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1. Long [56015 words]The Cure for the Curse [Curse Series Book 1] by Patrick Vaughn [Dark Fantasy/Fantasy]
2. Long [71265 words]The Hamlet Ruse by Bret Jones [Mystery/Crime]
3. Long [81622 words]Thrillwind by Sharleen Johnson [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
4. Long [76765 words]Sinner's Song by Nancy Mehl [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
5. Long [89158 words]Full Circle Passage by K.L. Punches [Suspense/Thriller/Mainstream]
6. Long [78150 words]Bad Hair Day by Nancy Darryl [Humor/Romance]
7. Long [100184 words]Cicada Summer by Dallas Releford [Horror/Science Fiction]
8. Long [81893 words]Clearcut: Murder in a National Forest by Lynda Douglas [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
9. Long [81631 words]Deadfall: Murder in a National Forest by Lynda Douglas [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
10. Long [54396 words]The Monsoon Murders by Sydnie Goodell [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
  1. Long [85154 words]Kildeere Way by Lee Aaron Wilson [Historical Fiction]
2. Long [72367 words]Pima Road by Virginia Nosky [Romance]
3. Long [81631 words]Deadfall: Murder in a National Forest by Lynda Douglas [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
4. Long [82654 words]Night Freeze by Lee Emory [Suspense/Thriller]
5. Long [102218 words]Blue Turquoise, White Shell by Virginia Nosky [Historical Fiction/Romance]
6. Long [78150 words]Bad Hair Day by Nancy Darryl [Humor/Romance]
7. Long [91049 words]Archive by Robert C. Kenny [Science Fiction]
8. Long [56015 words]The Cure for the Curse [Curse Series Book 1] by Patrick Vaughn [Dark Fantasy/Fantasy]
9. Long [81893 words]Clearcut: Murder in a National Forest by Lynda Douglas [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
10. Long [54396 words]The Monsoon Murders by Sydnie Goodell [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
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ALEX, a determined teenager, reaches farther than her grasp. Caught in the adolescent tall/short conflict, she strives for a ballet career, despite being only five feet tall. A redhead temper, unique friendships and new challenges contribute to Alex's growing into her ultimate choice. Undeterred by a professional dancer's rebuff, she leaves her family, boyfriend and best friend to train in New York City, with hopes of auditioning with a professional ballet company. A dance group is formed with h... more info>>
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Jeff Mundy dreamed, studied and worked all his life in preparation for this moment. His mentor, Professor Albert Lear, president and co-founder of Chamberlain University and The Bunnell Radio Observatory, hadinvested his life, his career and his personal fortunein the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. First Contact! The world-shattering implications hadalways fascinated Lear, but time and age were catching up. The past still haunted him and the future made no promises. Soon it would be l... more info>>
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Bad Hair Day
Hannah Hailstone's split ends are a divining rod for disaster. Hannah just found a sexy man in the back seat of her car--semi-conscious and bleeding, but at least he has a pulse. Her father, a James Bond wannabe with a penchant for gambling, has disappeared. And there's a man in a pink Cadillac tailing her hippy artist mother. Hannah's plans to re-read her Nancy Drew Mysteries--the vintage, hard cover collection--have changed. Now she's got a real mystery on her hands. Cooper West is on a losing... more info>>
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Billy Kildeere
Just another man or just another Outlaw? Five years ago, James Williams (Billy) Killdeere left the outlaw life and started operating the family ranch. However, the murderous exploits of the Killdeere Gang send him on the run again, wounded and alone, with the law and his family and former friends after him. A man he once saved helps him.Though the man's daughter Jenny at first distrusts Billy, her feelings eventually change toward him. But given his outlaw past Billy knows he can't marry Jenny. ... more info>>
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Blue Turquoise, White Shell
Patrician Boston doctor Cabot W.W. Chase has made a bargain with his granddaughter Lily. He will pay all her expenses through Harvard Medical School if at the end of her studies she will spend a year on the Navajo Reservation Indian Hospital, where he had been a doctor following WWII. She is reluctant, suspecting her grandfather has emotional ties to the Navajo, but agrees. Slowly she acclimates herself, coming to admire the people and her surroundings. Lily, now known as Cabot, meets a young Na... more info>>
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Borrowed Time
Unto Death... In the days before they became legends, John Henry "Doc" Holliday, a Georgia dentist turned gambler whose constant companion is the specter of early death, and Wyatt Earp, a rough hewn frontier lawman saddled with a taciturn nature and an iron clad sense of justice, forge an unlikely alliance to hunt down the brutal killers of a young Dodge City woman. During the course of a cross-country manhunt to stop the murders before they can strike again, Holliday and Earp form the basis of ... more info>>
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Ceremony of Deception
Jessie McGerret has sworn to do whatever it takes to hunt down her father's murderer, even if it means marrying herself to a man who could very well be a partner to her prey. She has the skills to defeat a killer, but trusting a stranger who promises love may prove to be a greater challenge, especially when he insists she face the one thing she fears the most. Scott Cordell is determined to rid himself of the annoying menace who has forced him into a marriage he has no intention of honoring. Wom... more info>>
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Cicada Summer
Hear the singing. Feel the madness ... die! On a hot June afternoon, old man Matthew Riley walks down the street in a small southern town mumbling that something is about to happen, "They're coming," he proclaims. "They're coming just as they did seventeen years ago. It's going to be a humdinger of a party, too." The townspeople ignore him, thinking he is senile. The cicadas arrive, singing their songs and intimidating people. In the next few days, tragedy and terror overwhelm the community as h... more info>>
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Cinco de Mayo Murders
The Cinco de Mayo celebration by Gringos and Hispanics n Sierra Vista, Arizona, culminates at the same time the crime spree of a serial killer comes to a halt. Unlike most serial killers who take a memento from their victims, this one leaves a token, but never the same article. At the first crime scene he leaves a stack of pancakes; at the second, a stuffed toy camel; at the third, a dolphin-shaped balloon; at the fourth, a freshly cut iris; and at the fifth, he leaves a picture of Geronimo. Wha... more info>>
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Clearcut: Murder in a National Forest
Claire Mitchell Evers and her husband Kyle leave their jobs with the Forest Service behind while they honeymoon in North Carolina. There is more behind the trip than romance, though. Claire wants to search for her family roots in the communities around Asheville. She soon discovers more is hidden in the mountains of Appalachia than her long lost relatives. A Native American girl is dead and their friend, Hank Sawyer, a fellow Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer, is accused of her murder. Some... more info>>
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Cowgirl Dreams
Defying family and social pressure, Nettie Brady bucks 1920s convention with her dream of becoming a rodeo star. That means competing with men, and cowgirls who ride the rodeo circuit are considered "loose women." Addicted to the thrill of pitting her strength and wits against a half-ton steer in a rodeo, Nettie exchanges skirts for pants, rides with her brothers on their Montana ranch, and competes in neighborhood rodeos. Broken bones, killer influenza, flash floods, and family hardship team up... more info>>
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Days of Eternity
Zane and Larissa Edwards, rearing their children Mac and Rose on the family farm, foresee the future spinning out as contentedly as their past. Civil War erupts, shattering their lives and dreams. Zane joins the Sixth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and is sent to Fort Laramie in Nebraska Territory. His friend Ethan Michaels, a widower with a young daughter, Charity, having promised Zane he will help Larissa with the work, moves to the farm as a hired hand. Ten-year-old Mac begins studying medicine under... more info>>
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Deadfall: Murder in a National Forest
How does the ten-year-old daughter of a District Ranger on the Pisgah National Forest end up abandoned and severely injured in Oregon's Siskiyo National Forest? All that remains of Claire Michell's childhood are terrifying nightmares and a heart-shaped locket. The cavernous gap in her memory haunts her for the next twenty years. Claire has a brilliant career and a handsome fiance. Just when she finally puts away her obsession with things forgotten, her world begins to fall apart. Someone wants h... more info>>
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Emeralds on Wednesday
Della Fletcher knows she is a take-charge kind of woman. After experiencing two broken romances and a mugging in Philadelphia she moves to the small town of Fair Morning, Pennsylvania. She bought an old house and has her heart set on doing this project. As her business involves organization, the restoration work on her dream house will be a piece of cake. Her real estate agent recommends Tom Luniack as the best contractor in town. Everything would be ready by Thanksgiving, Christmas at the very ... more info>>
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Endless Present
Time may be real and predictable, but the perception of time is variable, depending upon one's brain processing speed. At least that is Duke Livermore's theory. The problem is, other professors at the University of Mississippi are better able to pursue research concerning the theory: Duke's theory. Modern scientific research is fraught with unforseen consequences, and this becomes evident as Duke develops gnawing doubts about the trustworthiness of one of his colleagues, Dr. Kirkwood Swartz, a p... more info>>
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In the wild Arizona Territory, is it possible for a gunslinger who's gone straight to keep his identity hidden? Trebor, now in his forties, thinks so. Until someone from the past hunts him up, calls him by his former name, and wants something from him. After thirteen years, Trebor's none too sure his gunslinger skills are what they used to be. He wants no part of what the past acquaintance proposes, but finds he has no choice but to go back to his shadowed past. Ranch-hand Cameron longs to becom... more info>>
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From Now On
Jason hasn't seen Cami in three years. Now she's back, with the son he'd wanted to claim as his own. Can he believe her newly found faith or will she desert him, and God, again?
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Full Circle Passage
Nick Ried, already feeling the pangs of mid-life crisis, gets himself into deeper water than he ever dreamed. His wounds from a broken marriage, the selling of his racing sailboat in an attempt to prevent the divorce, and his traditionally flat stomach now requiring a larger pant size are all beginning to spell depression. Then, in what seems like an instant in time, he finds himself signed on as watch-captain with a wealthy businessman, Bart Conrad, on a sailboat race around the world. Worse, o... more info>>
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Harris: The Return of the Gunfighter
Henry Harris has become a farmer, but he remains much more than that. He was and is a fast and deadly gunman, some say the best that ever lived. Now, he's summoned by his old friend, Sheriff Wilkie, to help face a coming peril, and meet, once again, the challenging quest of a gunfighter. Eight men in all. Four against four. Toward the town of Medford, hurrying from the west, come the three Jones brothers and their uncle, Snake River Reese, riding to avenge an imagined wrong. Wilkie, Harris, and ... more info>>
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Holliday in Tombstone
John Henry "Doc" Holliday and Wyatt Earp embark on what will be the most tumultuous years of their lives, lives spent in and around "The Town Too Tough to Die," Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Together they face life and death situations, meet new demands and make life altering decisions. Doc Holliday, dentist, gambler and lawman will face these challenges with typical Holliday aplomb. It will be the obstacles he faces in his personal life that will try his very soul. The gunfight near the O.K. Co... more info>>
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Journey to Tracer's Point
They left Virginia with dreams of getting rich quick. When lured by his brother, John, to seek adventure in the California gold fields, Alexander Anderson sells his farm, packs up his family, and heads west cross-country in a covered wagon along the unmarked trails. Heavy hearted and compelled to make the perilous journey West, Caroline Anderson does not want to leave her comfortable home in Virginia and dreads the possibility of unknown hazards facing her and her family on such a long, dangerou... more info>>
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Kildeere Way
Tyler Killdeere, the last Killdeere not dead or in prison, is wounded and on the run when he sees a prisoner delivery going down in the streets of a small town. He's busily reminding himself he must not attract attention, and besides it ain't none of his business, when a pretty widow, Kate Courtland, runs out to shield her wounded Uncle Tom, the marshal. A gunman points his rifle directly at her. Killdeeres, mean and deadly as they are, respect women. When the dust settles, the gunman is dead. T... more info>>
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Kyla's Angel: Dying to Rule
Lady Kyla, as Major Kyla Montdavi, is escorting Prince Garland (Lanny) a man she tells herself she despises for the way he treated her when she was seventeen. She suspects his family ordered her family killed to stop a legal prosecution. She knows the trip is a trap for Lanny, and reminds herself how angry she is over what happened to her family. On the other hand, she doesn't want him killed. He still matters. Lanny knows it's a trap, but must know who killed his family in the tiny principality... more info>>
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Murder Was a Stranger
Kate Summers has her hands full. A divorced mother with two children and an opinionated Jack Russell Terrier, Kate is the newest member of a small town police force in Colorado. She is determined to learn the ropes of police work and to fit into both her job and the small community. When local land baroness Ethel Gregory is found dead, Kate's investigation turns up more than murder clues. She discovers the town has a dark history and the past appears to be driving current events. Kate must strug... more info>>
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Night Freeze
A chance for a new start.... Phoenix Police Detective Niall Malone accepts a job to head up a task force hunting down a serial killer in another state. When at last he reports on the job, after spending some time in a Phoenix hospital, he walks smack into a wall of bigoted feelings toward his outsider status. The defilement of a proud symbol... The killer's main target points to Medical Examiner, Dr. Shyla Clifford. She receives gruesome, butchered pieces of the bodies to identify, usually froze... more info>>
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