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1. Mid-Length [34017 words]Second Sin by J. J. Giles [Erotica/BDSM Erotica]
2. Short [14454 words]Safe House by M. King [Erotica/BDSM Erotica]
3. Short [5447 words]A Regular Bud by Ryan Field [Erotica]
4. Short [22157 words]Angelfish by M. King [Erotica/Mainstream]
5. Short [4685 words]Climbing Up the Wall by Barry Lowe [Erotica]
6. Mid-Length [34480 words]Irish Lovers: Ian and David by Jaime Samms [Erotica/Romance]
7. Short [5412 words]You Missed a Spot Big Guy by Ryan Field [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
8. Short [5190 words]Capping The Season by Ryan Field [Erotica]
9. Short [24148 words]Hold Me Tight by Dalia Craig [Erotica/Group-Orgy Erotica]
10. Short [6588 words]A Mistress' Christmas by Giselle Renarde [Erotica/Romance]
  1. Short [9662 words]Beautiful Sunset by Sarah Masters [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
2. Short [6377 words]Another Regular Bud by Ryan Field [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
3. Short [6453 words]Bury It, Officer by Ryan Field [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
4. Short [4799 words]Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza by Ryan Field [Erotica/Romance]
5. Short [4856 words]Carbon Dating by Barry Lowe [Erotica/Mainstream]
6. Mid-Length [33620 words]Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by M. King [Erotica/Mainstream]
7. Short [10244 words]Blinded by Sarah Masters [Erotica/Mainstream]
8. Short [4850 words]Down The Basement by Ryan Field [Erotica]
9. Short [14454 words]Safe House by M. King [Erotica/BDSM Erotica]
10. Short [11298 words]Here's to You, Mr. Robinson by Barry Lowe [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
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A Regular Bud
Though handsome, athletic Noah thinks he's home alone and free to enjoy his private fetish for wearing high heels, his straight roommate's dominant younger brother walks in unexpectedly and catches him in the act. Noah is a young corporate professional who shares his large, old home with his straight best friend from college, Preston. And though Noah is openly gay, no one knows that Noah has a kinky little gender-bending fetish for wearing high heels. But when his roommate's sexy, rugged little ... more info>>
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You can never outrun the past?but is the future always inevitable? Kelly McClintock has spent years trying to outrun his family. Unfortunately, he is the son and heir to the family business and, after a blissful period of personal freedom spent studying in England, he is remanded home to New Zealand to take up his company role. The hired help--in the form of hunky landscape gardener Craig, and his interesting tattoo--offers a distraction, but when Kelly's mind starts wandering to more than bic... more info>>
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Climbing Up the Wall
Inner city living can be hell, what with the traffic, the noise, and the break-ins. But what can you do when you wake up naked and horny to discover a ladder propped against your bedroom window and a hunky blond staring in at you? When an inner city night-shift worker is woken by sounds of what he thinks are cat burglars at his window, he grabs the nearest weapon and waits to pounce. But the intruders are a hot, young construction worker named Stig and his older but equally hunky bos... more info>>
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Irish Lovers: Ian and David
Three tales chronicaling Ian and David's misadventures through love, misunderstanding, mayhem and near disaster, these stories show that love can strike under odd circumstances. It can drag two people through one trouble after another, but in the end, what's meant to be will truly win out.
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Safe House
Simon Preston has fought all his life to be the biggest, best, and brightest--but, just for once, he wants someone else to take control. Blurb: Confused and embarrassed by his desires, Simon resolves to keep them secret at all costs, especially from his boyfriend, Frazer. Unable to face the thought of potential rejection, Simon vows he'd rather lose Frazer than admit the truth, but when everything comes tumbling out into the open, there's nowhere left to hide?.
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Second Sin
If your son murdered your wife, what would you do? If your beloved twin and your daughter perished in that same 'accident,' how would you respond? Knowing that you are the last thing to stand in the way of his inheritance, how would you protect yourself? Find out what Thomas Hawkins did in Second Sin.
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You Missed a Spot Big Guy
When a cute college guy named Rick takes a part time job keeping house for a newly divorced construction worker named David who has a ten year old son, Rick isn't shy about wearing his tightest pants, his shortest shorts, and his most revealing underwear. Although Rick's not certain whether or not David will care about what he's wearing, Rick's heart beats faster each time he gazes at David's strong legs and heavy construction boots. When Rick steals quick glances at David's tool belt, his knees... more info>>
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A Cook's Tour
What do you do when you run into your favourite TV chef and fall in lust with his assistant at a book signing in Malta? How do you get the chef's lover to yourself when you're invited to their hotel for dinner? During a visit to Malta, Luca attends a book signing by world renowned French chef Jean-Pierre Gonflé, but is turned on by his young assistant, Michel. After a rushed encounter in their van, Luca wants to repeat the experience in more comfort, so when he is invited to Gonflé's hotel for... more info>>
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A Free Man
Betraying his Master in the big house, had gotten slave Ted beaten and tossed back into the fields. A fellow slave heals him, loves him, and teaches him to read. Will Ted embrace his new life of learning or find it impossible to forget the passionate flames of love for his previous white Master, and hasten his return to slavery?
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A Mistress' Christmas
If you've ever fallen in love with a married man, you know what feelings of defeat gift-giving elicits. You want to give him everything, but where would he put it? What can a mistress possibly give her lover at Christmas? As a career-mistress, Giselle knows very well how hard it is to find a good Christmas gift for a married man. She can't buy him anything meaningful--where would he put it? Besides, she isn't even sure how much Winston really cares about her. He doesn't seem terribly invested in... more info>>
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A Night With Jan Bollerman
Fetish -- Golden Showers. "I serve kings, Queens and the scum of the earth" so begins the most erotic night of Nick's life. He meets Jan the ultimate lover, and creative sensualist. It is a night of growth and male bonding. What won't Nick do for Jan? The question is put to the test. Blurb: Working in a leather bar in Amsterdam, Nick thinks he's seen it all, but an encounter with Jan Bollerman will broaden his horizons still further. For one night, anything is possible. Jan will push him to... more info>>
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A Reckless Affair
Can Ria really trust her heart and believe in love at first sight? Victoria Bayliss is happy in her job as a junior copywriter. The only thing she lacks is a lover. When Sheridan arrives on the scene and messes up her life big time, Ria knows it's time to run away. Sheridan Brooks appears to have everything. A fabulous new job, and a luxury Manhattan apartment, not to mention a sexy body, good looks and a closet full of designer clothes to show them off, but her clothes hide a naughty secret... more info>>
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Another Regular Bud
When handsome young Rick stops at a local service station to get his car checked out late one afternoon after football practice, he's in for an interesting surprise. And that's because the owner of the service station, Bob, is in one of his more playful moods. Though Rick has always suspected Bob's been interested in him, he's avoided any direct contact because Bob is divorced, has teenage daughters, and is closeted. Rick is looking for love and stability with a gentleman, not a quick fling with... more info>>
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Although adorable Nate has missed out on a lot of fun because he's been dealing with his ailing mother and his demanding job most of his life, he finally gets a chance to enjoy himself. After his mother passes away, he books a trip to one of the oldest rainforests on the planet in Australia and he meets a very interesting young man in sexy short pants his first day there. The young man talks Nate into booking a private tour of the Daintree Forest, and then he promises Nate it will be a tour he'l... more info>>
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Beautiful Sunset
Can Thomas help Matt forget the past? Matt has been visiting the lake for time alone to sort through his feelings over the break-up with his ex, Jack. He feeds a heron, the only constant in his life, and ponders on the future. One day, a man appears and sits beside him. Thomas, who seems to understand Matt's inner turmoil. Accepting an invitation into Thomas' home on the other side of the lake, Matt discovers people aren't always what they seem.
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Behind the Door
Kelly and Alex are trapped in the bathroom while Miss Victoria Fleming, a house guest from hell, drinks coffee downstairs. How would YOU pass the time? Kelly and Alex are the perfect suburban couple, with jobs and futures and a lovely house. A lovely house with a spare room. A spare room that Kelly's interfering mother offers to a desiccated old Professor called Miss Victoria Fleming. Which would be fine if Kelly and Alex had a private life to match their outward appearance. Alex dresses as... more info>>
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Ryan has news for Lee that can't be told over the phone or by email, and he dreads the outcome? Ryan is on his way to see his first love, Lee, who moved to a village in the middle of nowhere to escape his mother and her cruel ways. At Lee's cabin, Ryan faces emotions that upset him, and realises he loves Lee more than he thought. He drops a bombshell on Lee, who needs time alone to digest the news. Ryan is left wondering if he did the right thing, but what else could he have done? He's always... more info>>
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Bury It, Officer
It's not always easy for a hot young butch guy with a high heel fetish to get what he wants, especially when he's the one wearing nothing but high heels and a black leather choker. But sometimes life just happens, and things work out better by accident than if we'd planned ahead of time. And that's what happens to Luke one dark, rainy night at a public rest area along the interstate. He starts out wearing nothing but a black leather quarter coat, black leather high heels, and a choker, hoping fo... more info>>
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Cain Berlinger's Dark Side
A selection of Cain Berlinger's darkest, most depraved, disturbing and debauched stories in one intense volume. Tales of sexual obsession taken to extremity. Explore the depth and breadth of gay BDSM with the master of edgy erotica, Cain Berlinger. Dark, shocking, wild and often painfully human, these stories will take you to the limits, and beyond. This collection of short fiction pushes boundaries in every way and is not suitable for the fainthearted. Cain Berlinger's Dark Side includes the... more info>>
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Capping The Season
When handsome young Hunter finally sells his mansion and decides to downsize to a luxury condominium, his biggest fear about moving is that he's going to miss taking care of all the handsome young landscapers he's grown so fond of in the old neighborhood. But when he winds up in the backseat of his car with his real estate agent on the day of settlement, he believes this is a good omen, and moves into the new place with red, puffy lips, sore knees, and a huge smile on his face. This is when he d... more info>>
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Carbon Dating
Good-looking, nineteen-year-old twink, Vincent, can't get laid--at least by the men he fancies--daddies. What's he to do when he meets and falls for his best friend's father, especially when he doesn't even know if he's gay? Vincent seemingly has it all: he's nineteen, slim, good-looking, and much sought after by men. Problem is, he doesn't go for boys his own age; he prefers mature, daddy-types, and not only that, he likes to top them in bed. When Ned, his best friend's dad turns up, Vince pur... more info>>
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Consuming Passion
When sexy blonde Arlene issues an invitation to supper Jay has no expectations other than enjoying a pleasant evening with her new friend. How will Jay react when she discovers Arlene plans to put her on the menu?
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Cuff Divers
Christina's parents hate that she's still single. They've long accepted that their daughter is attracted to women, but wish she had someone special in her life. They're constantly looking to set her up. Nicole, the neighbors' butch granddaughter, is in the same situation. Thus begins a multi-family quest to pair up the lesbians. Christina never pictured herself settling down with a police officer--especially not one in the itinerant Underwater Search and Recovery Unit. The more she talks wi... more info>>
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Davey Jones' Locker
Brett Morgan has always dreamed about Davy Jones' arms around him ever since the older student saved him from drowning as a 15-year-old in high school. Now Davy is returning as an adult and an Olympic gold medalist to open the school's newly refurbished pool named in his honour and Brett, the new Phys Ed instructor, is part of the welcoming committee. What can he do to get Davy's arms around him again -- short of drowning?
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Dead Sexy
Some things ought to stay dead. Blurb: Moving to a village in search of peace, Jean is enchanted by a beautiful young woman she sees. Curiosity lures her into troubling discoveries, nighttime visitations, and a romance with startling consequences.
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