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1. Mid-Length [45897 words]Blood Rich [Blue Bloods of Archalon Book 1] by Angela Castle [Erotica]
2. Short [24329 words]The Werewolf's Mate [Other Kin Book 1] by C.A. Salo [Erotica/Romance]
3. Long [80037 words]Beyond Gavia by Crystal Parney [Science Fiction/Romance]
4. Mid-Length [46256 words]Amber Pacific by Christy Poff [Erotica]
5. Mid-Length [31292 words]Impenetrable [New World Book 3] by C. L. Scholey [Erotica]
6. Mid-Length [33155 words]Armor [New World Book 2] by C. L. Scholey [Erotica/Science Fiction]
7. Short [18169 words]Bringing Out The Beast by Marie Medina [Erotica]
8. Long [87968 words]Crossed Trails by Eunice Boeve [Historical Fiction/Romance]
9. Long [87590 words]The Long Road Home [The McCassey Brothers Series Book 4] by Lauren N. Sharman [Romance]
10. Very Long [201604 words]Linda Mooney 2 In 1 by Linda Mooney [Erotica]
  1. Long [62341 words]Wind of the Mountain by Brian D. Kelling [Historical Fiction/Suspense/Thriller]
2. Long [88243 words]Tales From The Treasure Trove Volume V by Jewels Of The Quill [Romance]
3. Very Long [201604 words]Linda Mooney 2 In 1 by Linda Mooney [Erotica]
4. Long [98828 words]HeartCrystal by Linda Mooney [Erotica/Science Fiction]
5. Long [69477 words]Blood Feud [Siren Warrior Series Book 9] by Michelle Marquis & Lindsey Bayer [Erotica]
6. Long [94574 words]Meadowlark [Meadowlark Trilogy Book 1] by Carolyn Lampman [Romance/Historical Fiction]
7. Long [53947 words]Volatile Chemistry [Siren Warriors Series Book 7] by Michelle Marquis & Lindsey Bayer [Erotica/Science Fiction]
8. Long [100519 words]Silver Springs [Meadowlark Trilogy Book 2] by Carolyn Lampman [Romance/Historical Fiction]
9. Long [65576 words]Heart Of Glass [Right Man ... Right Now Book 2] by Kayla Janz [Erotica/Romance]
10. Long [53423 words]Calthraca: The Fox [Calthraca Series Book 4] by Camryn Cutler [Erotica/Fantasy]
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Blood Rich [Blue Bloods of Archalon Book 1]
The biggest mistake of Aria's life is trying to be someone she's not. Scared out of her mind, she finds herself in a situation beyond her control, only to awaken the dark passion of an ancient vampire. Kept as a mindless monster for over two hundred years, Ethan knows Aria's is a blue blood, the only blood that can sustain him, mentally. He moves quickly to escape his prison and claim Aria as his own, craving not just her blood, but her body, heart and soul. Independent and stubborn, Aria figh... more info>>
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The Werewolf's Mate [Other Kin Book 1]
Betrayal and fright caused her to run. A threat to her home town lures her back. Welcome to Alston, Maine. A place where different Other Kin species have lived in peace and thrived for centuries. However, there's one major rule: if you leave and know of a threat to the town, you must come back in person to report all details. Woodland Fairy Kalana Fairlawn ran when she thought her soul mate, and Lyken warrior, Drake Roven, had betrayed her on the night of their first mating, leaving her pregna... more info>>
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Amber Pacific
Mitchell Hawkins enjoys his life as a lightkeeper in a small Alaskan town on the coast--even when a huge storm threatens them. Jacqueline Beckett lives and works in Washington, literally on the other side of the world. When she is sent to Alaska on official business, she meets the lightkeeper she has been having an online affair with for months. Sparks fly even hotter in person between them but before they explore this, she has to investigate a development project that threatens his world. Wi... more info>>
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Beyond Gavia
Cancer is killing Courtney Shepard; she's given up, but when she is abducted in the night by a tall dark stranger her life is given an unfamiliar second chance. Courtney wakes to find her health restored yet her delight is squashed when she learns she's aboard an alien aircraft headed for the planet Gavia; another Earth like world. Courtney's abduction isn't the only astonishing news she must absorb; Courtney must marry Antioch, not only the stranger who stole her from her bed but the successor ... more info>>
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Impenetrable [New World Book 3]
Kidnapped from dying Earth by the heinous Tonan race, Piper is locked in a small cell, deprived of light and human companionship and tormented on a daily basis. When the door to her hell opens unexpectedly Piper is blinded by the light and walks headlong into a massively built creature. She is tossed over a shoulder, taken on the wildest ride of her life then placed into a healing pool. Jago is a four-hundred-year-old immortal who has never seen a living breathing female before, but he knows of ... more info>>
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Armor [New World Book 2]
Earth is a fiery pile of rubble. Amy, a woman left to fend for herself on the volatile planet, seeks to feed a pitiful group of women and children, misfits left to perish because of various and devious reasons. Amy was diagnosed with cancer the year her world fell apart and not given a shuttle pass to the new planet, Ulsy. That she is still alive is all but a mystery to her. When strange beings land on Earth's surface, Amy presumes the armored, hideous creatures are looming death. Dasks is a ful... more info>>
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Bringing Out The Beast
Sophia believes her godfather Dominic wants her as much as she wants him but is afraid to express his feelings. Scarred and burned in a car accident, Dominic remains private and reclusive and only lets his guard down with Sophia. She wants him to let it down completely and act on the desire she knows he feels. Sophia plans to tell him exactly how she feels and what she wants, when his twin brother shows up. She didn't even know he had a twin, and the arrival of the handsome and unscarred man cau... more info>>
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Crossed Trails
Joshua Ryder ashamed of being an outlaw's son and convinced he carries bad blood, leaves Texas in the spring of 1876 with a trail herd of longhorns bound for Montana. The following spring he heads west with plans to settle near the Pacific Ocean and live in solitude with just his books and his horses for company. But a Nez Perce woman and her baby change his plans and he ends up in Virginia City, Montana. There an old washerwoman, a small half Chinese girl, and a young woman with red curls furth... more info>>
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As one of Earth's Galactic Enforcers, Lawn Bascomb is assigned to Area 6Y for the duration of one year. Her only companion in this desolate section of space is Deep, her sentient Vogt ship. The Vogt line is an experimental breed of unique vessels, each with its own artificially enhanced intelligence, created specifically for use at the deep space guard posts. Able to project a synthetic holographic form, Deep is not only Lawn's sole fellow crew member, but he is also her confidant, and eventual... more info>>
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Dragon Down Under
Accused of a crime he did not commit, dragon shifter Kaden, has been exiled to the human realm. His only chance for survival is to find a remote, warm dry place to live, as both man and dragon. Deeply in debt, Terrie Holbrook has no choice but to sell her family's remote cattle station in the far North of Australia, and a mysterious buyer saves the property from falling into the hands of a mining company. The overwhelming attraction between them has Terrie on the run and one large blue dragon on... more info>>
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Linda Mooney 2 In 1
Two complete bestselling erotic science fiction novels in one low-priced volume, from author Linda Mooney! HEARTFAST: They were the Guardians, sixteen special men and women with incredible powers. They lived on a world that, eons ago, had suffered a devastating plague that had rendered more than half its population unable to reproduce. In order to assure the survival of their species, the HandFast law was enacted. Every month, twenty couples, complete strangers, were drawn by lottery--couples w... more info>>
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Moonlight Captivation [Moon Shadows Book 1]
Uncontrolled passion ignites when Neman, an ex-Sumerian Moon god turned hunter, rescues a drunken woman from being killed by a demon. Not long afterward Vanessa finds herself pregnant, with little clue as to who the father is. Then a drop-dead-sexy man turns up on her doorstep claiming to be her baby's father--and a god. Neman realizes the woman he couldn't resist, and impregnated, is part of a six thousand year old prophecy. But now, every demon ruler from hell wants Vanessa and the baby dead.... more info>>
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Right of Passage [The McCassey Cousins Book 4]
The women in Jay McCassey's life joke that he was born with an 'S' on his chest. Strong and always in control, he guards those he loves with unshakable strength. A shy, quiet farm girl, Sadie lost her heart to Jay when she was ten years old. Without the confidence to express her feelings, she resigns herself to loving the wildly popular member of the notorious McCassey family from afar. Although one night's events link them together forever, it isn't until Sadie's desperate and alone--and in tro... more info>>
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The Amulet and The Staff
Everybody seems to want something from Alec Gavins! A beautiful and ruthless CEO wants his amulet; a well-known TV evangelist wants a mystical staff; and a German industrialist wants to gain the secret to a new antigravity technology. In the midst of all of this, Alec is afraid he's losing his girlfriend, Marina Torres, to a rock and roll star. He's going to have to foil the bad guys and win her back, while not getting killed in the process.
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The Long Road Home [The McCassey Brothers Series Book 4]
Nineteen-year-old Georgia survived four years of forced prostitution and drug addiction by clinging to the false hope that her brothers--unaware of her existence--would one day rescue her. The last thing Blackie, Judd, and Rebel McCassey expect to discover when they catch a young girl loitering in front of their garage, is that she's their younger, half-sister. Immediately, they want to help Georgia overcome her addiction and bring her into the family fold, despite her adamancy that she isn't go... more info>>
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Whispers...Poetry That Breaks the Silence
Whispers are all around us, found in: nature, other people, love and heartache, our own thoughts, and in the Word. Whispers can change or destroy our lives forever--if we let them.
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2 in 1 Heart Beat Collection
The rhythm of the heart is central in the 2 In 1 Heartbeat Collection, two complete sensual/erotic contemporary romance novels from author Gemini Judson. Where will the beat of the heart lead and what sexy surprises will the rhythm reveal? Dragonfly Dance Her fingers play the fiddle like nobody's business. Her band is Littlehawk Lightning. Her future is Tucker Jennings. They'll share their dreams, somewhere on the open plains of South Dakota. Just like they'd always planned. When Lori Littlehaw... more info>>
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2 In 1 Linda Mooney: My Strength, My Power, My Love and Rhea 4107
MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE: Once in every one million births, a child is born on Bellac with the Synergistic gene. These children are taken from their parents and prepared for the day when they will find their Synergistic other half. For when that happens, an entirely new power is created--a power ready to protect and defend their home world. Grey Dansis is a Synergian ready to find the male who will become her life-long partner. Unfortunately Grey has secretly harbored a longing for Rowe Ma... more info>>
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A Calculated Seduction
Dulcy Menendez has enough problems dealing with her stepmother and two stepsisters. She doesn't need her sexy new boss, Ethan MacMillan, watching her every move. Especially since every time she catches his gray eyes studying her, her pulse races and her mind conjures up images of the two of them naked. Security expert Ethan has taken over his uncle's company to ferret out an embezzler, and he's sure Dulcy has something to do with it. He decides, against his better judgment, to seduce the secrets... more info>>
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A Countess of Convenience
In Victorian England, Anthony Fairchilde, the earl of Malvern, is tricked into a compromising position with a tradesman's daughter and must marry her to prevent a scandal. He's determined it will be a true marriage of convenience, but she's so unimpressed by his rank and yet so responsive in his bed, that she's soon the only woman he desires. Prudence Crump has dreamed of finding love, but faced with the threat of a scandal that will make her unfit for respectable employment, she's forced to agr... more info>>
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Abducting Alice [Warriors Of Kelon Book 1]
For someone who thinks rocks are more interesting than men, geologist Alice is proven how very wrong she is. When a probe crashes to Earth near a dig site, Alice Clarkson thinks she has hit the jackpot of her gem collecting career finding a real life meteor to add to her collection. But this is no mere meteor. It's an alien probe designed to capture life; specifically female life. Abducted and placed on sale in an alien slave market. Alice soon discovers the pleasures of being a captive in the a... more info>>
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After Glow [Internet Bonds Series Book 8]
Brock Sanders had a definite goal in life--the Federal Bench sitting in San Diego--though his life suffered in other aspects until he saw a gorgeous blonde. Dominique Ashcroft had always been dominant in everything she did until she met an up and coming judge--one headed to the top. A chance meeting brings them together, both finding the missing link from their lives. Will a pair of evil twins destroy their after glow or bring them closer to what they really want?
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Allison [Witchy Woes Book 3]
When a spell to undo harm goes awry, six witches find themselves knocked out by a powerful spell cast by the newest member of their coven. At first, everything falls apart, but then Allison watches as first Tamara and then Candace fall in love. While she wants that same thing for herself, the guy she's in love with doesn't even realize she's a woman. The solution to her dilemma? A makeover. Don't miss the first two books in the erotic fantasy paranormal series from Michelle Hasker, WITCHY WOES B... more info>>
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Andrea's Overlord
Life has not been kind to Andrea Quill. Born in a world where vampires breed humans for pleasure, she has the bad luck to be smart and independent. Unfortunately, those are qualities that get humans killed. When Andrea is pledged to her first master things look even grimmer for her. That is until she is forced to spend her first night with vampire assassin Mikel Hellborne. Mikel Hellborne has the best of both worlds. He is both a vampire overlord and an assassin. But when he meets the strong-wi... more info>>
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Another Night Falls [Tides of Charleston Part III]
Sumner Meador walked in a world of wealth and privilege as part of Charles Town's elite, but that was years ago. Now he fights in the Southern backwoods driven by the passion he holds for the Patriot cause, shadowed by his past. Reeling from a devastating defeat at the hands of the British, Sumner seeks haven at his farm, only to find an interloper--an unwelcome and unwanted distraction. He has no time for the young woman or the complications she brings with her, but soon discovers he has no opt... more info>>
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