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1. Long [105866 words]Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn [Dark Fantasy]
2. Mid-Length [49897 words]Old Souls by Jonathan Womack [Fantasy]
3. Long [68869 words]Tainted Veins by Matt Chapman [Horror/Fantasy]
4. Long [70314 words]The Tarasov Solution by Richard Trevae [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
5. Long [67562 words]Blood River by David Greske [Horror/Suspense/Thriller]
6. Long [59280 words]Werewolf Dreams by M. M. Anderson [Horror/Young Adult]
7. Long [59696 words]The Dogman Cometh by Jonathan Womack [Suspense/Thriller/Historical Fiction]
8. Mid-Length [47463 words]Boston Creme Curley by Mike Ryan [Historical Fiction/Mystery/Crime]
9. Long [108418 words]Blood Web [A Caitlin Diggs Novel] by Gary Starta [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
10. Mid-Length [34989 words]The Case Against Evangelical Christianity by Rick Herrick [General Nonfiction/Spiritual/Religion]
  1. Long [68869 words]Tainted Veins by Matt Chapman [Horror/Fantasy]
2. Long [105866 words]Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn [Dark Fantasy]
3. Long [70314 words]The Tarasov Solution by Richard Trevae [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
4. Long [59280 words]Werewolf Dreams by M. M. Anderson [Horror/Young Adult]
5. Long [124430 words]A Cry for a Hero by Jonathan Womack [Suspense/Thriller/Romance]
6. Long [67562 words]Blood River by David Greske [Horror/Suspense/Thriller]
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Blood Destiny
He was a lethal vampire bound by an ancient curse. She was an agent of homeland security, investigating a dangerous cult. Theirs was a Blood Destiny about to unfold? Descended from the progeny of Celestial Gods and humans, Nathaniel Silivasi is handsome, seductive, and powerful beyond measure: a lethal vampire. Belonging to an ancient civilization that sacrificed its females to the verge of extinction, he is also cursed. Like all the sons of Jadon, he is incapable of producing female offspri... more info>>
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Old Souls
Sixty-five million years ago, intelligent life evolved on a larger, fifth world orbiting beyond Earth known as Thayuh, Mars was its moon. In a catastrophic moment of Entropy, the planet Thayuh exploded: the resulting blast destroying all surface life on Mars, leaving behind an asteroid belt of debris and dead remnants of an Egyptian-esque civilization amidst the Martian craters. The Present? Sworn to protect mankind and the Earth from a repeat of ancient oblivion, a group of spiritually evolve... more info>>
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A Cry for a Hero
An act of carelessness on a camping trip causes things to go horribly wrong for Jack Ramsey. When a scavenging grizzly rips apart his camp, Jack plays dead to survive, and this triggers an out-of-body experience. Test-flighting his soul body, he discovers fantastic powers, then stumbles upon a terrorist's plot to destroy Boston, the Cradle of Democracy. Jack ignores the odds and answers the call by transforming into the superhero Ram, then uses his powers to fight the terrorists. Fiction's first... more info>>
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Blood Bond
The crimes against the Bartwell sisters happened long before their births. A mysterious payoff begins a whirlwind of blood. Only discovering the secret to their horrific history will make their troubles vanish, hopefully, before they're added to the body count. Full Synopsis Abigail Bartwell has a problem. Her sister, Senna, has been coming home late at night. She's also been acting paranoid, much like their mother used to before she finally lost her mind. During the last late night o... more info>>
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Blood River
When the rain of blood begins, the reign of blood will end. * * When Todd Remington and his college friends pickup a mysterious hitchhiker, they soon realize there is something strange about their new passenger. Annabella is a perfect woman whose pale blue eyes, snowy hair, and milky skin arouse men and woman alike. She knows things she's never been told, and can manipulate the minds of others, make them see and hear things that aren't there. Remington's vehicle breaks down, and the sensual An... more info>>
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Blood Web [A Caitlin Diggs Novel]
Deep within a Colorado cave, a teen drifter discovers an arrowhead shaped crystal harboring an evil sentience. Acting as the crystal's host, the boy is endowed with psychic powers and extreme rage. He embarks on a cross country mission, eager to exact revenge for crimes committed more than a century ago; able to track his intended victims through a biological conduit. Caitlin Diggs became the FBI's top agent by being brazen and unconventional, but her experience and training had not prepared her... more info>>
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Boston Baked Churchill
It is the turn of the century in Boston, where Probation Officer "Cootch" Connolly investigates the murder of a client. Cootch learns that the victim was a member of a secret society known as the Fenians, a diehard Gaelic group seeking freedom for Ireland. Delving deeper into the terrorists' underworld, Cootch uncovers a looming attack on his beloved Beantown, beginning with the planned assassination of a visiting British dignitary, Winston Churchill. With the help of his Boston cop brother, Coo... more info>>
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Boston Creme Curley
In this thrilling sequel to Boston Baked Churchill, the year is 1903 and Boston Sleuth Cootch Connolly finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation when a judge and probationer are found dead. After receiving death threats from an anti-Irish group, Cootch races to the aid of young, embattled politician, James Michael Curley, a flamboyant, risk-taker who will one day become Boston's most famous mayor. Along with his Boston cop brother, Finn, Cootch and Curley set out to trap the killer, send... more info>>
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Coaching Soccer for Beginners
Coaching Soccer for Beginners is an indispensable tool for first-time coaches working with young children. Written for non-experts, this book explains the rules and theory of soccer, as well as; the positions and their responsibilities, how to assign each child his or her position, practice drills, and other game preparation tips. It is a great reference source, containing diagrams, illustrations, a glossary, a list of FIFA rules, and explanations as to how they apply to youth soccer. Unlike any... more info>>
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Emmy Budd - The Real Dog is Harry
A human hand is unearthed at the property of Hank Turner, a local farmer in Jerseyville, Ohio, where Emmy Budd and her adventurous friend T.J. Blake, live. Hank Turner, a good friend of Emmy and T.J.'s, is under suspicion for murder and mutilations of a hired man whom he threatened and fired several weeks earlier. A developer and a newcomer has purchased the Turner farm with plans to turn it into a roadside tavern. Emmy and T.J. keep their ears to the ground as they pretend to help out while... more info>>
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Emmy Budd and the Hijacked Train
Emmy Budd is a twelve-year-old tomboy who finds her adventurer's match in the new boy in town, T.J. Blake. It is a hot summer day in the small Mid-Western hamlet of Jerseyville, Ohio. With no money and lots of time on their hands, Emmy and T.J. ferret out every freebie in town, from sailing kites off the tower in the local stadium to building a raft out of discarded lumber and sailing the old swimming hole. Emmy and T.J. sneak aboard a mail train bound for Pittsburgh and end up in the middle of ... more info>>
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Emmy Budd Double Book
Volumes 1 and 2 of the award winning tween series. Emmy Budd and the Hijacked Train Emmy Budd is a twelve-year-old tomboy who finds her adventurer's match in the new boy in town, Thomas John Blake, T.J. It is a hot summer in the small Mid-Western town of Jerseyville, Ohio. With no money and lots of time on their hands, Emmy and T.J. ferret out every freebie in town, from sailing kites off the tower in the local stadium to building a raft out of discarded lumber and sailing the old swimming hol... more info>>
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Emmy Budd, Don't Look Now
Teen detectives Emmy Budd and her friend, T.J. Blake can't help but notice the ominous, black sedan rolling down main-street on a Sunday afternoon. When the drug store blows up in the middle of the night, Emmy and T.J. suspect foul play. Working together, they uncover clues leading to an illicit pharmaceutical operation, Volume 2 of the series.
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Escape From Iran
Born in 1969 in Kirksville, Missouri to a Cherokee mother and an Iranian father, Darius Radmanesh spent the first nine years of his life like any other precocious boy growing up in small town America. In 1978, Darius's father moved the family to Iran where their lives were forever changed by the Islamic Revolt of 1979. Raised as a Christian, Darius and his family endured appalling incidents inflicted by the Iranian government while dodging attacks from Iraqi bomber raids. At the age of sixteen... more info>>
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Fruit of the Vine
Set in the panoramic wine country of New York's Finger Lakes region, Fruit of the Vine is a story of environmental conservation, and life, in rural New York State. Jemison "Jem" Loud is a young, string-bean of a vineyard worker who drinks beer with his buddies and bemoans his lot in the small rural town of Sawhorn, New York in the early 1990s. A fire at the old opera house on Main Street brings to Sawhorn Joe Silla, a brash self-serving entrepreneur hell-bent on forcing the traditional town ... more info>>
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Ghost Hunters Guide to Free Internet Sources
Until now, ghost hunters relied on modern equipment and high-tech gadgetry to hunt spirits and then attempt in-depth background research by plodding through low-tech methods and tedious trips to libraries, historical societies and archives. No more plodding! Now, computer friendly, in-depth research can be accomplished on a 24/7 basis, because the Ghost Hunters Research Guide to Free Internet Sources provides exact Internet addresses and precise tutorials for using dozens of free, legal an... more info>>
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Jonathan Womack Double Book
A Cry for a Hero - After playing dead to survive a terrifying encounter high in the Rocky Mountains, 29 year-old Jack Ramsey discovers he is a ghostly, disembodied spirit with fantastic abilities, able to leave and return to his physical body at will. Test-flighting his new powers, Jack stumbles upon a villainous plot to destroy Boston, the Cradle of Democracy. Jack answers the call by drawing on his love of comic books and transforming into the superhero "Ram." Joining forces with a female assa... more info>>
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Key Lime Squeeze
Key Lime Squeeze follows Buffalo P.I. Joe Banks as he answers a plea from a mob princess to locate her runaway husband, insurance executive, Robert Boothby. Saddled with the crime family's enforcer for a traveling companion, Banks tracks Boothby to the Florida Keys, and soon learns he is not the only one interested in locating the missing Insurance mogul. Allies become enemies in a cat and mouse game of murder and deceit as Banks discovers who to trust, and who's in on the squeeze.
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Lake Effect
A winter carjacking plunges two small children into the icy waters of Lake Erie. Private investigator Joe Banks becomes part of the case when an insurance company holding a sizeable policy on each child asks him to look into the incident. When Banks starts asking questions of the victim's family, he uncovers a family torn apart by jealousy and greed. And for Banks, the cold, hard truth lies buried beneath an avalanche of lies and murder. Titled for the volatile and unpredictable snowstorm of de... more info>>
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Mike Ryan Double Book
Enjoy a double dose of turn-of-the-century Beantown mystery by historical fiction author Mike Ryan. Includes Boston Baked Churchill and Boston Creme Curley.
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Restoration is the story of an Italian-American's return to his Calabrian town of birth where he sets out to rebuild a crumbling medieval church. His faith and his life are endangered when old vendettas erupt, threatening to destroy the church and sacrifice everything he holds dear. Joe (Giuseppe) Costanzo was born in 1951 in Pedivigliano, a town in the mountains of Calabria in Southern Italy. He emigrated to America with his family in 1954, sailing aboard the ill-fated Andrea Doria. From N... more info>>
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Rock & Roll Ghost Stories
In this first-ever anthology dedicated to musicians and ghosts, discover personal accounts of hauntings experienced by bands around the world. From phantom backup singers to studio menaces, vivid apparitions to uninvited, overnight guests, the tragic ghost of Frankie Vali's daughter to a seemingly spiteful Elvis, a human-flinging spirit to comforting visits from deceased parents, this volume is packed with both uplifting and horrifying accounts.
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Tainted Veins
17 year old Ian Stonard's life is turned upside down when his father is mysteriously murdered. Isolated and bitter, Ian distances himself from family and friends as he comes to grip with his loss. Driven by a need for answers, Ian enlists the aid of his gal-pal, Rachel Blake, and together the young pair set out to learn the truth behind his father's death. Their quest soon leads them to an underground lab built deep beneath the pharmaceutical conglomerate, Recoma, where they uncover a shocking s... more info>>
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Temptation Triggers
Temptation Triggers captures the wickedness of sexual fantasy, the mystery of unexplored territory and the fulfillment of open communication. Among these thought-provoking stories, two friends find themselves drawn into a dark erotic world, a woman encounters a mysterious man and a mature couple discovers hush-hush desires about each other. With different styles of writing, Temptation Triggers reveals erotica that is passionate and spellbinding.
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The Case Against Evangelical Christianity
The Case Against Evangelical Christianity is a hard-hitting attack against Christian fundamentalism. It seeks to disprove the Evangelical claim that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. In addition to offering a thorough critique of Evangelical Christianity, this book presents material reconciling Darwin's theory of evolution with the Christian faith. It also explores new approaches to understanding revelation and redefines Christianity away from belief and toward a love that was central to th... more info>>
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