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1. Mid-Length [32802 words]Cosmic Checkmate by Charles V. DeVet & Katherine MacLean [Science Fiction/Mainstream]
2. Long [72298 words]The Bamboo Blonde by Dorothy B. Hughes [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
3. Mid-Length [31319 words]Vanguard From Alpha by Brian W. Aldiss [Science Fiction]
4. Long [56164 words]Fire Past the Future by Charles Eric Maine [Science Fiction]
5. Long [69835 words]UNFINISHED BUSINESS by Cary Lucas [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
6. Long [63263 words]TAKE ME AS I AM by William H Fielding [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
7. Mid-Length [45047 words]MURDER OUT OF MIND by Ken Crossen [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
8. Long [63939 words]THE MURDER OF MY AUNT by Richard Hull [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
9. Long [53929 words]A RAGE AT SEA by Frederick Lorenz [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
10. Long [87803 words]CRY TOUGH! by Irving Shulman [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
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Cosmic Checkmate
THE GAME OF WORLDS "I'll beat you the second game," was the Earthman's challenge to the planet Velda--whose culture was indeed based on a complicated super-chess of skill and concentration. A Human and a Veldian could meet over a game board, but was there any other ground for understanding? For the code of Velda was strange and savage, based on a concept of honor no Earthman could comprehend. The men were warriors and the women were--mysteries. One world was challenging a galaxy, as one man was... more info>>
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Follow the suspenseful and high-seas adventure of Dixon, a down-and-out boat captain in south Florida. Having lost his own ship gambling, Dixon spends his days drowning his sorrows in drink. It's a tough way to survive, though, so desperation forces Dixon to make a choice--return to the sea or drown in a tidal wave of decadence and despair. Against his better judgment, he signs on as captain of the Almacor--a ship and crew about which he knows nothing--and learns first-hand about danger and v... more info>>
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WHEN THE HEAVENS FALL, MEN MUST FIGHT! Keston Ochiltree's visit home had been short and disastrous. His newborn nephew had proved to be one of the Hopeless Ones and had only served to remind him of the present plight of mankind. Keston knew that the decision he was being called on to make might mean a new start for humanity or the end of their underwater civilization. Each day found more Hopeless Ones being born: pitiful creatures with webbed hands and feet. More important, the inhuman Zammu wer... more info>>
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John Petersen, second mate on the interstellar run, met the gorgeous Ilona in the passengers' lounge of the ship. Then he met her again in her apartment on Carinthia. In fact, that's where he was when he missed the return flight, thereby becoming a Distressed Terran Spaceman. For a while, it looked like Petersen was in deep trouble, for a D.T.S. is the kind of guy no one wants around. That's why he was extra dubious when a Carinthian private eye offered him a job. And taking that job was like ju... more info>>
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A GREAT SCIENCE-FICTION CLASSIC Here is an utterly enthralling science-fiction novel that spans 10,000 years of future adventures, human hopes, and super-human achievements. The story of one family, the Websters--and also of the Webster dogs and robots--it is narrated in the form of eight long sequences, each showing a further and more wonderful development. Humanity moves from the culture of the super-city of the near future to the sprawling spaces of a robot-run society, and finally finds its ... more info>>
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Country Girl
Cherryl Miller wanted to be taken seriously. But she also wanted love and excitement. The boys Cherryl met at college thought country girls were easy prey. But shy, pretty Cherryl skipped the fraternity dances, the bottle parties, the necking in parked cars--and stayed lonesome. What she wanted most was to be respected as a school teacher and be loved by a marrying man. Trapped in a drab prairie town, among rough ranch hands and restless married men, Cherryl escaped her loneliness in secret mee... more info>>
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He wanted a lot out of life--the easy way! He could never be a big shot if he stayed legitimate. He could never have Cadillac convertibles or soft, blonde women if he just worked for a living. But if he was willing to be a tough guy and muscle man ? to use his hardness, his strength and mental forces for the Mob? then the gates of luxury would he flung wide for him. Meet Mitchell, one of the Amboy Dukes. Not yet 21, he's just been released from reformatory school and is just as tough and smart... more info>>
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SPLIT-SECOND RACE WITH WORLD'S END! In the midst of the war--that terrible conflict that threatened humanity's total destruction--the "new people" suddenly appeared. Quietly performing incredible deeds, vanishing at will, they were an enigma to both sides. Kurt Zen was an American intelligence officer among the many sent to root them out. He found them. Taken captive in their hidden lair, he waited as the enemy prepared to launch the super missile, the bomb to end all bombs--and all life. If onl... more info>>
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Fire Past the Future
Farrant wağ a good man--maybe too good, with his easygoing humor and wry acknowledgment that he was something of a dunderhead among a flock of super-experts. Yet Farrant committed at least one particularly bloody killing--and then couldn't remember that his victim was dead. How many others had he killed? What was the secret locked in his mind --the secret that affected the lives of everybody on the island, and which would eventually uncover the secret of AGNES itself? Fire Past The Future is an ... more info>>
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SUICIDE RAGE TO LUNA The four men had been scrutinized, watched, investigated, and intensively trained for more than a year, hey were the best men to be found for that first, all-important flight to the Moon--the pioneer manned rocket that would give either the East or the West control over the Earth. Yet when the race started, Adam Crag found that he had a saboteur among his crew? a traitor! Such a man could give the Reds possession of Luna, and thereby dominate the world it circled. Any one of... more info>>
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Ya gotta love these westerns! Wonderfully written in a way that draws you into the story right from the beginning. Rock Wesley and two ranchhands are moving fifteen Morgan mares back to Wesley's ranch. They are ambushed and his two friends killed and the mares stolen. Left for dead, Rock escapes, is found by Meg McAlpin who helps him recover. How to find the killers as well as the horses in a town where one man owns most all the businesses and rules without mercy is the quest of Rock.
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Neil Harrison is a man who is rediscovering his humanity. The key to this discovery is love. In a future where love is almost unknown and forbidden to be spoken of, it reasserts itself. In many ways, these re-kindled feelings could lead to the salvation of the very humanity that is in danger of annihilation. On a darken night while missiles fall and destroy, kill and main we see Neil make his way to Libby to declare his love and to bring her to safety as well as tell her she is needed to help ... more info>>
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Historical Documents of the United States of America
There appears to be turmoil in every State and part of our country. It is important that each of us as a citizen know what our individual rights are, particularly under Federal law. A few of the significant documents that affect each of us has been gathered together for easy reference and so you may actually read them. If you read about a certain Amendment, now you can look it up easily on your device. This is all about citizenship. Let's be informed citizens!
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King of The World's Edge
When the Spanish soldiers arrived by ship on the coast of what is now Central America and parts of the Yucatan they were greeted as gods. It was if they have been expected! The ancient god Quetzalcoatl was described as a white-skinned man of miracles and sorcery who one day disappeared to the east from whence he had come. Ancient Roman coins have been found at various locations along the Mississippi River and up into Ohio and along the Ohio River. King of The World's Edge weaves an exciting st... more info>>
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Frank Bruce, a writer of plays, is in love. His love interest is Kalli Walker, a secretary. In order to see Kalli, Frank goes to a mansion in White Plains, New York, where there is to be a paranormal experiment. Alas, during the experiment, the sender of the psychic information is killed. One of the participants or receivers must be guilty. Enter Chariman Fosdick Van Dyke, also known as Fuzzy, super sleuth. Fuzzy also has a weekly radio broadcast and fancies himself an expert in solving murders.... more info>>
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THE ROBOT ROAD TO FARAWAY His was a dream few spacemen ever saw come true. Alan Kemp was an obsessed man--driven by the realization of a dream into the black emptiness between the stars. In a rebuilt, second-hand, obsolete ship, Kemp and his three comrades too off--determined to set up a shuttle between the planets at the Rim of the galaxy. But trouble--in the form of two lost colonies, one inhabited by giant mechanical insects and the other ruled by the descendants of a murderous pirate--threat... more info>>
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The girl on the run was Alma. Lies came to her lips as easily as kisses. The boy's name was Bill. He was young and ripe for her teaching. Then love duped them both--the girl and the boy--a love stronger than murder and treachery and greed. It was the golden snare that led them to the end of the road and sent them toppling down the edge of doom. Alma is asked to deliver a canvas bag loaded with cash to a guy she doesn't know in another town. She trusts her boyfriend, Monk, so agrees to his reque... more info>>
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The 13th Immortal
THE SECRET OF THE FORBIDDEN CONTINENT What happens when men become immortal? Can living forever become boring? What happens to you when you see your lovers, wives and even children grow old and die and you continue in a status that defies aging? Life upon a planet divided into twelve grids wherein each section has its Immortal or Duke and seems to be tranquil and well-organized. How is it that a 13th immortal becomes known and challenges the stability and ways of the other twelve rulers? "Who wa... more info>>
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The Bamboo Blonde
Beautiful But Dead When Con Satterlee picked up the half-intoxicated blonde in the Bamboo Bar, Griselda was annoyed. When he- walked out with the blonde, leaving Griselda flat, she was furious. She was frightened, too, returning alone to the isolated, ramshackle beach cottage. And this was to have been their second honeymoon! Con came back rattling a handful of shells which he said he had taken from the blonde's revolver. But the blonde didn't come back. The police found her corpse the next morn... more info>>
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The Changeling Worlds
THESE PLANETS ARE TABOO! On the gold-symbol world of Beresford's Planet, Richard Kirby lived in total luxury. As a member of "The Set" his life was a never-ending round of planetary party-hopping. The only restriction imposed on him-- that he never put down on any world marked with a red or black symbol--was something that he had always accepted without question. That is, until his brother Alec was murdered in cold blood! Alec had been an undercover agent to those forbidden planets, and in orde... more info>>
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The Corpse That Walked
He wore another man's face. He lived with another man's woman. And he was to die another man's death. Alan Douglas found himself in a macabre masquerade that could only have one ending--murder. Beyond the door was a man who didn't exist, but who was intent on killing him. Lew Hartley's in a lot of trouble. Alan Douglas's future father-in-law is in trouble, too. He needs cash--lots of it. When Hartley's lawyer makes Alan an unusual offer, it's too good to pass up. He agrees to sell his identity ... more info>>
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The Greatest Adventure
Dr. Lane likes old fossils. He even buys them. Saliors who have sailed to far off places bring him odd "finds" because they know the doc is likely to buy them. One day the Captain shows up with a find that truly intrigues Lane. Dr. Lane has money so he makes a deal with the Captain: show me where you found this specimen and he'll finance the search for oil in the region of the find. Edith, the doc's daughter, tags along. It turns out she learns to fly the only airplane that they will have on th... more info>>
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The invisible Man Murders
Hollywood always does things on a big scale, so when a murder was committed in the studios of Magna Pictures, it was nothing short of sensational. They were shooting the story of an invisible man. The Man From Nowhere, when the invisible man came to life, murdered Carlton Hughes. Hollywood's newest swoon man, and departed. There were a hundred witnesses yet not one of them saw the phantom make the bloody footprints across the floor of the studio. It was super-colossal and it took that colossal ... more info>>
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The Man in the Tricorn Hat
Set against the background of Madrigal, Spain The Man in the Tricorn Hat is intriguing as a mystery. You won't figure it out until the end of the book--if even then! A story with a colorful lead character, Juan Llorca, who is a romantic at heart, who falls for the prime suspect in a murder mystery is a delight to read. The well-written story carries you along and keeps you guessing as to who dunit! Salted with Spanish dialogue and names of famous works of art the book has many a twist and turn... more info>>
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Murder--Plotted right before your very eyes! My aunt and I live just outside a small (and entirely frightful) town in the Wales countryside. I hate living here. Why don't I leave this horribly dull and stagnant place at once? The answer is simple. I can't, because my aunt holds the purse-strings. If only, if only? if only I had some means of supporting myself, other than having to get a job, of course. If only my aunt would quit nagging and belittling me all the time? I would be much happier i... more info>>
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