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1. Long [57617 words]Unlike Others (Classic Lesbian Pulp) by Valerie Taylor [Mainstream/Gay Fiction]
2. Long [67599 words]Whisper Their Love (Lesbian Pulp Classic) by Valerie Taylor [Mainstream/Gay Fiction]
3. Long [68723 words]She Shall Have Murder by Delano Ames [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
4. Mid-Length [45806 words]Twilight Girl (Lesbian Pulp Classic) by Della Martin [Mainstream/Gay Fiction]
5. Long [51000 words]Chris (Lesbian Pulp Classic) by Randy Salem [Mainstream/Gay Fiction]
6. Long [50215 words]These Curious Pleasures (Lesbian Pulp Classic) by Sloane Britain [Mainstream/Gay Fiction]
7. Mid-Length [48099 words]The Jealous and the Free (Lesbian Pulp Classic) by March Hastings [Mainstream/Gay Fiction]
8. Long [51318 words]Three Women (Lesbian Pulp Classic) by March Hastings [Mainstream/Gay Fiction]
9. Long [55800 words]The Girls in 3-B by Valerie Taylor [Gay Fiction]
10. Long [90834 words]The Price of Salt by Claire Morgan [Gay Fiction/Romance]
  1. Long [78942 words]The Ladies Next Door by Jacqui Singleton [Mainstream/Mystery/Crime]
2. Long [63245 words]Never Letting Go by Suzanne Hollo [Humor/Romance]
3. Mid-Length [45003 words]Windrow Garden by Janet McClellan [Romance/Mystery/Crime]
4. Long [76036 words]Clicking Stones by Nancy Tyler Glenn [Science Fiction/Romance]
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A Private Party
When Timothy Dane is hired by a ruthless gang of hoodlums to find the killer of their chief, the tough private eye finds himself caught in a crossfire between vicious mobsters, gun-happy cops, and men living by the jungle law of the waterfront--plus a luscious show-girl whose specialty is a certain kind of "private party." Dane, as usual, does a swift, tidy job of unraveling the case with some boudoir assistance from Stanzyck's ex-moll, Roxy Garde. Roxy was down on the police blotter as "profe... more info>>
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All Passion Spent
Paul Hackett's life had been bounded by conventional morality until he came to New York and met lovely but corrupt Erika Rains. Paul soon left his wife for Erika, and plunged with her into a weird, surrealistic world of violent pleasures and uninhibited lovers, until Erika's neurotic mother came to town. Then Paul found out what kind of girl Erika really was, and where their desperate affair was taking them. Here is the intimate, revealing story of life and love in New York's Bohemian Underworl... more info>>
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Chris (Lesbian Pulp Classic)
A young and ardent girl, Chris Hamilton was also an incredibly handsome one. You would hardly have suspected her of harboring powerful hungers and unconventional desires--unless you knew of her love affair with another woman, a lovely blonde appropriately named Dizz. Dizz accepted the advances of Chris, yet withheld her love. Deliberately, perhaps to torment Chris, she allowed herself an affair with a man. She behaved so coldly, so harshly, Chris could not keep herself from spending her weekend... more info>>
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Clicking Stones
Seven-year-old Erica stumbles into a mystical place where a mysterious old woman gives her a stone. A very special stone. A Clicking Stone. Striking it against any other stone causes both to flare into incredible brilliance. Except, not everyone can see the brilliance. And Erica does not yet know the power of her Stone. Morgan moves in next door. The girls grow up together and one day, the two click stones. Knowledge of Erica's gift spreads, creating a worldwide movement of adherents to the illu... more info>>
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Faith In Love
Faith In Love is a lesbian novel for readers of every sexual identity. Written from the point of view of Faith, a wife, mother and football widow who works in a baker's shop in north London and shops in Tesco's in her lunch hour, it is lively, humorous, candid and challenging. A passionate glance she wasn't meant to see, between two seemingly ordinary women, shows Faith a different view of the world, and sets her on the trail of a new way of life. On route she gets a fresh and surprising view of... more info>>
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Girls' Dormitory
They came to college sweet, pretty and unsuspecting. But the house mother was strangely corrupt, and so was the caretaker. Sure, Peggy was a sweet kid, and pretty, too--which was why she would have made out just fine at a co-ed college. But Peggy had strange fears, disturbing inclinations; she preferred to go to an all-girls' school, where she could live in an all-girls' dormitory. It was a forgone conclusion that Helen Lee, an older dorm mate, would be able to seduce Peggy into behavior unbe... more info>>
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High Red For Dead
Railroad detective, Mohawk Daniels, knows his way around railroad yards. Fast with the dames and quick to figure out a scam, Daniels is the perfect foil for the corrupt and greedy operators looking to make a quick buck any way they can. The railroads are on the decline; stations are closing and workers are being fired. Crooked railroad operators are out of control, using the system's communication lines for no-good. It's up to Daniels to stop the violence, solve the murders and protect himself ... more info>>
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Lady In Dread
Her name was Tessie Cullen and she was beautiful, and she shook the dice in a joint in Coalfield--the most sinful city south of Chicago. The hoods owned Coalfield, owned its corrupt, neon body and soul and they had a lease on Tessie, too. A short-term lease, maybe, but it kept her in line. But they never figured on Tessie's falling in love. They never figured on Hally Harper, the crusading young lawyer who came to Coalfield to blow the lid off it and its jungle of rackets. The odds were all on m... more info>>
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Lost Lady
A new revolution was underway at the start of the 1940s in America--a paperback revolution that would change the way publishers would produce and distribute books and the reading public would consume them. In 1939 a new publishing company--Pocket Books--stormed onto the scene with the publication of its first paperbound book. Unlike hardback books, these pulp paperbacks were available in drugstores, newsstands, bus and train stations, and cigar shops. The American public could not get enough of ... more info>>
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Luna Ascending: Stories of Love and Magic
A "ghost" who's much more than a "free spirit;" a young knight who is pledged to slay the perpetrators of hideous crimes; a lighthouse keeper's wife who must light the lamps that will guide her lover home; a woman who falls in love with the fiery, untouchable goddess of the volcano; and a sorceress who, after falling on hard times, is quested by the queen with finding the sister who stole the queen's husband--these are the women of love and magic whose stories are told in Luna Ascending: Stories... more info>>
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Minding Therapy
Daryl Stone, a therapist at a mental health center, is feeling burned out at her job. And that's just one of her issues. Among other things, there's also the sudden death of the father she never got to know, the strain which ensues in her relationship with her mom, and meeting a woman who just might be the perfect match for her--if only she wasn't also a therapist! You'd think, as her friends do, that Daryl would readily seek a shrink to call her own. But, wisecracking her way through life, Dary... more info>>
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Monte Carlo Mission
Vivian Connell, master of the sophisticated suspense novel, brings you his finest in Monte Carlo Mission. Meet Corinna Lang, a goddess of the movies, who was bored with mammoth swimming pools, small MGs, fat directors, and slim leading men. Bored with the whole great golden illusion of Hollywood, this smart cookie decides a mere vacation in Monte Carlo would be just too tame. She's looking for adventure, and has the right amount of moxie and courage to take advantage of it when she finds it! T... more info>>
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Moon Madness
Overall, a comedy of errors, the prevailing themes of this collection are misunderstanding and ambivalence in intimacy between women. In the title story, our middle-aged heroine pursues her adolescent desires and learns a lesson or two on route. In other tales, down-to-earth Bernie meets a spaced-out lady, and is touched by magic in the end; Fat Betty wants to make a meal of the willful Princess Evaleen, (as the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach). Elsewhere, Wild Horses couldn't keep... more info>>
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Never Letting Go
Follow the adventures of Shea, an average 33-year-old lesbian who handles the twists and turns of her life with a sense of humor and a determination to fulfill her dreams. An unusual meeting in an office supply closet sets events in motion, giving Shea an opportunity--with a little help from a special gift from the past--to fulfill her destiny. Along the way, she meets many women--some famous, some not, some she can trust, some she shouldn't--and one who may be the woman of her dreams.
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Observers and Other Stories
Can you recognize the turning points in your life when they overtake you? The women and men who populate the short stories in ?Observers? find themselves in situations--some mundane, some extraordinary--that will probably change them forever, though they don't always realize that's what's happening. One character acquires a lonely dog, one begins to recognize the harbingers of an alien encounter, another watches an eclipse on a wild night in New Orleans, and still another unexpectedly finds that... more info>>
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Queer Patterns
She folded Sheila into her arms and kissed her eyes, her soft fair hair, finally her lips. Nicoli's short dark hair, gray eyes, and cameo cut features were somehow fascinating to Shelia. And Nicoli gave of them freely. Honey-haired, statuesque Sheila Case is the central character in a fascinating story about a young actress who is drawn to women and finds many women attracted to her. These attractions can be intriguing, even useful, as Sheila works to further her acting career in the harsh and c... more info>>
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Selects Her Own
Fed up with her mother's homophobic religion, 16-year-old Barbara hitchhikes to the nearest city, seeking a safe haven. Instead, she encounters the "God hates fags" message of a street preacher. Feeling like an abandoned soul on the wrong planet, Barbara is delighted to find a "queer-friendly" rural commune where she will not have to deal with the public. However, she has fallen in love with a woman who is as much a misfit on the commune as Barbara is in mainstream society. Their struggle to mes... more info>>
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She Shall Have Murder
A murder mystery story, plotted around the characters and situations found in a lawyer's office, is being planned by a lively young couple. Then a murder is committed and fiction becomes grim fact. Jane and Dagobert, who proves to be engagingly uninhibited in his methods of detection, soon find a real baffler on their hands. And the deeper they probe into the affairs of the office staff, the more complex, sordid, and exciting the case becomes. About Vintage Paperback Pulp Fiction: A new revolu... more info>>
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Spring Fire
There was a girl named Leda who was Queen of the campus. There was a girl called Mitch who desperately wanted to be loved. Suddenly, they belonged to each other. Not since The Well of Loneliness has there been such an honest, provocative novel on a theme too important to keep from the light. This classic lesbian Pulp novel about the forbidden love between two college girls is often considered by many to have launched the lesbian pulp genre. Although Tereska Torres's Women's Barracks was the f... more info>>
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Strange Sisters
She knew it was dangerous, but she knew it had to be this way. No other way was normal--to her. From the moment she fell in love as a teenager with Stella, Kathy knew her life would take a difficult path. She tried to resist her feelings--tried to be the person her family wanted her to be--but the lure of another woman's love was too powerful. And so Kathy strayed the dark and hidden path among the twilight women, doing things her body urged her to do, until one night she made a choice that w... more info>>
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The Avenger
Morgan Wayne knew that the peddlers of vice and dope were untouchable. He knew that the Mafia's arm was long and its hand held a killer's knife. He knew the willing women they would send to tempt and betray him. He knew his own nerve and strength and skill. He knew the white hate within him for the crime lords and their gunmen. So he walked alone into the very heart of gangland to deal justice where the law had failed. About Vintage Paperback Pulp Fiction A new revolution was underway... more info>>
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The Deadly Game
"Gems fascinate me--the way women do. Like women, each gem is different. Each has its own individual coloring and shape. It can be a glittering thing, full of fire--or it can be cold and forbidding." Mike Sloan, most-wanted jewel thief and respectable jeweler on the side, was an expert with both gems and women. He could always get a beautiful woman to front for him. But tonight was his biggest and most dangerous job--and it would take more than a beautiful woman to keep Mike Sloan warm--and ali... more info>>
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The Girls in 3-B
Three young women--best friends since childhood--left their small Midwestern home town and moved to Chicago. They came to the city fascinated, frightened--hungering after life with that desperate, headlong impatience of the very young. There was Annice? bright, curious, full of untried passion. She let Alan drag her into his beat-generation world of parties, jazz, booze, marijuana and sex. Pat was big and blonde and built for love, but she was saving herself for marriage... until she met her bos... more info>>
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The Heel
Up from the Chicago slums, schooled in sin and violence, Ray Hitchcock understood only three words--self-preservation, avarice and lust. He had a mind like a steel trap; ice-water in his veins; dynamite in his fists; cold stone where his heart should have been. To him, every woman was simply a female who had her price. Ray also had a scheme to swindle a million dollars, and he vowed that neither the cops nor the crime syndicate were going to push him against the rail! Then he began to get the di... more info>>
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The Jealous and the Free (Lesbian Pulp Classic)
Compelling desires? Forbidden Desires? Undeniable desires! The Jealous and the Free, a classic lesbian pulp novel from March Hastings, follows the relationship between Michele and Leda. As our story begins, Leda and Michele have been roommates for quite some time. Michele comes to realize that she is attracted to Leda, but her inexperience makes her shy and hesitant at first. Leda, who has had experience with women in the past, takes her by the hand and shows her the way. Michele decides ... more info>>
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