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1. Short [9601 words]Amusement Park Sabotage by Jeanne K. Grieser [Young Adult]
2. Very Short [1735 words]A Child of My Own by Virginia Gill [Family/Relationships/Spiritual/Religion]
3. Short [5644 words]Heavenly Cookies Cookbook by Janette Dixon [General Nonfiction/Reference]
4. Short [7643 words]Bugs in my Freezer by Vicki Edwards [Humor]
5. Short [6527 words]Bartending Made Easy by Janette Dixon [Reference]
6. Long [51509 words]An Irish Lullaby by Leta Nolan Childers [Romance]
7. Mid-Length [48980 words]Hot Connections by Diana Waldhuber [Romance]
8. Long [50104 words]A Chance Worth Taking by Kimberly Roberts [Romance]
9. Short [8794 words]Old Fashioned Family Recipes by Marilynn Mansfield [General Nonfiction]
10. Short [5737 words]Cookie Crazy Cookbook by Marilynn Mansfield [General Nonfiction]
  1. Long [55038 words]The Brotherhood of Mages [The Jewels of Earda Book 2] by Janet Lane Walters [Fantasy]
2. Mid-Length [46809 words]Murder and Mint Tea [Book 1 of the Katherine Miller Mysteries] by Janet Lane Walters [Mystery/Crime]
3. Long [67470 words]The Secret of the Jewels [The Jewels of Earda 3] by Janet Lane Walters [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
4. Short [7643 words]Bugs in my Freezer by Vicki Edwards [Humor]
5. Long [51509 words]An Irish Lullaby by Leta Nolan Childers [Romance]
6. Long [58426 words]The Quest for the White Jewel [The Jewels of Earda Book 1] by Janet Lane Walters [Fantasy]
7. Short [3993 words]Beneath the Surface by Ann Herrick [Young Adult/Romance]
8. Short [8794 words]Old Fashioned Family Recipes by Marilynn Mansfield [General Nonfiction]
9. Long [57323 words]A Change of Destiny by Marilynn Mansfield [Romance/Science Fiction]
10. Long [83693 words]36C by Barbara Quinn [Mainstream/Humor]
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10 Ways I Can Be Green
10 Ways I Can Be Green lets kids have choices on how to be green and how to use those choices in the real world. With games and fun word puzzles, this book will delight any child.
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Tressa Connell dreams of finding the right fellow, of putting her graphics art degree to work, and of traveling to Venice. The reality is that she's stuck in a dead-end job selling lingerie to rail-thin women who prowl the high-end Manhattan boutique where she works. Hounded by a helmet-haired boss, befriended by a troubled Latina makeup artist, and wooed by a Jewish cop, Tressa also has a giant grandfather clock strapped to her back, a bushel of eggs in her arms, and her mother cracking a Pampe... more info>>
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A Baseball Memoir
Baseball is probably the greatest game ever invented. I love the sport, and if you're reading this, I assume you do as well. There's nothing quite like playing or viewing a game of baseball on a warm summer day. Watching in the stands as a pitcher, like a sniper, tries to nail a slight target with pinpoint accuracy. Looking on at the game of cat and mouse played between a hurler and a baserunner. Hearing just the right tone as the bat meets the ball - that special crack that let's you know whe... more info>>
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A Buckeye Christmas
Melissa has never been away from her farm home for Christmas. Newly married, she travels to Ohio with husband, Josh, to experience a Christmas unlike she has ever known and to meet his weird and wonderful family. She must decide what kind of a Christmas tradition she and Josh should start for their lives.
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A Chance Worth Taking
In this enchanting sequel to Everlasting, a long awaited trip to London proves to be the catalyst for a scintillating romantic encounter. Concerned that Texas born and raised Catarina may be a bit wide-eyed and na´ve, her friends arrange for Cat to be escorted around London by another of their friend, Jax Blair. But their plan to keep Catarina safe fails when Jax, an irresistibly sexy Englishman, captures Catarina's heart and changes her life forever. Never dreaming that one day she'd actually h... more info>>
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A Change of Destiny
Imagine awakening in a strange world and a stranger time ... then imagine the losses sustained by mankind are all caused by you. That's the dilemma facing Holly Reed. Only one man can save her while only she can save the future. Together they prove that love can overcome all obstacles ... including time itself.
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A Child of My Own
The adoption of a baby is always special, but when that adoption comes as a special gift from God, both families know they are blessed. This is a true story of how love can build bridges and bring two families together to share in the blessed event of the birth of one special baby and keep these families close to share in the love and joy as she grows up.
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A Christmas Carol
A spin off of the Classic, this story brings Carol Christmas to terms with her life as she battles demons from the past in her dreams. Can Carol forget tormenting memories of the past to start her life anew or will she be trapped in her dismal life forever?
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A Secret Till We're Grown
When the boys from the cul-de-sac convince their parents they're old enough for a camp-out all by themselves, none of them realize that they will take part in a wonderful adventure--the kind of adventure they won't be able to tell anyone...until they're grown.
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A Touch of Christmas Magic
BAH HUMBUG! Cammie might be willing to go through the motions and make it appear she was enjoying the Christmas season, but it was only a facade. It was the worst Christmas ever! A faithless lover, missing parents and the constant peel of Christmas carols was just a bit too much to take. Enter handsome new neighbor Quinn--a man from her past with an eye on her future. Could Christmas get much worse with that perpetual pest just next door blackmailing her into holiday happiness? From the ... more info>>
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A Whisper at Midnight
Angel Walker is a woman forced to take on the identity of Jade Sinclair, a notorious stagecoach robber, and ride in a gang to take back the gold stolen from her mines. Long ago, she gave up any hope of a normal life. Reid Spencer is a bitter ex-doctor who lost everyting in a devastating circle of events. Love is the last thing he wants when revenge is the only thing on his mind. When they are trapped together on a snowy mountain, neither can deny the longing in their hearts, but a horrible secre... more info>>
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Amusement Park Sabotage
Twelve-year-old cousins, Peg and Korky can't think of anything better than to spend their summer at the Wellborn Amusement Park in their hometown of Redmond. Nearly every day they ride the rides and enjoy the company of their newfound friend, Mo who works at the ticket booth. Then unusual things begin to happen at the park. The twelve-year-old cousins notice Carl, the operator of the Spin Around. He always seems nervous and Peg is suspicious of him--even more so when the Spin Around is closed on... more info>>
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An Irish Lullaby
Maeve was unprepared to tangle with Sean O'Flynn. After a devastating family tragedy, for which she blamed herself, Maeve hesitantly stepped back into the world of the living to take up the scattered pieces of her life that she'd allowed to fall by the wayside. Meeting this revered professor just didn't help matters. Sean, too, was attempting to reconstruct a live interrupted. Torn by the nightmares of this youth in Northern Ireland, he wants nothing more than to live in peace. But lightning str... more info>>
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Baby For Sale
Kids on Greenwillow Lane learn about trash, treasures, and trading, with Megan Whitney learning the most important lesson of all. A "block yard sale" is fun for kids, as well as a learning experience, and when a baby is for sale, it adds to the excitement. While the other children on this cul-de-sac discover one another's treasures, Megan tries to sell her little brother. Max wants to buy him, but his brother Alex says their mom doesn't want any more kids. Meanwhile, the baby disappears. It s... more info>>
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On one of Florida's barrier islands, where physical therapist Marya Pierson and her sister Penelope have just inherited their parents' condominium, Marya is determined to honor her father's final requests. He had asked her to find and destroy a mysterious something he believed would devastate Penelope, and he wanted Marya to make sure Penelope's new fiance wasn't merely after her money. Marya finds Drew, Penelope's fiance, annoying but disturbingly attractive. But she must see him often, since... more info>>
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Bartending Made Easy
Bartending Made Easy is the guide for every bartender or wanna be bartender. In plain words Janette Dixon shows you how to be an expert at bartending so all your parties can be a smash.
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Belles of Christmas
Best selling author Leta Nolan Childers unites time, space and human foibles in three heart-warming and humorous stories of the holiday season. In "Basket of Bliss," an Irish fisherman comes home to a big surprise--and the change of a lifetime. In "Ring the Cyber-bells," Mary Christmas learns true giving begins at home, even if you live on the Internet. And, in "A Hope for Happiness," a bumbling thief finds his own heart stolen. The Yuletide season is celebrated in "Belles of Christmas."
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Beneath the Surface
At first Lariena is glad she has to spend the summer with her foot in a cast. It means she has a built-in excuse to stay out of the water at the beach. It's not the water that bothers her, but what might be below the surface. But then she meets Adrian. Lariena won't go in the water, and she can't understand why Adrian won't come out. Eventually Adrian teaches Lariena to face her fears and not be afraid of what's Beneath The Surface, even when it's the scary unknown.
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Beyond The Box Score
How did the loss of the beloved Browns impact the city of Cleveland? Who is Venuste Niyongabo, and what made was his seemingly insignificant 5000-meters victory in the 1996 Olympics special? Why was the age-discrimination trial of former Notre Dame assistant football coach Joe Moore being called the darkest incident in Fighting Irish history? The answers to poignant questions such as these lie within the pages of BEYOND THE BOX SCORE, a collection of 50 essays investigating sports, their impac... more info>>
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Boss From Hell
Molly Sheridan has learned the true meaning of the words Boss From Hell. Her boos Ridge Sinclair is over bearing, rude, obnoxious and just plain mean. But as tempers flare she also learns that the difference between love and hate is a very thin line.
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Bugs in my Freezer
Life as seen from the viewpoint of an entymologist's wife.
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Butterfly Spring
Hundreds of butterflies invade Flytown in the spring. Is it from a mild winter or a blessing from God?
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Camper of the Year
Ellie is less than thrilled when she has to spend the summer in a camp full of boys. She quickly gets into a running feud with Shawn, and is determined to beat him out for the title of Camper of the Year--even to the point of cheating. But eventually she learns that friends can be found even where you least expect to find them, and that sometimes the best (and only) way to help someone is by being a friend.
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Cat Callahan: Private Eye The Case of the Missing Airhead
Who is that mysterious woman? One minute she looks nine months pregnant with a odd sort of antenna extending from her all-too-tall red beehive? The next she's looking decidedly out of place in a strip joint dressed as a nun. A better question for Charlie is--just why does she seem to turn up everywhere he is? It's almost as if she were following him. And Charlie just doesn't need the kind of distractions this mysterious woman creates as he races to save his family's legacy. When Cat Callahan... more info>>
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Chippie Chipmunk's Adventure
Chippie Chipmunk leaves his family to go out on his first big adventure.
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