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1. Project Portfolio Management Tools and Techniques by Parviz F. Rad & Ginger Levin [Business]
2. The Power of Acknowledgment by Judith W. Umlas [Business/Family/Relationships]
3. Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Office Project 2003 by Eric Uyttewaal [Technology/Science]
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Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Office Project 2003
This fully revised new edition of Eric Uyttewaal's best-selling book on Microsoft Office Project does more than describing the features of Project 2003. The author carefully selected the features to build a dynamic schedule that continuously forecasts your project during execution. The book illustrates step-by-step processes to follow with your real-life project. It has examples drawn from various industries and government. You will have web-based access to a repository of sample schedule templa... more info>>
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Project Portfolio Management Tools and Techniques
Does your organization want to achieve success in prioritizing projects systematically, deliberately, and logically? Project Portfolio Management Tools and Techniques is written to demonstrate how to elevate your organization's project management thinking to the level beyond managing individual projects in a standalone fashion. This book is for those executives and other project professional who strive to have a formalized system of authorizing the right projects and abandoning the wrong project... more info>>
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The Power of Acknowledgment
The Age of Enlightenment changed the way mankind thought about life, culture and human relationships. In her evocative new book, The Power of Acknowledgment, Judith W. Umlas unleashes the concept of an Age of Acknowledgment we can all help bring about. In a time of celebrity worship and self-absorption, Judith's well-reasoned and heart-felt appeal is so counterculture as to be revolutionary. Imagin, as does the author, people acknowledging each other's humanity, accomplishments, talents and wisd... more info>>
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The Zen Approach to Project Management
Projects are often more complex and stressful than they need to be. Far too many of them fail to meet expectations. There are far too many conflicts. There are too few moments of joy and too much anxiety. But there is hope. It is possible to remove the unnecessary stress and complexity. This book is about how to do just that. It links the essential principles and techniques of managing projects to a "wisdom" approach for working with complex, people-based activities. Project management becomes a... more info>>
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This Isn't Excel, It's Magic!
Professionals around the world who use Microsoft Excel know the value of the widely-used spreadsheet program. However, they may not know the amazing shortcuts and "magic" contained in the 85 tips and tricks discovered by Excel guru and author Bob Umlas, now published in THIS ISN'T EXCEL, IT'S MAGIC!. THIS ISN'T EXCEL, IT'S MAGIC! is a handy and portable book, full of easy-to-understand graphics and chock full of tips and antics of how to get the most out of Excel. THIS ISN'T EXCEL, IT'S MAGIC! i... more info>>
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