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1. Long [66458 words]Point Surrender by Anne Carter [Mystery/Crime/Romance]
2. Short [10164 words]Off the Map: Featuring Sandy Von Pier by Marc Vun Kannon [Fantasy/Humor]
3. Long [95375 words]A Warrior Made [The Flame in the Bowl Book Two] by Marc Vun Kannon [Fantasy]
  1. Long [95375 words]A Warrior Made [The Flame in the Bowl Book Two] by Marc Vun Kannon [Fantasy]
2. Long [66458 words]Point Surrender by Anne Carter [Mystery/Crime/Romance]
3. Short [10164 words]Off the Map: Featuring Sandy Von Pier by Marc Vun Kannon [Fantasy/Humor]
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A Slip of Wormwood [An Echelon Press Short Story]
Victorian era pharmacist, Edgar, has just inherited the family estate from his recently deceased brother, Hamilton. But Hamilton--though deceased--isn't done yet. Strange things happen when sibling rivalries go too far....
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A Warrior Made [The Flame in the Bowl Book Two]
Tarkas has devoted his life to serving the gods, doing that what must be done at a cost only Heroes dare pay. He has also served his adoptive clan, the NarDemlas, as Brother and Second to the clan leader, in preparation for the day a son comes into majority. That day has come and the delicate balance Tarkas has maintained for more than twenty years is failing, even as it comes to an end. Chaos ensues when forces from his past erupt in the middle of a clan ritual, stealing away both Tarkas and th... more info>>
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An Angel's Wish
Angelica Parkinson has gotten herself into quite a pickle. With one hastily uttered wish, she finds herself face to face with her destiny. The only problem is--the man of her dreams lives more than a hundred years in the future.
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Bloody Halls [A Jack Marston Mystery]
When Jack Marston took a position at an unusual urban institution, he didn't expect to find himself involved in murder and suicide. But working with adult students is sure to be a new an interesting challenge. Back home in Minneapolis, Jack is starting a new relationship and a job as head of Student Services at campus-less City College. It appears to be a calm satisfying life. Settling in, he puts his talent as an amateur actor into play and is selected for the lead in Ibsen's "Enemy of the Peop... more info>>
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Fang Face
Erin has bigger worries than how she'll do on her Trig Final. A vampire bit her and she's turning into an Undead. Things could be worse, though. It cleared her complexion, she can fly, and now her parents have to let her go out at night. And being a vampire is great for freaking out her little sister. The downside? Besides being dead, of course--and having to drink blood smoothies--was having to give up tanning and pizza. And with her new edgy Goth look, jet-black hair and porcelain skin, everyo... more info>>
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Killer Cows
Killer cows! They're big! They're angry! They smell bad! They're coming! The only thing standing in their way is a lonely 14-year-old, whether he's ready or not... Randy Meyer is the new kid in Satus Creek, a tiny farm town where nothing ever happens, and his days are filled with tedium. Then one summer afternoon, a meteor crashes nearby. It's just the first in a series of events that will not only change his life, but threaten the entire planet. Soon after, vicious cows are on the rampage all o... more info>>
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Off the Map: Featuring Sandy Von Pier
Sandi von Pier: wife, mother, caregiver. Recent abductee from her own universe, unwilling participant in an alien media event. She'd call it 'reality TV', except for the monsters. She'd think it was 'Interdimensional Survivor', except survival doesn't appear to be on the program. She'd rather not, but they'll throw her to the dragons if she refuses to play!
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Point Surrender
Amy Winslow isn't looking for a mystery; she doesn't even like secrets. In fact, secrets have nearly destroyed her life. So, when a terrible accident forces her to take control of her brother's mysterious California lighthouse, Amy finds herself immersed in its shocking past and uncertain future. Enchanted by the mystery, she refuses to rest until she finds out who died in the aging white beacon, and why. Case McKenna hasn't quite reconciled his own painful history when he sails his crippled boa... more info>>
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