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1. Memories of God: Theological Reflections on a Life by Roberta C. Bondi [Spiritual/Religion]
2. 21 Bridges to the 21st Century: The Future of Pastoral Ministry by Lyle E. Schaller [Spiritual/Religion]
3. 56 Devotions on Short Notice by Robert Wallace [Spiritual/Religion]
4. The Decision-Makers: How to Improve the Quality of Decision-Making in the Churches by Lyle E. Schaller [Spiritual/Religion]
5. Dinosaur Heart Transplants: Renewing Mainline Congregations by R. Robert Cueni [Spiritual/Religion]
6. God Sightings by Bass M. Mitchell [Spiritual/Religion]
7. Create Your Own Future: Alternatives for the Long-Range Planning Committee by Lyle E. Schaller [Spiritual/Religion]
8. A Moment with God for Volunteers by Lisa Flinn [Spiritual/Religion]
9. An Introduction to the Bible: Revised Edition by Donald Musser & Clyde Fant & The Reddish [Spiritual/Religion]
10. 365 Days of Spiritual Growth: Through Scripture, Meditation, and Practice by Paul Miller [Spiritual/Religion]
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21 Bridges to the 21st Century: The Future of Pastoral Ministry
The past five decades have altered the role of the churches. The third millennium will bring an even more radically different context for ministry. How the parish minister meets the challenge of that change is the subject of this latest book by best-selling author Lyle E. Schaller. Schaller makes the statistics speak by discussing four dozen factors that will provide challenges and opportunities in the next millennium. These include the emergence of thousands of new independent congregations, ec... more info>>
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365 Affirmations for Hopeful Living
Daily meditations that offer comfort and spiritual guidance for those who seek God's healing presence. Each uplifting message begins with Scripture and ends with an affirmation for reflection and prayer, encouraging deep self-examination on topics such as relationships, courage, trust, self-acceptance, fear, change, and love.
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365 Days of Spiritual Growth: Through Scripture, Meditation, and Practice
This devotional resource guides you on a year's journey during which you will find specific direction for becoming a more disciplined, faithful disciple of Christ. Each daily reading begins with a statement of the day's central idea to focus your mind, followed by the passage of Scripture that inspired the central idea. After this comes a brief meditation, and an exercise to help you apply the main idea during the day.
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365 Meditations for Couples
This eBook offers a year's worth of short, daily devotional readings written specifically for couples. Designed primarily for married couples of all ages, the meditations are brief enought to be read in just a few minutes, yet detailed enough to spark meaningful conversation. Each day's meditation includes a focus Scripture verse from a mix of translations, including NIV, and NRSV, a brief reading, a prayer, and a "Talk it Over" feature that includes questions to discuss and/or ideas to try.
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365 Meditations for Young Adults
This book offers a year's worth of short daily devotional readings written specifically for today's young adults. Though this is a diverse group with a variety of needs and interests, they are sojourners together on a common journey--one that includes many similar experiences, stages, and transitions that each of them has been through, is currently going through, or will go through at some time in the future. The young adult years are a time of change and challenge, a time of seeking and searchi... more info>>
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44 Questions for Church Planters
44 Questions for Church Planters looks into the question "Why start new churches?" and shows how to reverse the decline of new church development. Author Lyle E. Schaller offers tested advice based on more than thirty years of working with leaders responsible for developing new churches.
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44 Questions for Self-Appraisal
Churches don't sit still; they are either planning for the future or wishing for the past. Yet, even when setting about to discern the future into which the Spirit is leading, how does a congregation map its way? How does it understand its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and limitations, gifts and graces? In 44 Questions for Congregational Self-Appraisal, Lyle E. Schaller directs the reader to the crucial questions a church must ask itself if it is to understand its mission ... more info>>
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44 Steps Up Off the Plateau
Lyle E. Schaller defines a "plateau" as a stagnant holding point in the size and energy of a congregation -- a level at which energy is focused entirely on maintenance of past structures. He shows how to move an established congregation up off a plateau. The three most important steps up off the plateau are quality, responsiveness, and productivity. This important guide by America's most influential religious leader also contains 44 handles to organize information.
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44 Ways to Expand the Financial Base of Your Church
Here is a treasury of 44 proven-effective stewardship ideas by the man Leadership magazine calls "America's foremost authority on the dynamics of church life." "When all is said and done," says Lyle E. Schaller, "there are only two good reasons why anyone should be asked to contribute money to the church. The first is to help promote the giver's spiritual growth... The second reason is even simpler. Christian discipleship is Christian stewardship. How could it be anything else? Ho... more info>>
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44 Ways to Expand the Teaching Ministry of Your Church
Helps church leaders challenge the status quo, identify priorities, and implement change in educational ministries. Schaller takes an approach contrary to that often recommended by educators. He shows how to identify the priorities for the Christian education program in any church. You will find helpful tips that explain how teaching is the second best way, after preaching, to attract new members; how the teaching ministry is the best way to reach young adults born after 1955; how... more info>>
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44 Ways to Increase Church Attendance
Are you still suffering over the sight of empty pews? Have your efforts been more than exhaustive in expanding your congregation? Have you maximized your brainstorming potential for bringing in new members? If you have reached what appears to be your limit, then no longer fret, 44 Ways to Increase Church Attendance can open the doors of both your church and mind. With proven techniques for building a body for Christ, church leaders can increase their membership and then free themse... more info>>
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44 Ways to Revitalize the Women's Organization
In 44 Ways to Revitalize the Women's Organization, Schaller offers hundreds of practical insights and fresh ideas to promote growth and vitality in women's fellowhips of all kinds and sizes. He provides thought-provoking questions to ponder and examines many crucial elements of women's fellowhips -- such as organizational policies, group size and program mix. Schaller affirms the exceptional value of women's fellowhips and the vital contribution they can make to the church, to th... more info>>
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50 Ways to Pray: Practices from Many Traditions and Times
A book of prayer helps and exercises designed to invite readers into new ways of being with God. Intended for all of us who thought we knew only one way to pray, the book presents a wide variety of prayer types, gleaned from centuries-old practices of Christian spiritual leaders and mystics, and updated for easy use by modern readers. Each of the 50 exercises includes step-by-step instructions; some background, introduction, and information on potential questions modern users might have; and a g... more info>>
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56 Devotions on Short Notice
This resource is designed especially for people who are asked, on short notice, to lead a brief devotional or worship service. It's also an excellent way for worship leaders, teachers, and program leaders to be prepared for sudden changes in their plans.
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A Moment with God for Volunteers
Building upon the popularity of the A Moment with God series, these next two titles, A Moment with God for Volunteers and A Moment with God for Those Who Grieve, provide 58 prayers appropriate for their audience. Most importantly for today's busy lifestyles, each prayer is short enough to be read in only a couple of minutes. The inclusion of a Scripture passage for every prayer makes these books suitable for use in both personal and group devotion.
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A Place to Pray: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer
In many ways the Lord's Prayer is the most fundamental of all Christian prayers. It was given by Jesus in response to his disciples' explicit request that he teach them to pray, and throughout the period of the early church, along with the creed, it was regarded as a basic catchetical text. For a large number of people in our own period, however, trying to pray this prayer in any meaningful way is fraught with difficulties. Roberta Bondi contends that christians are called to love God and our ne... more info>>
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A Prophetic Compass for the Emerging Church
Prophetic Compass encourages pastors to embrace the communication tactics of oral tradition, in narrative and music, in place of the literary tactics of institutional survival systems. Prophetic Compass assists pastors and worship leaders in understanding and speaking in metaphorical terms that have emotive power. Prophetic Compass explains how our current communication systems, in worship especially, are dead and ineffective. "I was very, very impressed... enthralled. The... more info>>
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A Time Apart for My Soul: Daily Readings and Reflections for the Christian Year
This book offers teachers and other seekers a daily reading for reflection. Taking time apart for the soul allows each of us to grow in God's grace. Based on the Christian year, the readings begin with the first Sunday of Advent.
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A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader
A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader provides resources for a 26-week devotional experience. The volume includes Scripture, spiritual readings (primarily quotes from the writings of John Wesley), and an essay by the author.
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Abingdon Preaching Annual 2003
Providing original sermon ideas, new insights into Scripture, and unique illustrations from a wide range of preaching clergy, The Abingdon Preaching Annual is a comprehensive resource that offers everything busy preachers need for sermon and worship preparation. The 2003 edition includes an entire year's worth of weekly worship services, sermon briefs, and benedictions, and is especially useful to preachers who use The Revised Common Lectionary to design their sermons and Sunday morning worship.... more info>>
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Abingdon Preaching Annual 2005
Preachers have long been able to turn to the Abingdon Preaching Annual for concise, thoughtful aids for worship and preaching. The 2005 edition of the Annual continues that tradition of solid biblical scholarship and creative sermon materials. Compiled with the preacher's need for high-quality, accessible resources in mind, the 2005 Abingdon Preaching Annual will: draw on a breadth of writers from a variety of denominational backgrounds provide both thorough exegesis and insightful sermon starte... more info>>
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Abingdon Preaching Annual 2007
Preachers have long turned to the Abingdon Preaching Annual for help with the central task of their ministry: sermon preparation. As was the case for 2006 edition, the 2007 edition of the Annual offers even more resources and aids to those who step into the pulpit Sunday after Sunday. Chief among these new features is the inclusion of sermon materials arranged by topic, in order to assist in planning and preparing sermon series. The reader will find sermon series on such topics as prayer, the li... more info>>
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Abingdon Women's Preaching Annual 2003, Series 3 Year B
Using an abbreviated lectionary-based format, this sermon anthology features reflections on the Scripture text, a complete sermon brief, and suggestions for worship which include calls to worship, litanies, prayers, and benedictions. Key Features: * A collection of lectionary sermon brief and worship ideas * Written by women * Offers practical assistance in the task of sermon preparation. Key Benefits: * Readers will be assisted as they explore the ways women fulfill the preaching function in th... more info>>
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Abingdon Worship Annual 2005
The Abingdon Worship Annual offers fresh worship planning resources for pastors and worship leaders. The Abingdon Worship Annual addresses the need worship planners have for ideas for the written and spoken segments of the weekly worship service. This valuable resource provides assistance to pastors and worship planners who must regularly write calls to worship, invocations, prayers and benedictions. Moreover, those who lead contemporary worship may also turn to The Abingdon Worship Annual for h... more info>>
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Abingdon Worship Annual 2006
The Abingdon Worship Annual offers fresh worship planning resources for pastors and worship leaders. The AWA addresses the need worship planners have for ideas for the written and spoken segments of the weekly worship service. At present, Abingdon provides valuables resources for sermon and music planning through The Abingdon Preaching Annual and The United Methodist Music and Worship Planner. However, no ongoing resource exists to provide assistance to pastors and worship planners who must reg... more info>>
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