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1. A Writer's Guide to Overcoming Rejection by Edward Baker [Business/Self Improvement]
2. Execution: A Guide to the Ultimate Penalty by Geoffrey Abbott [History/General Nonfiction]
3. Man About the Kitchen: Recipes for the Reluctant Chef by Alastair Williams [General Nonfiction]
4. Watch My Back by Geoff Thompson [People/Sports/Entertainment]
5. Help! I Want to Get Fit! by Katie Bircher & Katie Goodwin [Health/Fitness/Self Improvement]
6. Final Call: The View from the Cockpit by Colin Hilton [People/Travel]
7. Adrift In China by Simon Myers [Travel/History]
8. Baby Tips for Dads by Simon Brett [Family/Relationships/Children's Fiction]
9. 101 Uses for a Football by Louise McKay [Humor/Sports/Entertainment]
10. The Little Book of Flirting by Stewart Ferris [Family/Relationships/Humor]
  1. How to be a Writer by Stewart Ferris [Reference/Self Improvement]
2. The Little Book of Flirting by Stewart Ferris [Family/Relationships/Humor]
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100 Rants on Why Men Are Pants
Men. It's pretty difficult to think of what use they could be put to. It's plain to see that they need assistance getting dressed and appear to be incapable of discerning the purpose of a toilet seat. From the fairer sex then comes this perfectly-formed little number with all the reasons Why Men Are Crap!
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101 Reasons Not To Do Anything: A Collection of Cynical and Defeatist Quotations
If you have trouble getting up in the morning, if you find that you lack motivation in your work, if you find that you really can't be bothered with your family and friends anymore, this book provides you with some of the world's finest cynical and defeatist thoughts.
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101 Reasons Why It's Great To Be A Woman
The affirmative bible for the modern woman, this book celebrates all the reasons why it's great to be a girl!
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101 Uses for a Football
If football ain't your thing, then this book's definitely for you. Fantasize about a footie-free world in which those bloomin' balls have been turned to better and funnier use.
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101 Uses for the Royal Family
For all those willing to take a cheeky look at the Royals--101 practical uses for that otherwise useless family. Why not use the family as a table football team and the corgis as draught excluders?
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101 Ways To Spend Your Lottery Millions
Everyone dreams of winning the Lottery. This witty guide illustrates some of the more bizarre and humorous possibilities that exist for anyone with a million or two to spare.
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A Book for the Seriously Stressed: How To Stop Stress From Killing You
Stress is something that affects everyone, usually by making them snappy and ill, and even causing death. For the rare few that properly 'use' stress, the world becomes an Aladdin's cave of potential. This book teaches you the secrets of controlling and using stress to your advantage. What causes stress--Who is prone to stress--Understanding the enemy--Understanding others--Why we always hurt the ones we Love--Our immediate reactions to stress--Symptoms of short term and long term stress--Learni... more info>>
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A Writer's Guide to Overcoming Rejection
This guide teaches the reader how to sell themselves and their book in order to get in print. Using sales techniques taken from other industries, it demonstrates how the writer can target and market their book in the competitive business of publishing.
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Adrift In China
This is not an objective account. How could it be, having consumed such a slice of my life? China is the third largest country in the world, holds nearly a quarter of the earth's population and claims a recorded history going back more than 3,000 years. Foreigners' reactions to China and its people veer from one extreme to the other, as if the gargantuan size of the place demands a sweeping response. This is understandable. Time is needed for such a big and complex country, and time is something... more info>>
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Advanced Swearing Handbook
Uncut, uncensored and totally outrageous, this guide to profanity old and new includes the most offensive song titles, the nastiest names for private parts, and the most unfortunate place names from Arsoli to Wetwang. Prepare to be amazed, shocked and highly amused, as the unapologetic Kings of Cussing show that swearing can be very funny indeed. Mike Lepine and Mark Leigh have collaborated on numerous TV comedy and trivia-based shows and have written more than 30 humorous books together includi... more info>>
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Animal Day: Pressure Testing the Martial Arts
In Animal Day, probably his most controversial book yet, Geoff Thompson explodes the martial arts myths about what does and does not work on the unforgiving streets of a violent world, and then educates the reader in all aspects of pressure testing the martial arts to make sure that technique and character are not lacking when a situation becomes "live". Having worked for nine years as a nightclub doorman, acted as a personal trainer to private police and bodyguards and talked internationally on... more info>>
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Apathy: A Life Choice
If you have trouble getting up in the morning, if you find that you lack motivation in your work, if you really can't be bothered with your family and friends any more, you'll Love this collection of the world's finest cynical and defeatist thoughts. Rob Tobin happily puts the minimum effort into everything he (almost) does.
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Baby Tips for Dads
Congratulations! The nine-month wait is over, your son or daughter is in your arms ... but what happens now? Help is at hand in this nifty book that provides quick and quirky advice on everything from nappies to night-time nibbles. Whether you are a new dad or the seasoned father of a lively horde, make this little book the latest addition to your household.
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Baby Tips for Mums
So you've served your nine months, been through the pains and stresses of the birth itself, produced this lovely baby? surely it's time you had a wellearned rest? Just when you're at your most knackered, you have to deal with a whole lot of burping, whining and tantrums--and that's just from your partner! This handy book by the author of Baby Tips for Dads is full of helpful advice on how to deal with your growing family, and still manage to get some time to yourself.
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Bon Courage
A dilapidated, rat-infested stone barn set amidst thirteen acres of overgrown woodland and unkempt pasture might not be many people's vision of a potential dream home. But for English couple Richard and his wife Al, the cavernous, oak-beamed building in a sleepy hamlet of the Limousin region of France is perfect. Tussles with French bureaucracy allied with fierce storms that wreak havoc on the property do little to dampen resolve as they immerse themselves in the calm of this quiet corner of Fra... more info>>
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Brazil: Life, Blood, Soul
"In Brazil the motto seems to be: if you've got it, flaunt it, and if you don't, flaunt it even more--" Brazil: an eclectic nation that evokes images of vibrant carnivals, crowded shanty towns and football on the beach. Shaped by its many cultures, the Portuguese, African, Native Indian and European communities have ensured the evolution of a colourful, diverse population. John Malathronas fell prey to Brazil's seductive allure in the early eighties, a fascination that continues to this day. His... more info>>
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Conspiracy Theories
Worried that the world is run by a sinister cabal operating at the very highest level of government? You could be right. Bringing together evidence on topics ranging from the Sphinx to JFK, Chernobyl to men in black and life on Mars to Roswell, this book has a cover-up for every occasion. Laid out in a handy A-Z format, Conspiracy Theories makes it easy to find out about all the major conspiracy theories in the world today. The archetypal conspiracy theory might go something like this: there is ... more info>>
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Driving Test Tips
Don't let preparing for your driving test drive you up the wall! With tips from instructors and new drivers alike for both before and during the exam, this little book is jam-packed with helpful advice to make sure that you feel in fine form for the open road... and that you lose your L-plates and not your cool.
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Exam-Busting Tips: How to Pass Exams the Easy Way
For many people, exams represent weeks of furious last-minute cramming and days of torturous apocalyptic judgement. If this sounds familiar to you or someone you know, then do yourself and them a favour and ease that academic angst! It's time to say goodbye to anxious exam-day tension and embrace the tranquillity of organisation. Exam-Busting Tips is the one-stop expert guide to co-ordinating your lifestyle and your revision during any exam period, no matter what level of education you are in.
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Execution: A Guide to the Ultimate Penalty
Execution is a gruesomely fascinating account of methods of judicial Execution from around the world and through the ages, and includes such hair-raising categories as death by cannibalism, being sewn into an animal's belly and a thousand cuts. In his own darkly humorous style, Geoffrey Abbott describes the instruments used and their effectiveness, and reveals the macabre origins of familiar phrases such as "gone west" or "drawn a blank," as well as the jargon of the underworld. From the prepara... more info>>
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Fear: The Friend of Exceptional People
Don't let fear hold you back from achieving everything you want to--let Geoff Thompson, author of Watch My Back and The Elephant and the Twig, show you how to make fear your friend. Once a doorman at some of Britain's roughest nightclubs and now a world-renowned martial artist, Geoff Thompson has had more to be frightened of than most. Here he shares his secrets for overcoming your fears to help you live life to the max. From spiders to public speaking, job interviews to physical conflict, Geoff... more info>>
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Final Call: The View from the Cockpit
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on board from the captain. My name is Colin Hilton and I shall be doing the flying this morning. Our route takes us from the airport to the wider world of aviation, with perhaps a glimpse of a personality or two enroute. Judgment will occasionally be clouded and I anticipate a little turbulence in relationships, besides odd flashes of inspiration. Do not let such rumblings spoil your enjoyment of the service. The crew today will be on hand to assist your journey. Th... more info>>
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Flying? No Fear!: Conquer Your Fear of Flying
Written by an airline pilot and a clinical psychologist, this combination of practical explanation and self-help techniques is the definitive guide to help nervous passengers overcome their Fear of flying. Lighthearted, unpatronising and informative. Updated and improved edition.
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Globetrotting Pets: An International Travel Guide
Wouldn't you rather have your pet with you rather than leave it at home with a pet sitter or in a kennel? This book will help you discover that taking your pet with you to faraway places is easier than you may think. Many countries welcome pets and over 2 million people travel internationally with their pets each year. This book will help you to: Prepare to take your pet along. Understand the various entry requirements of the world's countries. Make contact with tourist offices and embassies wor... more info>>
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Help! I Want to Get Fit!
People who have got themselves fit will tell you that, "I just feel so much better" often with a slightly bemused look in their eyes. Can physical fitness make you feel like a more complete person? Are you really more likely to feel better about yourself, because you do four classes a week at your local gym? This light-hearted guide to getting fit answers these questions and more.
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