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1. Long [53015 words]The Face Painter by Rick Magers [Children's Fiction]
2. Mid-Length [44075 words]The Black Widowmaker by Rick Magers [Mainstream]
3. Very Long [199364 words]The McKannahs by Rick Magers [Historical Fiction]
  1. Mid-Length [37931 words]Emissary of Evil by Rick Magers [Dark Fantasy/Horror]
2. Long [62048 words]Dark Angels by Rick Magers [Dark Fantasy]
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A Father's Visit
A Father's Visit is a collection of 28 short stories and an excerpt of the author's best selling novel Blue Water Adventure--based on a true story. There is also an excerpt of his book Dark Angels. We recommend that you do not read this one until you have locked all of your windows and doors. Bring the rottweiler inside. If you don't have one--get one.
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Blue Water Adventure
After several years of constant battles with thieves pulling their lobster traps, two Florida Keys fishermen decide to buy large offshore boats and go into the Caribbean with their traps. Often trapping several hundred miles from land, they were at the mercy of weather, but that was mild compared to the Pirates they encounter. Ray and Roland soon learn that these modern day pirates who steal their traps and lobster, would rather die than work--they did.Changing fisheries laws in the Caribbean fo... more info>>
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Dark Angels
A word of warning from The Grizz before you take this book home to read. Somewhere in these 8 stories you will find some of the people that you see every day. I have simply lifted their mask to reveal the person beneath who is capable of committing acts that until they happen, you will not believe it possible. Almost everyone who met Ted Bundy considered him a charming and affable fellow, even the women--UNTIL. If you decide to buy it anyway, then don't forget to lock your windows and doors befo... more info>>
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Emissary of Evil
A word of warning from The Grizz before you take this book home to read. If you're easily frightened by the knowledge that yes, there are some very scary folks out there, or if you have heart trouble and haven't ordered fresh nitro, find another book. If you decide to buy it anyway, then don't forget to lock your windows and doors before beginning the book. Bring the Rottweilers in too.
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The Black Widowmaker
The Black Widowmaker is the story of a black girl who never had a chance from the gitgo. Dumped by her mother as a child, she learns to love her gramma, but a careless word changes her life completely. Still a child, Pearl begins a journey through a life of drugs, sexual debauchery, and murder. Finally free of the Jamaicans, she meets ex-Miami detective Yan Brodjevinski, and her life seems to start getting better--but things are often not as they seem to be.
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The Companion
The Companion is a true story and is followed by 24 other stories. Several brought letters of praise, one brought death threats, and some brought suggestions that I see a psychiatrist. They're followed by excerpts from 2 of my books. Blue Water Adventure is based on a true story: 450 pages with 50 pictures. The McKannahs is a historical western novel with 8 illustrations, and has been praised by many who have read it, as: "The best historical western novel in a long time." It begins in 18th cent... more info>>
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The Face Painter
The Face Painter is the first of thirty-three short stories. They range from the bizarre; "Superstar," to the sad tale of "Killing Charlie," then moves through several that are sorta weird, such as "Roosters in the Bayou." The true story about "Christmas Magic" was told to me by my wife Dottie, who after 41 wonderful years of traveling the world together, left me. She returned to Uranus--those Aquarius folks are that way. One day here--the next gone. "They Never Called Me Nigger Again" is also t... more info>>
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The Kitchen Sink
The Kitchen Sink is not a plumber's handbook. It's a book of short stories, poems, recipes, a glimpse of an old smuggler's past, and excerpts from two of the author's novels. There are 53 all totaled ... enough to keep you reading for a while. Each entry is followed by the author's WOW. His Words of Wisdom have yielded praise from many, ridicule from some, laughter from a few, and death threats from a couple of Mickey J's tribe.
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The McKannahs
This historical western novel begins in late 18th century Ireland and then moves to early 19th century California and beyond. As the 5 McKannah sons and 1 daughter create their place in the new country, they encounter Native Americans, Mexicans, killers, opportunists, and wild animals they never dreamed existed. Persistence pays off and the 5 boys earn a secure place in history; especially Jesse who becomes the legendary White Buffalo. Aleena? Her life was difficult from the beginning.
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