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1. Long [94971 words]Reconstructing Meredith by Lauren Gallagher [Erotica/Romance]
2. Long [78599 words]Between Brothers by Lauren Gallagher [Erotica]
3. Long [84268 words]Until It's Over by Lauren Gallagher [Erotica/Romance]
4. Short [23509 words]Reconcilable Differences by CC Kaufman [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
5. Long [102111 words]Shadow Fox by Ashley Barnard [Dark Fantasy]
6. Long [70478 words]The Next Move by Lauren Gallagher [Erotica]
7. Long [92159 words]A Noble Sacrifice by Ciara Gold [Science Fiction/Romance]
8. Long [81045 words]Wake Up Call by Linda Rettstatt [Romance]
9. Mid-Length [31303 words]Toby's Trek by John Paulits [Young Adult/Science Fiction]
10. Long [71303 words]After The Mist by Cathy Coburn [Suspense/Thriller]
  1. Long [71310 words]To A Certain Degree by Virginia Nosky [Romance]
2. Long [86639 words]Seducing Annie by Rose Lerma [Historical Fiction/Romance]
3. Long [81705 words]Proof Of Love by Arabella Stokes [Romance]
4. Long [55363 words]The Scarab Prince [Desert Princes of Jikkar, Book II] by Rebecca Goings [Erotica]
5. Long [78602 words]Invisible by Kimber Chin [Romance]
6. Short [24048 words]Selling Forever by Kimber Chin [Romance]
7. Long [96370 words]Highland Captive by Mary McCall [Historical Fiction/Romance]
8. Long [69536 words]Once An Outcast by Jane Toombs [Romance/Historical Fiction]
9. Long [114308 words]Light Switch by Lauren Gallagher [Erotica]
10. Long [62098 words]Stone House Farm by Rhobin L. Courtright [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
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Reconstructing Meredith
"Scott, I need your help." Five words from a woman he hasn't seen in five years, and Scott Moore's world is thrown off its axis. Ex-girlfriend Meredith has resurfaced with a past full of horrific abuse at the hands of a man who called himself a Dom, and she has the scars to prove it. Now she needs Scott's help to reclaim her sexuality and put the past behind her. Scott is more than willing to help, but he has no idea the toll it will take on him, not to mention his other polyamourous relation... more info>>
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Between Brothers
There is no way people would go to the lengths they do to get sex if it was really this bad. That's what Marisa is thinking after yet another frustrating night. She doesn't want a relationship. She doesn't want love, at least not right now. What she does want is some of the hot sex that everyone else raves about?and she doesn't know where to start. Enter Darren Knight, Marisa's best friend and longtime crush. Offering a casual sexual apprenticeship, he helps Marisa gain the confidence to ask for... more info>>
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Until It's Over
Just as dressage trainer Dani Blake decides the best kind of relationship is no relationship at all, along comes cunning linguist Connor Graham, and he's the perfect Mr. Right Now. He's newly single, not looking for any type of attachment, and smoking hot in bed. Best of all, he's moving out of state in a few months, so there's no pressure for -- and no chance of -- a long-term relationship. Even if Dani hadn't already made the mistake of moving to another state for a man in the all too recent ... more info>>
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A Noble Sacrifice
Fen Tared Charst has betrayed his brother, and his people. To right the wrongs he's done, he suffers the horrors of the zeel pits only to find himself a captive of the Temi tribe. In Yalfar, he discovers that leading the Temi princess and her warriors from their dying world is the key to his redemption. But losing his heart to Princess Joyella will be the key to saving his soul. Princess Joyella Denue has broken a sacred law and for that, she is exiled from Yalfar. To regain her honor, she agree... more info>>
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Reconcilable Differences
Frustrated by the decline of her sex life, coupled with her husband's reluctance to address the issue, Julie asks her friend for advice. But what begins as a simple request for advice evolves into a girl's weekend getaway, and thanks to Darlene the weekend turns into a torrid love affair. In the blink of an eye Julie finds herself questioning her values, her judgment, and most important her loyalty to her husband and family. She also enjoys the best sex she has ever experienced, from a surprisin... more info>>
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Shadow Fox
Jared Bruin doesn't know who he is. He remembers nothing of his early childhood before the age of seven when he was abandoned in a park in St. Louis, left in an unfamiliar world that terrified him. He knows only that he is driven to learn everything he can about swordplay and sixteenth-century combat. Almost twenty years later, as he is battling a heroin addiction, suicidal tendencies and a violent affliction he doesn't understand, he is hired to teach swordplay to an enigmatic woman with secr... more info>>
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The Next Move
After a quiet evening of chess and wine turns into a sizzling hot night in the bedroom, Christian Bailey and Katrina Morgan think they've done irreparable damage to their longstanding friendship. When they sit down to talk things over, though, it isn't long before they're in bed again. The sexual chemistry is undeniable, but neither wants to risk their friendship with a relationship, so they agree to a casual arrangement as friends with benefits. The rules are simple: No lying, no strings, an... more info>>
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After The Mist
Mike Reynolds always prided himself on being in complete control, and then his world topples into the unfamiliar. Disturbing dreams plague him, leaving helplessness in its wake and his control slipping away. Though adventurous and fearless, the young and petite Maggie O'Reilly doesn't recognize the devastating consequences of staring unswervingly into the black piercing eyes of absolute malevolence. Together, the two team with five others to forge ahead on a perilous mission that becomes a d... more info>>
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Beckoning Eternity
The inhabitants of Guardon, a planet singular in its religious devotion, believe their God to be merciful and loving, eager to usher them into an eternal world of heavenly bliss. With the literalness of this belief at their religion's core, there are strict rules concerning when each believer is required to report to a Heavenly Departure Point, request a draft of Wogazol, a painless poison, and go to God. The glorbot, a movement which believes that the planet's religion is merely organized ... more info>>
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Blade Dancer
Mikial Haran of the Datha Qurl preferred dancing over fighting, however a comrade's sacrifice drives her to find the source behind a foe's advanced weaponry. The one enemy she didn't expect to face was her own people. The one ally she didn't plan on being saved by was human.
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Chance's Game
Breanna is a rare sort of shapeshifter even for a world where magic is rampant. Rare enough that she catches the attention of the God of Chance who sends her on a quest to free magic. Simple you say? Not for this girl who has to keep avoiding the men who would claim her, while getting to know a twin she never knew she had. And then to make things even more fun, Chance throws in a super sexy wizard to go on the quest with her. Magic, danger, meddlesome gods and romance await, and when their que... more info>>
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The last thing Amber wants to think about is engagement rings or anything related to engagement rings, but they're kind of hard to avoid when she makes her living in a jewelry store. Between her job and her last relationship, she's getting more than a little bit jaded about love and commitment. In fact, she's ready to change everything in her life, and right now, a man is the last thing she wants. When gorgeous bartender Jeremy wanders into her store, she's willing to reconsider what she wants ... more info>>
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Eternal Obsession
Kelly Matthews has every intention of forgetting the ravishing vampire who'd stolen her heart a year ago, but their blood bond will not let her forget. Add the fact that her dance company would be performing in his home town of Paris, France. Kelly fears what will happen if she sees him again and worse?what if she doesn't? A punch in the nose is the last thing Jacques expects when he comes face to face with Kelly for the first time since leaving her a year ago. Now convincing her that he mad... more info>>
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Flight Of Dragons
Fourteen years after fleeing his homeland, Charles Sydon lives under an assumed name, comfortable if not happy with his life as a bookkeeper. Until one night his past comes looking for him in the form of a ruthless dragon hunter. Now, Charles must return to the Ice Ring on a deadly quest for a wild dragon, a quest that will pull him back into the world he left behind. But he'll soon find there's more at stake as the past and the present collide. It will be up to Charles to save his people from ... more info>>
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Light Switch
After far too much lackluster sex with her now-ex-boyfriend, Kristen Locke isn't just ready to try something new. She's ready to try everything. And as luck would have it, two of her good friends are more than willing to introduce her to the kinkier side of life: Experienced dominant Scott Moore wants to bring out the submissive in her. Neighbor and voyeur Matt Sommers quite literally sees the exhibitionist in her. Little by little, they open up a whole new world to her, and Kristen's about to ... more info>>
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Seacliff House
Esma Drake, fresh from the orphanage, arrives at Seacliff House to care for sickly five-year-old Alisette. Esma soon finds the household uneasy. The child's father, and captain of Sea Dragon, Stephen Nicolai, is years overdue at port, and, to Esma's distress, the child's mother ignores the little girl. Then Stephen returns--with amnesia, recognizing no one. When he at first mistakes Esma for his wife, the terror that soon engulfs Seacliff House begins.
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Take A Chance
Shy librarian Samantha longs to find her one true love, but in today's modern world, finding a dashing hero seems to be an impossible to task. So Chance decides to step in and what follows is pure adventure as Samantha finds herself magically teleported to a tropical island where she meets a hunky wizard in need of rescuing. Sinclair, is a wizard of the high council, cursed to live alone on a tropical island with little hope of rescue, that is 'til a luscious librarian is dropped onto his beac... more info>>
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The Right To Remain Mine
You have the right to remain cherished. Anything you read or scream out in rapture can and will be used against you in the bedroom of Willow DeVane. You have the right to enjoy a big, sexy cop. If you can't find your own, one by the name of Raith Malloy will be provided for you to enjoy and explore thoroughly within these pages. Tempers flare from the first moment divorce lawyer Willow DeVane crosses paths with sheriff deputy Raith Malloy. Both too stubborn and controlling for their own good, ... more info>>
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The Scarab Prince [Desert Princes of Jikkar, Book II]
Trianna Pramtash must be punished for her assault on the Viper Prince's intended bride. Not wishing to do so himself, the Viper gives her to his best friend, the Scarab Prince, to mete out her sentence--the one man who's held Trianna's heart since childhood. Qadir Hadmas is overjoyed Trianna no longer belongs to the Viper. His heart broke years ago when she left Suridesh engaged to his best friend--but she never married Tariq. She belongs to him now, and he's not about to let her go. Neithe... more info>>
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Toby's Trek
Toby Manders is a bored sixteen-year-old Earth immigrant to Hobson's Planet who is tired of living the quiet life of a farmer. After running away from his father and home, he becomes close friends with Jar Kensch, a native Walber boy. He and Jar, who has family troubles of his own, get themselves entangled in the feud going on between the Earth immigrants and the Catonians, conquerors of Hobson's Planet. Can Toby resolve the trouble he and Jar get into, resolve his estrangement from his father... more info>>
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Wake Up Call
Candace Hudson wants a husband and babies. But a recent nasty break-up has her rethinking the husband part of the equation. Griff Calhoun, a divorced father and the product of divorce, wants to share his wealth and Texas cattle ranch to open a summer camp for children of divorce. Candace already has a full-time job; Griff wants her to consult with him on his project. Neither one is looking for love, but both Candace and Griff get a much needed wake-up call.
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A Matter Of Passion
Clay arrives at the home of his older brother's mistress to claim their love child. However the mistress who died giving birth insisted her sister, Ellie, raise the infant. Ellie flees with the babe but Clay follows. Circumstances force them together and on the paddlewheel boat north they discover true love themselves.
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A Page From The Past
The first warning is swift and to the point, but bookstore owners Glenn and Lindsay Reade don't 'get it' until their lives are threatened a second time. All they've done is read a young girl's diary and attempt to locate the owner. Just because the journal describes the girl's rape and subsequent murder of the rapist is no reason for anyone to want them dead, is it? The book is obviously more than forty years old. Who in the tiny Berkshire town of Paris, Massachusetts could still care? But someo... more info>>
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A Question Of Honor
The honorable Clan MacDuff has protected the coveted relic for centuries. When rival Clan MacAlpin discovers the eldest brother of the MacDuff is to take a wife, their scheming materializes in the form of deceit as they kidnap Alick MacDuff's betrothed and send their sister in her place. Tegan MacAlpin has no choice but to pretend to want to be bride to her blood enemy. But once inside Castle MacDuff she fears her ability to procure the relic before Darius, Alick's dangerously handsome and hig... more info>>
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A Sister's Secret
Brooke Rawlings's life is turned upside down after the death of her sister. Brooke's life as a tough investigative reporter hasn't prepared her for the challenge of being the guardian of her teenaged nephew Jeremy. When he withdraws from everyone, Jeremy's oh-so-attractive-but-arrogant teacher, Matthew Grant, is concerned that Jeremy is involved with drugs. While investigating Jeremy's behavior, Brooke and Matthew uncover surprising information about her sister's death and the disappearance of a... more info>>
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