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1. Apathy--A Cause Not Worth Fighting For by Simon Satori Hendley [Humor/Spiritual/Religion]
2. Texas Hold 'Em Poker: Rules and Tips by Isabel Croucher [Sports/Entertainment/Reference]
3. The Key to The Da Vinci Code by Stewart Ferris [History/Reference]
  1. The Key to The Da Vinci Code by Stewart Ferris [History/Reference]
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A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt--Modern Scottish Proverbs
The Scottish language is rich in proverbs, sayings, maxims and wise aphorisms. Sadly, in the transition from the abacus to the computer, most of these have become outdated. This great little gift book thrusts these expressions into the 21st century providing millennia of wisdom in a practical modern format. It covers everything from bagpipes to whisky with a few mentions of our dear neighbours, the Sassenachs, thrown in. So whether you are Scottish, a tourist visiting Scotland, an illegal immigr... more info>>
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Apathy--A Cause Not Worth Fighting For
Apathy is neither an enemy nor an illusion. It's just a fact of life. Not to be confused with laziness (a reluctance to exert oneself), apathy is indifference, a lack of passion for a subject and the many advantages of being apathetic are explored in this book. Embrace your apathetic nature! Enjoy being a dilly-dallier, a fence-sitter, a procrastinator! Apathy has been around and documented since the Greeks. In fact, they first gave us the word apathy: the prefix 'a' meaning 'without' and 'pathy... more info>>
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Texas Hold 'Em Poker: Rules and Tips
A step-by-step guide to playing one of the most popular Poker game around. Played with a typical 52-card pack, Texas Hold 'Em is popular, not just in casinos and card rooms, but also on the Internet and at home.
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The Key to The Da Vinci Code
What is it about The Da Vinci Code that has captured people's interest and made it an international bestseller? Despite being a work of fiction, The Da Vinci Code has a plot based on a number of concepts and ideas that the author claims to be true. This book explores the locations, historical facts and theories, and the sources of inspiration behind the novel in order to reveal the true key to The Da Vinci Code.
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The Little Book of Chav Speak
Have you got "nuff bling"? Are you "well phat"? Do you have any idea what that means? If not, then you need The Little Book of Chav Speak to unlock the latest hip lingo that's hitting the streets. Welcome to the dictionary of Chav speak. It describes and details the extensively limited lexicon of a sociological underclass known to most as "Chavs". This growing breed of scallies, charvers and layabouts has gradually developed its own language which is completely unintelligible to the untrained ea... more info>>
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