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1. Expert Witness Handbook: Tips and Techniques for the Litigation Consultant by Dan Poynter [General Nonfiction]
2. Writing Nonfiction: Turning Thoughts Into Books by Dan Poynter [Self Improvement]
3. Successful Nonfiction: Tips and Information for Getting Published by Dan Poynter [Self Improvement]
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Book Publishing Encyclopedia
You have questions about writing, publishing & promoting. This book has answers and they are easy to find. This book is the best investment you could make in your publishing future. It contains thousands of tips and references in an easy-to use alphabetical encyclopedia. It is your "Book Publishing Answer Book." This book will save you time, save you money and make you look brilliant. You will underline, highlight and dog-ear this book. This is the book publicist's guide to Internet resources. M... more info>>
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Expert Witness Handbook: Tips and Techniques for the Litigation Consultant
This revised edition is a valuable introduction for the neophyte expert witness and a constant reference for the seasoned litigation consultant. It tells you how to get started, how to decide whether or not to accept a case, how to prepare for testimony, how to conduct yourself at a deposition and in court, how to make your testimony more effective, how to handle difficult questions, what to charge, how to collect bills, and much more.
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Successful Nonfiction: Tips and Information for Getting Published
Chapter One starts with a lucid commentary on writing. Writing is a creative act. Building a nonfiction book requires planning, structure and lots of labor. Your intellectual property is a piece of art; it will not design itself or be created overnight. Writing a book is a journey, a trip to be enjoyed on the way to the reward at the destination. Learning as you research your subject is stimulating. The thought process of distilling the pertinent information for your readers is invigorating. Cra... more info>>
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The Older Cat: Recognizing Decline and Extending Life
While this book is about decline, it is not negative. It will help you to recognize the early signs of winding down so that you can take measures before much organ damage occurs. Those measures may be chemical, surgical, naturopathic, a change in environment or a combination of them. Thanks to careful health monitoring by guardians and advanced veterinary care, the lifespan of the housecat is increasing dramatically. Your veterinarian is your partner in maintaining your cat's health and increasi... more info>>
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Writing Nonfiction: Turning Thoughts Into Books
Forget what you know about book writing, publishing and promoting; the model just changed--for the better! Now you may print shorter runs at prices that make sense, publish your "books" in other (electronic) ways, sell them automatically and promote them for practically nothing. You will discover how to wring maximum value out of your work. This is an exciting time to be a writer. To be successful, a book needs writing, design, production and promotion. I organized and automated some of these fu... more info>>
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