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1. Titanic Lessons for IT Projects by Mark Kozak-Holland [History/Business]
2. 101 Ways to Reward Team Members for $20 (or Less!) by Kevin J. Aguanno [Business]
3. An Introduction to Agile by Kevin J. Aguanno [Technology/Science/Business]
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101 Ways to Reward Team Members for $20 (or Less!)
Your wallet is empty? And you still need to boost your team's performance? Building team morale is difficult in these tough economic times. Kevin Aguanno helps you solve the team morale problem with ideas for team rewards that won't break the bank. Learn over 100 ways you can reward your project team and individual team members for just a few dollars. Full of innovative (and cheap!) ideas. Even with the best reward ideas, rewards can fall flat if they are not suitable to the person, the organiza... more info>>
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74 Tips for Absolutely Great Teleconference Meetings
Many organizations conduct their meetings over the telephone instead of face-to-face. There are challenges associated with trying to ensure that these meetings are productive, successful, and well-run. Learn how to get the most out of your teleconference meetings. This eBook contains tips for both the teleconference leader and the participant--tips on how to prepare for the teleconference, start the teleconference meeting and set the tone, lead the teleconference, keep participants away from the... more info>>
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An Introduction to Agile
Wondering what all this talk about "Agile" is about? This eBook provides a brief overview of the business reasons behind the evolution of agile development methods. The book discusses why agile methods were developed in the first place, what is different about agile methods, and the major benefits to tbe gained from employing them, including reducing risk, increasing control, speeding up communications, and improving customer satisfaction. An excellent resource executives, managers, and develope... more info>>
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Stealth Methodology Adoption
Facing resistance when implementing new development process changes within an organization? Sometimes big changes need to be packaged to make them appear to be minor adjustments to the current process. This book shows you how! This Palm Reader (PDB) eBook includes specific tips on introducing new development methods to your team and to your organization. It includes specific examples of introducing software development processes such as Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, and other agile methods. T... more info>>
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Titanic Lessons for IT Projects
Building upon the popularity of the first book in the Lessons from History series, this book presents lessons for IT project managers harvested from the project that designed, built, and launched the H.M.S. Titanic. Full of practical advice, this book builds on the most notorious "failed project" in recent memory, the sinking of an "unsinkable" ship.
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