entangled in the intrigue. Could she trust anyone? Certainly not the shrewd and disturbing claims adjuster, Gregory Sterling. Able to see no way out of her plight, Aubrey turns amateur detective in an effort to bring a murderer to justice.
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Mind Swap
Two novellas and five short stories. In "Mind Swap" a professor imprisoned in a self-contained satellite for refusal to teach false history welcomes an alien who brings a gift. Tomashi Jones is able to transport his mind to earth to direct the overthrow of the evil emperor controlling his planet. The "Death by Stages" world has been nearly destroyed by a nuclear holocaust and genetic experiments gone awry. Actors choose their names from historical performers they admire and are compelled to inge... more info>>
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Mountain Magic
Logan Winfield thought school teachers should be old and homely, but the one he'd hired turned out to be too little, too young, and too sassy. "You don't belong here. I'm sending you home!" he said. Elizabeth Eastgate snapped back, "Not likely!" No wooly-faced hillbilly was going to send her packing. She didn't care how big he was. Watching the sparks fly between the two, Granny Jo Winfield smiled, then set out to make a match.
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Over the Edge
Maggie Allen's world of corporate money and power comes crashing down after she is taken by a man who is only out to use her for his own gain. When she is released from a short stint in prison, she refuses to give up, even though no one will give her a second chance. She loses everything and is forced to move to the other side of town, where she is determined to make a new life for herself. Her life would be perfect if it weren't for Brant Evans, a corrupt police officer who makes it a point of ... more info>>
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Quantum Passage
The sole survivor of an Indian attack motivated by revenge, U.S. Cavalry Lieutenant, Tom McGinty, slips away under the cover of darkness and into a campsite where a mysterious creature killed three people. Malcolm Seaver, a seasoned Marine sent to stop an intelligent weapon of mass destruction unintentionally released through an experimental quantum portal, learns first hand the savagery of human nature. Quantum Passage combines cutting edge Science Fiction with a western flare to entrance the r... more info>>
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Risky Alliance
Four-year-old Penny climbed on the brocade couch and put the phone receiver to her ear, then carefully punched the numbers, just the way her mother had taught her. "My mommy and Suzie Q's mommy and daddy are hurt," she said clearly. "Men were here and hurt them." She listened. "Our street is Elmhurst. Okay, I won't hang up." Penny turned her head and looked at her mother, who was sprawled on the floor. "They will come, Mommy. I'm not to hang up."
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Silent Dreams
Blaine Kirsten unwittingly gets pulled into a prostitution ring when her best friend, Kami Matthews, introduces her to Josh Barnes. When Blaine refuses to become a part of his operation, she faces brutal consequences. Detectives Jane Adams and Casey Jorgan are assigned to the case. Almost immediately, Casey finds herself unable to separate her personal emotions from this case, which jeopardizes her career.
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Spirit of Passion
In the wake of a painful breakup with her unfaithful fiance, actress Sloane Tierney seeks refuge in an ancient castle far from the public eye. Liar's Keep is an isolated place on a tiny Scottish island, where Sloane finds an enigmatic man dressed in 18th century clothes, pretending to be the ghost of a long-dead earl. As she is drawn into the mystery of Tristan Hayward's tragic life and death, she discovers that he may be exactly what he seems, and that Liar's Keep holds other dangers that could... more info>>
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Stalking the Phoenix
College professor Alicia Jenkins thinks her pain is behind her, but someone from her past has found her--and wants her dead. More than that, the old enemy wants Alicia's new life totally destroyed before killing her. But like the mythical Phoenix, Alicia is stronger than she was in her previous life. Frightened? Yes, but she is a fighter. Still, how can she defeat an ememy made of shadow instead of substance? Who will believe her?
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Tales From Tidy Vale
Gravedigger Alvin Grubbins leads you through a quiet little graveyard-turned-hellhole, bored into the verdant, rugged landscape of Southeastern Oklahoma. Here you will encounter prejudice, lust, greed and revenge among the snakes and bugs, the heat and humidity. Come along as Alvin describes the inhabitants of Tidy Vale.
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The Blood of Saints
Two men dead, one a respected investigative journalist, the other a member of the White House legal staff. Both deaths are quickly pronounced suicides, but FBI special agent Mike Saville and US Park Police Sergeant Lowri Pritchard aren't so sure. Seems there are a few too many "coincidences" that link the dead men together. As the two investigations merge in the Nation's Capital, and the bodies and conspiracy theories pile up like DC traffic, Saville and Pritchard will soon discover that the tru... more info>>
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The Boy and the Walrus
Daniel Marsh spends a frigid night with a walrus calf stranded on the coast near his Alaskan home. After seeing her safely to a zoo, he devotes himself to visiting and communicating with his fragile animal friend. They share a special link no one else seems to appreciate.
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The Boy and the Walrus
Daniel Marsh spends a frigid night with a walrus calf stranded on the coastal rocks near his Alaskan home. After seeing her safely to a zoo, the boy devotes himself to visiting and communicating with his fragile animal friend. They share a special link no one else seems to appreciate.
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