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1. How Very Interesting! Peter Cook's Universe And All That Surrounds It by Peter Gordon & Paul Hamilton & Dan Kieran [Humor/People]
2. The Edgier Waters--5 Years of 3:AM Magazine by A Stevens [Mainstream]
3. Drugs Are Nice by Lisa Crystal Carver [People/Sports/Entertainment]
4. Ex Machina by Robert Finn [Mystery/Crime/Mystery/Crime]
5. City of the Sun by Sarah Bryant [Suspense/Thriller/Mainstream]
  1. Long [127395 words]Adept by Robert Finn [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
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An intense engaging thriller set in London. Nominated in two categories in the British Book Awards 2005
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It's a strange kind of robbery: nothing is missing and the only damage done is to the criminals. David Braun, star investigator for an exclusive insurance firm, discovers the truth that the crime was intended to conceal. Behind it all, a ruthless thief, who is intent on acquiring a priceless antique--an antique with a bloody history its owners would prefer to keep hidden. Susan Milton, an expert in exotic antiques, must unearth the object's past to make sense of the present. When she takes on th... more info>>
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City of the Sun
Ravaged by nuclear war and the most terrifying dictator since Stalin, Russia's future lies in the hands of one gifted child. In the aftermath of nuclear war, Russia cowers in the shadow of Solntse, a dictator with a chilling idea of utopia and a plan to bring it to life. The lynchpin of his plan is Sifte Pierson, a child so gifted that he has gambled his entire future on her obedience. Confined at Institute 1, an isolated school which produces the most powerful minds and bodies to serve Solntse,... more info>>
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Drugs Are Nice
In 1987 in the small town of Dover, New Hampshire, Lisa and her best friend Rachel--both seventeen--set up a punk show at the Veteran's Hall. When the headlining act got lost and drunk and never showed up, the audience was angry and the promoters hid in the bathroom. Then Lisa got an idea. The girls put on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, mounted the stage, smoked cigars, caterwauled, took off their clothes and hit things and people. Suckdog--called 'the most interesting band in the world' b... more info>>
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Ex Machina
If you've read Adept, then you know just how strange the world really is and what happened when Susan Milton and David Braun got mixed up in the theft of the Marker. Well, one year on and the Marker is still missing. Susan, David and the Professor have a plan to get it back, but before they can put it into effect, they make the mistake of recruiting Jo Hallett to help them. As well as a ferocious intellect, she's self-absorbed, unreliable and a disruption to any team she joins--not to mention a ... more info>>
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How Very Interesting! Peter Cook's Universe And All That Surrounds It
Who is The Zsa Zsa Man? What are the demands of The Sydney Darlow Dancing Troupe? What lurks Behind The Fridge? What was The Glidd Of Glood's true nature? Why can't we go to Heaven when we die? What was the true genesis of Monty Python's Parrot Sketch? Why is Morton P. Fergleberger terrified of titanium rods? Who is Morton P. Fergleberger anyway? The Peter Cook Appreciation Society has the answers. How Very Interesting contains interviews with those who worked with Cook during his long and varie... more info>>
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Mamalama Dingdong: A Mother's Tale from the Trenches
Twenty years ago, a mother named Erma Bombeck brought the suburban family out of the closet--dirty laundry and all. Her candid, hilarious accounts of family life became more than mere books; they became a philosophy. Meet Ayun Halliday, a new generation's urban Bombeck. Creator of the underground parenting magazine The East Village Inky, Halliday's words and drawings detail the quirks and everyday travails of a young Brooklyn family, warts and all. Honest in her parenting foibles and fixed in he... more info>>
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Paradise Jazz
'At Paradise Jazz, myths became legends and legends took off their coats and played the kind of blues to leave blisters on your soul.' Kat Pomfret's colourful debut novel explores what happens in a small town when big secrets collide. A novel about family, history and identity, Paradise Jazz tells the story of two women who have to confront a violent and secret past. The stories of Georgetown Easy, looking for a father last seen in Texas 1978, and Helena Jones, who wants to forget the past as mu... more info>>
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Plotting For Beginners
'Women reach fifty and think they're on the verge of liberation and excitement, and their broken-down men just want to stay home and fart. Or in my case, go and live in a cabin in the Rockies and fart.' Sally Howe plans to spend her husband-free year trying her hand at becoming a wildly successful author. But she's beset by distractions - the first being a queue of local lotharios, led by young Billy Bathgate, village postmaster with a tartan trouser habit and an obsession with drain rods. Warm,... more info>>
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Douglas likes women--quiet women; the kind he deals with at the mortuary where he works. Douglas meets Marjorie, unemployed, gaining weight and losing confidence. She talks and laughs a lot to cover up her shyness, but what Douglas really needs is a lover who'll stay still--perfectly still. Perhaps he can put Marjorie into a state of limbo and use her to feed his growing sexual hunger. Douglas studies his textbooks to find a way ...
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Sob Story
Amy thinks that Jeff, her prison penpal, will be inside for several years. He lied--his release date is imminent. She believes that he's a gentle, misunderstood young man. She's wrong--he's a killer who plans to kill again. As the body count mounts, will she realise that she's being stalked by a sadistic psychopath? Or will she, too, endure a slow, painful death?
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The Edgier Waters--5 Years of 3:AM Magazine
3:AM Magazine is only five years old but it has already garnered much praise and become the natural home for writers whose work breaks boundaries and taboos. Assembled to celebrate this are a diverse collection of stories, poems and essays which have appeared in the magazine, from award-winning authors to lesser-known voices.
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The Human War
Heralding the arrival of a major new talent, Noah Cicero's first European publication includes two short stories and a novella, The Human War, about the first hours of the 2003 war in Iraq as experienced by a screwed-up kid in Ohio who feels the world is spinning out of his control. His reaction to the coming war? He drinks, has sex, goes to a strip club, he does anything that Youngstown, Ohio offers as human distraction--but this only makes the horror deepen. Noah Cicero's deadpan humour is rem... more info>>
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The Romanian
History follows a trail of sputtering desire, often calling upon the delusions of lovers to generate the sparks. If it weren't for us, the world would suffer from a dismal lack of stories. In this brutally candid memoir, writer, translator and journalist Bruce Benderson recounts his unrequited love for an impoverished Romanian whom he meets while on a journalism assignment in Eastern Europe. Rather than retreat, Benderson absorbs everything he can about Romania, its culture and its history and d... more info>>
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The Sand Daughter
It is the time of the Crusades. The Islamic world is divided and the Franks have captured the Holy Land. As the mighty Saladin struggles to unite the warring clans of Arabia against the invaders, Khalidah, a young Bedouin woman of no obvious importance finds herself a pawn in a deadly plot involving her own feuding tribe and the powerful Templar Knights. Faced with certain death, she runs away with a man she barely knows, towards adventure and the echoes of a past that somehow connect her to the... more info>>
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The Sunny Side
The Sunny Side is a long-forgotten collection of short stories by A.A. Milne. Though Milne is best known for his classic children's books, these tales for adults shine just as brightly, full of wit and wisdom. From summer days to war time, from dogs to gardens and card games, these stories are perfect reading in the hammock or by the fire.
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