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1. Short [7574 words]Kihar [Darkover Series] by Vera Nazarian [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
2. Short [5822 words]Jihad by Mercedes Lackey [Alternate History/Fantasy]
3. Long [77718 words]The Keeper's Price [Darkover anthology #1] by Marion Zimmer Bradley [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
4. Short [4469 words]Destined for the Tower [Darkover Series] by Elisabeth Waters & Deborah Wheeler & Deborah J. Ross [Fantasy]
5. Short [4941 words]The Dragon's Horde by Elisabeth Waters & Raul S Reyes [Fantasy]
6. Short [4724 words]Genuine Old Master by Marion Zimmer Bradley [Science Fiction]
7. Very Short [567 words]Meeting of Minds [Darkover Series] by Elisabeth Waters [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
8. Short [3315 words]Sin Catenas [Darkover Series] by Elisabeth Waters [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
9. Short [3301 words]Firetrap [Darkover Series] by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Elisabeth Waters [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
10. Very Short [1656 words]Child of the Heart [Darkover Series] by Elisabeth Waters [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
  1. Mid-Length [45325 words]Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley [Science Fiction/Young Adult]
2. Long [89961 words]Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress XXII by Elisabeth Waters [Fantasy]
3. Short [10300 words]To Keep the Oath [Darkover Series] by Marion Zimmer Bradley [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
4. Short [5637 words]A Better Mousetrap [Shipscat Series #4] by Mercedes Lackey [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
5. Short [5152 words]A Woman's Privilege [Fate Series] by Elisabeth Waters [Fantasy]
6. Short [9570 words]Sword Sworn [Vows & Honor Series: Oathblood] by Mercedes Lackey [Fantasy]
7. Short [5816 words]Wings of Fire [Vows & Honor Series: Oathblood] by Mercedes Lackey [Fantasy]
8. Short [5034 words]A Tail of Two SKittys [Shipscat Series #2] by Mercedes Lackey [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
9. Short [6124 words]SCat [Shipscat series #3] by Mercedes Lackey [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
10. Short [13997 words]The Enemy of my Enemy by Mercedes Lackey [Fantasy]
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What if "Lawrence of Arabia" had turned his back on his native England and the Western world and instead chosen Allah and the Arab world? What would that have done to the Middle East?
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Kihar [Darkover Series]
This story investigates a really unusual use of laran and that untranslatable concept of kihar - which does not mean precisely pride, nor even integrity, but partakes of both.
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The Keeper's Price [Darkover anthology #1]
The first anthology of short stories set on Darkover, spanning Darkovan history--from shortly after the arrival of the lost Terran ship, through the Ages of Chaos, the rise of the Comyn and the establishment of the Compact, and the eventual return the Terrans. This anthology, first published in 1980, contains stories by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Elisabeth Waters, Diana L. Paxson, Susan M. Shwartz, Patricia Shaw Mathews, Cynthia McQuillin, Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah, Linda MacKendrick... more info>>
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A Better Mousetrap [Shipscat Series #4]
Bringing cats to the planet to kill the local vermin seemed like a great idea, until they discovered the existence of a sect that revered the vermin as children of their god.
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A Butterfly Season [Darkover series]
A Free Amazon takes a job as a trail guide, only to discover that her clients are nothing she could ever have imagined.
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A Capella [Darkover Series]
Everyone has at least one talent--but sometimes it's not what they think it is.
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A Dance for Darkover [Darkover series]
Mocking tradition? Or showing the best side of Darkover to the rest of the Empire?
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A Different Kind of Victory [Darkover series]
It was bad enough that Darriel had a psychic gift he barely understood, but now he had a fosterling with the same gift. Could he train the boy to fight, or would their shared gift make that impossible?
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A Gift of Love [Darkover Series]
The proposal seemed simple to Darriel. Lionora, his wife, would bear no more children. So Robard's daughter would now live with them in order to bear him a laran-gifted child. Darriel's and Robard's men thought it a good plan. Why should Lionora mind?
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A Lesser Life [Darkover series]
When Rentata's foster son Ari came home from his training in the tower for the coronation of her son Brenton as Lord of Aldaran, he brought a surprise guest: Coryn Hastur, Keeper of Hali Tower, the most powerful laranzu in the Domains. Given her history with Coryn, Renata was ambivalent about his presence. But when the attack that Lord Scathfell had been planning erupted during the coronation ceremony, she had reason to be glad for both Coryn's powers and her own.
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A Man of Impulse [Darkover series]
Dyan Ardais went to Lindirsholme with his young friend Merryl. He didn't expect to find himself dealing with Merryl's twin sister, Marilla. And he never in his wildest dreams expected what would come from their meeting.
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A Proper Escort [Darkover Series]
When MZB was editing the Darkover anthologies, she got a lot of stories on "Subject A: a Free Amazon meets a man she can trust" and "Subject B: Dyan Ardais meets a woman he can trust." After a few years of listening to MZB grumble, Lisa carried out her threat and wrote Subject AB: Dyan Ardais and the Free Amazon.
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A Rhumba of Rattlesnakes
Nine sisters have to free their mother from a curse. This might be easier if they were not all rattlesnakes.
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A Tail of Two SKittys [Shipscat Series #2]
Dick White, cat handler for the space ship Brightwing, knew that his shipscat was intelligent, but he hadn't expected her to come to the rescue when he and his shipmates were kidnapped.
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A Tale of Heroes [Vows and Honor Series: Oathblood]
Tarma and Kethry deal with many different kinds of heroes. Here they must mend the damage done by one "hero" and help two others.
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A Way Through the Fog [Darkover series]
Irina didn't think she had laran; she knew she didn't have the weather sense that her father had possessed. But he was dead, and she had to hold his place for her little brother, so she went out with the fishing boats anyway.
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A Woman's Privilege [Fate Series]
Akila's home is being invaded, and she is determined to get herself and her twin brother out alive--even if she has to turn into a sword to do it. (Note: this story later became the beginning of the novel Changing Fate.)
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A Woman's Weapon [Vows & Honor Series: Oathblood]
The Guild Master was ill, his rival's workplace was a noxious slum, and his apprentice's father had twenty dead horses. Tarma knew that something was seriously wrong; now all she had to do was convince her partners Kethry and Warrl and then figure out what to do about it.
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About Time [Darkover series]
Renunciates are sworn to be sisters to each other, no matter how different their personalities and habits. But sometimes they act like biological sisters, so it can be difficult to stop the squabbling and work together.
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Aliens Ate My Pickup
Nothing fazes this farmer, not even finding an alien hiding under his porch.
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Avarra's Children [Darkover series]
In the days after the World-Wreckers, Thendara struggles to pull itself out of chaos: civil disorder, homeless children, something strange in an abandoned mansion, and a goddess gone mad.
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Balance [Martis Series 1]
When Martis first met her new bodyguard, she thought she'd be the one protecting him. He was young, small, and didn't even wear armor. But when they rode out together on a dangerous mission, she discovered that he had skills she never would have suspected.
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Bed of Roses
Having your little brother captured by an evil wizard is a real problem. But is teaming up with your rejected suitor to rescue him really the best solution?
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Blood Will Tell [Darkover Series]
What is the good of being in an alien world in a civilized Empire if you keep the provincial spirit and customs of your backwater?
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Bonds of Sisterhood [Darkover series]
Camilla n'ha Kyria and Rafaella n'ha Doria were Rununciates, oath-sisters, and good friends. But they didn't start out that way...
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