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Amourotic reading to tease the mind and body ... eXtasy BOOKS presents its amourotica line of eBooks, a potpourri of erotic novels that span past, present and future. Venture to the edge of the galaxy and beyond ...

1. Mid-Length [32008 words]A Cajun in Colorado by Charlie Richards [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
2. Short [17711 words]Baffle by Viola Grace [Erotica/Science Fiction]
3. Mid-Length [37283 words]Fireman's Carry by Charlie Richards [Erotica/Romance]
4. Short [17003 words]Badge by Viola Grace [Erotica/Science Fiction]
5. Short [13703 words]Knowing by Viola Grace [Romance/Fantasy]
6. Short [22246 words]Blamestorming by Stephani Hecht [Erotica/Romance]
7. Mid-Length [29767 words]The Wolf Biker's Mate by Charlie Richards [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
8. Mid-Length [30811 words]A Summer in Paradise by Tianna Xander [Erotica/Romance]
9. Mid-Length [30509 words]Kyle's Valiant Hunt by Charlie Richards [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
10. Short [21336 words]Kale's Spirit by Jackie Nacht [Young Adult/Gay Fiction]
  1. Mid-Length [48768 words]Have a Harpy Holiday by Stephani Hecht [Erotica]
2. Long [62907 words]Hell's Angel [Archangel Series book 4] by Stephani Hecht [Erotica/Fantasy]
3. Long [57716 words]Rogue Angel [Archangel series Book 3] by Stephani Hecht [Erotica]
4. Long [57341 words]Captive Angels [Archangel Series Book 2] by Stephani Hecht [Erotica]
5. Mid-Length [49325 words]Heart of an Angel by Stephani Hecht [Erotica]
6. Short [19907 words]The Fire Dragon by Tianna Xander [Romance/Fantasy]
7. Long [66261 words]Pixies in the Park by Viola Grace [Romance/Fantasy]
8. Long [65851 words]Gargoyles in the Round by Viola Grace [Romance/Fantasy]
9. Mid-Length [49406 words]Light of the Body by Mark Alders [Erotica/Romance]
10. Long [66717 words]Gnomes of Suburbia by Viola Grace [Romance/Fantasy]
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A Cajun in Colorado
Christopher Chris Peterson loses the bet. Now, he has to spend an evening at a straight bar dressed in drag. But don't worry, his friends will be there to protect him. Too bad they do a lousy job of it. His knight in shining armor takes the form of a sexy Cajun, Manon Lemelle. Chris immediately finds himself drawn to the handsome man. Too bad Manon thinks Chris is a woman. Still, Chris can't resist accepting a date with him. His friends are right, and it ends in disaster, because Chris finds him... more info>>
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Sinderella Baroque is a Retrieval Specialist for the Alliance. She is on a mission to save a seduced woman from an unsuitable marriage when she runs afoul of a race she was completely unaware of. They have an agenda and are taking a woman who meets their laundry list of requirements to their Avatar so that he can introduce her to the last remnant of a world long dead. When she meets the mind in the stone, it saves her from certain death as it seals her fate. With a living mind inside her own, S... more info>>
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Fireman's Carry
Carl Lewis has little joy in his life. He's recently struggled through a painful divorce, has partial custody of his two kids, and is learning to rearrange his schedule so work as a detective is no longer first. It's not easy. Then he meets his new neighbor, Vincent Androse, an openly gay firefighter who just went through a bad break-up of his own. He gives the man a hand moving furniture, and they strike up a friendship that starts to fill holes in Carl's life he didn't even know were there. V... more info>>
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Leeahan has spent her time as a badge, acting as peacekeeper, police, counsellor and confidant. Being alone on a shift is nothing new, but having twenty-six werewolves charging toward her town is something she wasn't planning on. Facing the werewolves is one thing, her talent for ordering folks around sends more than half of them packing, but dealing with the others puts her life and her body in the hands of the Alpha. Ozwin was sure that his wolves would tear the badge apart, but he found a w... more info>>
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Signy Alora, 'Ziggy', was shocked when she was abducted by the Tokkel from her home on the human colony world of Gaia. She was appalled when experimentation was scheduled for her day, and relieved when someone attacked the ship of the invaders. Ziggy used her talent to absorb the information she needed to escape and in the process she managed to help a batch of aliens who had also been slated for torture at the hands of the troll-like Tokkel. She takes knowledge of his language, his ability to f... more info>>
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As a foster kid, the only people Ryder could rely on were Jensen, his good friend and foster brother, and their foster mother, Mrs. Wilson. Now that they are grown up, Ryder has become a medic, while Jensen has become a fireman. When Jensen gets injured on the job and is taken to St. Michael's ER, the last thing Ryder expects to meet when he rushes to the hospital is the very sexy Doctor Nelson, who is not only all man, but gay. Just as Dr. Nelson and Ryder begin to know each other better,... more info>>
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The Wolf Biker's Mate
As a retired gay military man, a wolf shifter, and owner of a bike repair shop, Kade McGraw is comfortable with who and what he is. When Kade does a favor for his adopted sister, Theresa, he discovers his mate is joining them, as the date of Theresa's friend. The fact that Tom is human and knows nothing about the existence of shifters is only one of many hurdles. His mate doesn't want to admit he's gay, and Kade finds himself fighting for his future as Tom fights the mate-pull. A straight-laced... more info>>
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A Summer in Paradise
Pearl didn't expect to run into anyone on the mountain over Paradise when she went home for a visit. She planned to spend a few weeks in the wilds at a line cabin between Sabbats to try and recover from her last encounter with her ex-boyfriend. She didn't expect to find two males on the lake sunning themselves, naked, while the fish took off with their fishing poles. Duncan and Jarrod loved the mountains. It was why they decided to go to the lake. Between Sabbats there was nothing more to do th... more info>>
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Kale's Spirit
Kale has just a few more weeks of school and can't wait to graduate and get on with his life. At home, he has amazing supportive parents but at school, he has habitual run-ins with the popular kids, who want to make everyone's life miserable. After catching the group in the woods doing drugs, Kale has an encounter fighting for his life. The road to recovery is long and Kale has help from his rescuers, Hunt and Volk. Hunt is the strong, take everyone under his wing kind of guy, while Volk is th... more info>>
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Kyle's Valiant Hunt
Valiant Vee Cotter lives in the middle of Nowhere, Idaho. His life consists of three things, hanging with his best friend Brice, working at a truck stop at the edge of town, and getting persecuted by the local homophobes. All that changes when a sexy trucker, Kyle, takes an interest in him, convincing him to start a long distance relationship, and Vee finds himself falling hard and fast. Kyle Rainier's life is taking a detour, literally. When his standard run from Denver to Boise and back has h... more info>>
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A Drop of Blood
Pet has existed in a limbo of confinement and pampering as her owners use her for a symbol of their power. During an attack they eject her in a survival pod and she ends up on a habitable world, working to survive. When a group of men arrive and they seem to be looking for her, she fights the urge to run to them for safety, choosing to hide instead. They find her anyway and bring her to their ship, and that is when she finds out that her true identity is not Pet, but it will be found in a ... more info>>
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Billie first met the love of her life when she was working for the Alliance, but he transferred from her unit, and he was out of her life. Two years later, she is on an assignment to recruit more Enforcers of the Oefric species. Their instincts, shifting abilities and love of order make them ideal officers. Arcros knew that he could not remain in the same unit as his Terran. He wouldn't be able to control himself if she was near him and that was a dereliction of duty he was not going to court. ... more info>>
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Call the Moon
Naka was adrift with no means to focus, but accidentally starting a tremor in her hometown lets everyone know what she is and sentences her to confinement. The Citadel sends a representative to take her away, but the information that he is given will make sure that she finds no friends off Resicor. Her life is no longer her own, but her talent begs to be used, and on the planet of Piq, she finds something very wrong. The empty world should not be empty. Its mind has been stolen and lodged in th... more info>>
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Fire Dance
Hahvi has spent eight years in the dome with other physical talents. Her body is wrapped in a restrictor suit, but she keeps her mind free to dream of possibilities. She is given to the Citadel, and when she meets the dream master, her world and her options shift dramatically. Rackon dreamed of a woman wreathed in flame, dancing across lava. This was the woman his people needed to help them save their city and the last of their civilization. Research pointed to Resicor, and after severe negotia... more info>>
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Man on Fire
When Amanda's unit is assigned to a brand new base at the edge of company territory, she thinks she's ready for anything until she wakes from cryo-sleep and finds that their new leader is far more than she expected. Mercenaries don't have time for the feelings Commander Wells stirs in her and none of her training could prepare her for the instant heat between them. When the big brass orders her to spy on him, Amanda's sense of duty takes her personal desires to task. Wells is keeping secrets,... more info>>
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Spider Sense
Haben Bello heads for Kansas to help his old friend, Wes. The human attorney deals with child custody in shifter-human cases, protecting shifter secrets. Wes needs help uncovering the true motives behind a young boy's mother who suddenly wants custody after she'd given up all rights to him twelve years before. When Haben meets the boy's human foster father, Lou Reynolds, he realizes the man is his mate. Lou is still coming to grips with the fact that shifters exist. It's one thing for his son t... more info>>
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A Hunted Darkness
Ceezee has lived her life as a thief for her clan. Rented out to the Asku she is prepared to find an object that the warriors themselves cannot retrieve. She faces her commander with grace, style and a collection of weapons under her robes. Ceezee prides herself on being ready for anything but she underestimated her reaction to the War Leader General. Deven has been forced to find an outside source to do what his men cannot, retrieve a power source from one species to return light to another. T... more info>>
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Designed Seduction
Business is booming for architect and building contractor and vampire, Dane Anders, and his partner, black panther, Kyle Morgan. When they run into Alexsia Kolinkar at the local diner, little did they know the impact she'd have on their lives?or their hearts. When Alexsia Kolinkar, a Fae royal princess, sent in her application for sanctuary, she hoped only to secure a home in Mystic Ridge. A woman on the run, it was the perfect place to start a new life--away from an obsessive suitor and her di... more info>>
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Ripple in Time Eternal
Zane and Motac are in a desperate situation as the eternals take over Supernova on Twine and prepare to conquer humanity. Not only that, Tink and Zoltan and Mirko are missing in action. Are they all dead? Or worse, are they possessed by the enemy? Without his friends, Zane must find a solution to the eternal problem before it's too late. Will humanity fall under the influence of the eternals? Or will Zane and Motac prevail against almost impossible odds? The one advantage they have is their lov... more info>>
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Take Me Fast
Nisa has been working with the priests to host weddings at their abbey and bring joy to newly wedded couples. When a bride asks Nisa to formalize her vows instead of head of the order, the clone is honoured but a little confused. The confusion lasts until the moment that Nisa's set walk down the aisle as groomsmen and then her fixation with her mates kicks in. Prio, Raz, and Watt are just as shocked as she is when they see the official for the wedding and she looks them over with hungry avian e... more info>>
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A Limitless Sky
Ikari has enjoyed life on the family farm until a neighbour turns her in for being a talent, from that point on, things spiral rapidly beyond her control. She is put in a restrictor suit, shipped off world and sent to Teklan base to try to remove the suit without killing her. Ikari has an assignment as the courier on Dorali, and her new partner is waiting. Khivon has known his flier was coming to him for over a year, but when she shows up and her eyes spark memories of far-off nebulas, he f... more info>>
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Abandon [Half Blood Series Book 3]
Graylin Treel is on a deadline. With only a few hours to go, she needs to put herself in the path of the dragon that she has chosen as a mate. The problem is, he thinks she is a pathetic human. When the glamour drops and their senses are aroused, can any structure of man take the heat of two dragons in the throes of passion?
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Affinity [Half Blood Club Series Book 2]
When Esmerelda is exposed as a siren by the Elven council, her family moves to protect her. Her talent of Affinity turns her into the dream lover of any male she allows to approach, so they decide to make her choices for her. The first two lovers they select are duds, one elf has another woman in mind the whole time, and the other--shudder. The third lover is a bit of a surprise--two men. Boral and Orlyn have been friends for hundreds of years, all they are looking for is a woman to take them bo... more info>>
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Archive [Halfblood Series Book 4]
Melissande has run to a safe haven, but what she doesn't know is that every paranormal being is looking for her. With a new life and exposure ahead of her, it is time to stop being foolish and to strike out on her own. When the local were pack sets her up as a prize, she has to choose from a selection of the fittest bodies in the country. What is a girl to do?
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Recovering from damage done by a psycho, Silari, Agent of the Alliance, has been waiting for a new assignment. When that assignment turns out to be one of two dozen women in line for a shot at becoming the bride of an Avatar, she is slightly disappointed. What man would want a woman damaged in body and mind? Maksuan has shied away from women who used their wiles to get his attention, but the shy Terran shines in every room she enters. He tries to get closer to her and when he finds out why she ... more info>>
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