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The Sterling Book of Buddha and His Teachings
The word Dhamma means 'the Teaching' and the portmanteau word dhamma is translated as 'things'. Another key word is 'dukkha'. It is generally translated as 'suffering'. Throughout the book I shall be guided by the English translations of the Pali texts in the books published from the writings of two of the most renowned English monks of our time--both deceased--Venerable Nanavira Thera and Venerable Nanamoli Thera who I had the great fortune to meet and know. They came together to Sri Lanka in 1... more info>>
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The Sterling Book of Indian Classical Dances
India is endowed with a rich cultural heritage founded on the profound faith of the Indians on religion. Tracing down the history of Indian classical dances, one would find that the temples provided the platform for expression of many forms of art, particularly dance, which had 'Bhakti' or devotion as its underlying essence. This book throws light to all the eight classical dance forms of India, highlighting their individual styles and presentation. The evolution of each dance form has been a g... more info>>
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