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1. The Corrupted by Dennis Lewis [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
2. A Writer's Guide to Overcoming Rejection: A Practical Sales Course for the as Yet Unpublished by Edward Baker [General Nonfiction]
3. In Cold Daylight by Pauline Rowson [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
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A Writer's Guide to Overcoming Rejection: A Practical Sales Course for the as Yet Unpublished
This guide teaches the reader how to sell themselves and their book in order to get in print. Using sales techniques taken from other industries, it demonstrates how the writer can target and market their book in the competitive business of publishing.
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Five Minute Fantasies Two
This is a collection of sensual short stories with erotic themes.
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In Cold Daylight
Fire fighter Jack Bartholomew dies whilst trying to put out a fire in a derelict building. Was it an accident or arson? Marine artist Adam Greene doesn't know, only that he has lost his closest friend. He attends the funeral ready to mourn his friend only to find that another funeral intrudes upon his thoughts and one he's tried very hard to forget for the last sixteen years. But before he has time to digest this, or discover the identity of the stranger stalking him, Jack's house is ransacked. ... more info>>
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Nelson continues to fascinate academics as well as the general public. He is still considered one of Britain's greatest heroes and featured within the top ten of the BBC poll of such figures. But why does Nelson still remain such a prominent figure in the national imagination? With 2005 being the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, Victoria Carolan embarks on a timely reappraisal of Nelson, the myth and the man. Beginning with Nelson's early life and an analysis of the condition and practice... more info>>
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The Corrupted
A gripping novel about a disgraced war veteran who returns to his home city of Cardiff where he accepts, without qualms, a job as a drug-dealer. He becomes involved in a murderous 'turf war' against a corrupt police force, and his uncertain destiny is decided for him by his abiding love for a woman.
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The Fevered Hive
A collection of short stories reflecting the harshness and beauty, pain and joy of the lives of a variety of colourful characters who are both indigineous inhabitants and immigrants to the city of Cardiff.
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