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1. Long [75744 words]Who Killed the Killer by Kenneth E. Ingle [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
2. Long [68910 words]To Kill a Thief by Kenneth E. Ingle [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
3. Long [96984 words]Second Contact: Chronicle on the Seeds of Orion by Kenneth E. Ingle [Science Fiction]
4. Long [84954 words]Crossfire Diamonds by George Snyder [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
5. Long [90579 words]Medium in the Middle by Rob Preece [Romance/Fantasy]
6. Long [75952 words]Deadline Zombies: The Adventures of Maxi and Moxie by Teel James Glenn [Fantasy/Mystery/Crime]
7. Long [52618 words]I Never Kissed Judy Garland: And Other Tales of Romance by Michael A. Kechula [Romance]
8. Long [94411 words]Cross the Styx (and Dance with the Devil) by Kenneth E. Ingle [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
9. Long [100550 words]Who Killed Michael Douglas? [A Chambers Elliot Mystery] by Michael Paulson [Mystery/Crime]
10. Long [58373 words]Hard Lessons: More Tales from the Theological College of St. Van Helsing by Vanessa Knipe [Fantasy/Horror]
  1. Long [83396 words]To Kill a Judge by Paul Nelson [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
2. Long [85593 words]The Frog Prince's Daughters by Wendy Palmer [Fantasy/Romance]
3. Long [94076 words]In the Flesh by Paul Nelson [Mystery/Crime]
4. Long [68910 words]To Kill a Thief by Kenneth E. Ingle [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
5. Long [96984 words]Second Contact: Chronicle on the Seeds of Orion by Kenneth E. Ingle [Science Fiction]
6. Long [101189 words]Third Contact by Kenneth E. Ingle [Science Fiction]
7. Long [58373 words]Hard Lessons: More Tales from the Theological College of St. Van Helsing by Vanessa Knipe [Fantasy/Horror]
8. Mid-Length [47065 words]Motor City Shambler: A Bob the Zombie Novel by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy [Horror/Dark Fantasy]
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Who Killed the Killer
Playing discreet chauffeur to the underworld seems like a good job--until one of his clients knocks R.P. Gavin unconscious and then somehow ends up murdered in the back of R.P.'s limo. R.P. decides it's time to take up fighting and shooting so he'll be able to protect himself while he looks into who might want him dead. But toughing up has unintended consequences and R.P. finds himself sought not just as a driver, but also as a private investigator and martial arts trainer. When his search for... more info>>
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Crossfire Diamonds
Millions of diamonds are enough to tempt even the virtuous into crime and Colt Fallon has never been especially virtuous. While cleaning up a botched kidnapping, Fallon learns of the diamonds and the bank where they're being held. He won't be able to get them on his own, but Fallon has a way of attracting the right wrong people--starting with the woman who once betrayed him and who, Fallon is sure, will betray him again. Unfortunately, Fallon isn't the only person after the diamonds. A Chinese s... more info>>
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Second Contact: Chronicle on the Seeds of Orion
A generation ago, a small group of humans fled Earth to make a new home. Because of a freak laboratory accident, they possess a gene that slows aging, and the rest of Earth would have turned them into lab rats in order to control the inheritable factor. The stars were already occupied, and the settlers from the spaceship Orion fought the aliens to create their own home in the stars--New Earth. Old Earth, under Chinese leadership, is expanding. They attacked the aliens and continue their expandin... more info>>
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To Kill a Thief
For Devin Brandon it's just another assignment--find who's behind the murder of three top scientists from Dallas firm CAC...or determine that the deaths really are a huge coincidence as the FBI contends. Devin goes undercover as a corporate planner, but it doesn't take him long to realize that he's facing a thief every bit as dedicated, and capable, as Devin himself. Going undercover has its own drawbacks: he's sure one of the administrative assistants was involved in a case he worked while in N... more info>>
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A Date with Darkness: A Novel of the Theological College of St. Van Helsing
It seemed like a brilliant plan. To entertain her young son on his spring break week, and to get back into the dating world, youthful widow Sally Cartwright advertises on a dating site, requesting that the dates put together an outing entertaining both to her and to Timmy. She never dreams that her ad will look like an invitation to every werewolf, vampire, ancient god or demonic force in England. Unfortunately, because Timmy was saved by his father's sacrifice, the dark forces see in him the po... more info>>
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Courting Mandy
Mandy Thompson moves to east Texas fleeing the big city life of Dallas--a life where she couldn't resist temptation and couldn't settle down. Working as the librarian in Scottsville, Texas, she tries to keep herself from standing out, wears the frumpiest clothes she can, and has definitely relegated all of her fancy shoes to her hidden spare bedroom. Sure, she sometimes misses her the wilder side of life, but she now knows how destructive that side can be. Case Gardner roars into Scottsville on... more info>>
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Cross the Styx (and Dance with the Devil)
James Clayton is given a simple choice: either he reverses his buy decision on a proposed acquisition, or he dies. Clayton picks none of the above, defending his recommendation and fighting back against the killers sent to punish him. Unfortunately, he hasn't just taken on a few angry executives--the head of a powerful Russian organized crime organization has it in for Clayton. And when organized crime gets involved, one man becomes a pretty small cog. They're not only coming for Clayton, they'r... more info>>
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Deadline Zombies: The Adventures of Maxi and Moxie
Chasing a headline is just a job for ace reporter Moxie Donnovan, but sometimes those headlines turn on him and bite. Moxie, along with his sexy better half, Maxi (a theater and film actor) face a tiger-sized panther, mechanical gunmen who support the master race, Irish Fae with the urge to pay Moxie back for the loot his grandfather took from them, murder and a hypnotist intent on re-filming Ben Hur. Author Teel James Glenn writes a compelling fantasy adventure inspired by the pulp fiction of ... more info>>
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First Love, Last Love
Pet store owner Jillian Snow would be the last person in Scottsville, Texas to admit that she's still smitten with her first love, Brad Patterson. So when he moves back to their small home town with his young son, she's intent on staying away. The town matchmakers have a different plan, however, and before she can say "no," Brad and his son are picking out a puppy, getting personal attention, and sharing meals and memories with Jillian. And when the little boy is away for the weekend, Brad and J... more info>>
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Forward, Shamble! A Bob the Zombie Novel
Bob the Zombie managed to escape Detroit (in Motor City Shambler), but now he and his fellow zombies are starving in Flint, Michigan. Inside a former community center, the human residents put up a fearsome resistance and the Zombies--generally a slow-thinking lot--seem doomed to starve rather than enjoy that nice human flesh. Fortunately for them, Bob is one of the rare thinking zombies. He comes up with a plan to use hammers and a chainsaw to gain entrance. For the zombies, any success is tempo... more info>>
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Hard Lessons: More Tales from the Theological College of St. Van Helsing
England may look like a peaceful island, but it swarms with ancient forces: old gods hungry for a touch of worship; mysterious spectres that can grant wishes, no matter how destructive those wishes might be; pre-historic cultural memories that can raise hungry spirits; and then there's the mysterious haunted washing machine unhappy with the new detergents. To combat evil forces, the Church of England calls on a special breed of men (yes, they're all men--and that is part of the problem). The The... more info>>
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Headline Ghouls
Reporter Moxie Donnovan has followed his actor-wife to Hollywood and taken a job as a studio flack, but he hasn't lost his eye for a story... and Hollywood is full of stories. It's 1938, Hitler rules Germany and is supporting U.S. Nazi groups, the studio system is in full force, America still suffers from the Great Depression, and hard-boiled reporter heroes are the order of the day. HEADLINE GHOULS follows Moxie, along with his hard-dancing, hard-drinking wife Maxi, as they confront Hollywood ... more info>>
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I Never Kissed Judy Garland: And Other Tales of Romance
A stunt double never gets over his crush on Judy Garland. A man spots a sign on the side of the road--and it changes his lfe. A musician discovers a beautiful doll who makes him a star...and more. A middle-aged man decides to help a desperate young woman...and wonders if the good guy ever can win. A girl wishes for an air force fighter for her birthday and discovers what true love can do. These are only some of the stories Michael A. Kechula delivers in this collection of romantic stories by the... more info>>
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In the Flesh
Lawyer Paul Newton makes a good living doing personal injury lawsuits. For him, broken bones, split skulls, or severed limbs are sure money-grabbers. The last thing he wants to get involved in is a case where the injuries are psychological. For sure, he wants nothing to do with Multiple Personality Disorder--something he considers hocus-pocus. When his office manager persuades him to listen to Judith Hoople, he gives the woman fifteen minutes, but her story captivates him and the man who treated... more info>>
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Medium in the Middle
Nobody has ever believed that Annie Neeter can see ghosts. She's not surprised that sexy cop Dane Arran thinks she's lying. But the head of the local mob is a believer--and has big plans to use Annie and her ghosts to expand his empire, no matter who gets hurt.
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Motor City Shambler: A Bob the Zombie Novel
Life isn't easy for a newly-dead zombie, but Bob is smarter than the average dead guy and has big plans. If only those pesky humans would be more cooperative.
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It seems like a routine mission for cop Olivia Jardan--investigate a biological failure in the exclusive centercity, assess and avenge any harm against an insured individual. But Olivia's investigation uncovers a split between the ruling corporate consensus and the Interfaith--the religious organization that controls the lives of the ordinary citizens. If word gets out that Interfaith Enforcers are assassinating ratepayers, the carefully constructed compromise that has replaced governments in a ... more info>>
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Quiet Anchorage
Quiet Anchorage, Virginia, looks like paradise. When she's accused of murdering her fiance, however, the small town is anything but heavenly for Megan Connors. With her fingerprints on the murder weapon, it looks like an open-and-shut case, and Sheriff Fox, running for reelection and anxious to get credit for 'solving' a murder case, intends on ramming through charges and getting a conviction. Megan's only champions are her aging aunts. They don't believe she's guilty, but what can two senior ci... more info>>
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Satin Shorts
After two years in prison, Eddie O'Rourke is thinking payback for Nick the Book, the man who backstabbed Eddie after they ran a jewel heist, stole Eddie's wife, and talked her into shooting Eddie. Nick adds a twist to Eddie's plans when he calls and offers Eddie a chance to help out on a bank robbery. Nick has coordinated a daring multi-bank holdup and arranged an exchange in a money laundry. All Eddie will have to do is receive the money from the robbers, drive it across the border into Canada,... more info>>
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Shadows of New York
In the 1930s, the world stands at the brink of war, Japan is intent on its conquest of China, and criminal masterminds are using the confusion to carve out their own empires. Into this world strides Dr. Shadows. When his plane was shot down over Korea by the Japanese, Dr. Shadows was nearly killed, being rescued by Korean monks who nursed him back to health with an herbal treatment that turned his skin an ashen gray, but that also gives him a speed and agility unmatched by others. After years o... more info>>
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Snakestone and Sword
Roman Centurion Arrius Marcus Niger (Arri) of the 9th Legion hadn't planned on dying in Britain. Lying in a cold bog, abandoned by his officers, and surrounded by dead cohorts. Unfortunately, that's exactly where he is--dying but not dead. Around the dismal battlefield British barbarians and other beings with their own plans roam about, killing...and worse. Dying had its own sort of honor--and Arri isn't sure he wants to survive the loss of all of his friends. The beings who find him don't give ... more info>>
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Somebody is Killing the Trophy Wives of Beverly Hills
In Hollywood, all the stars, the top directors, the studio tycoons and, of course the rock stars have replaced their first wives with the younger, newer, hotter model. Everywhere she looks, glitz-writer Nikki Tyler sees trophy wives. Some of them are even her friends... but that doesn't mean she wants one of them to send her their manuscript and ask for help placing it with her publisher. Still, Hollywood is all about connections and favors--Nikki figures she owes it to her friend Tamara to at l... more info>>
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Someone to Cherish
THIS IS A NEW EDITION OF THE BOOK PREVIOUSLY TITLED THE RATCATCHER. The death of Callie Scott's fashionable father left her with nothing--except an inquisitive mind not even her grandmother's puritanical upbringing could quash. An adventurous spirit doesn't get her much in New York City, however, except an abysmal position as a ladies maid. Things are looking up when she lands a trial job in a "special" library. Her benefactor's offer of wine before noon should have signaled something amiss--n... more info>>
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The Frog Prince's Daughters
In a land where beautiful princesses confidently anticipate adventure and rescue, where step-mothers must almost certainly be evil, where first and second princes are losers, and where the fairy tales have power to create reality, the arrival of a wizard seeking to strike down a beautiful (if not too bright) princess is no surprise. The surprise is that no prince is forthcoming. So Rana, the princess's cousin, decides to take matters into her own hands. Of course, this only makes things worse. W... more info>>
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The Van Gogh Deception
Stuart S. Stuart his come to Paris to find artistic inspiration. Instead, he falls for a Mafiosa's wife, becomes a murder suspect, gets beat up by criminals searching for millions worth of diamonds, and learns that some of his student works have been fradulently sold to another Mafia boss...with the promise that they're genuine old masters. Stuart seemingly becomes a magnet for murder. How long, though, before he's the one who ends up dead? Then there's the beautiful, but truth-challenged Maryse... more info>>
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