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1. Very Long [214439 words]Key to Liberty [ChroMagic Series Book 4] by Piers Anthony [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
2. Very Long [219384 words]Key to Destiny [ChroMagic Series Book 3] by Piers Anthony [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
3. Very Long [215806 words]Key to Chroma [ChroMagic Series Book 2] by Piers Anthony [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
4. Very Long [225377 words]Key to Havoc [ChroMagic Series Book 1] by Piers Anthony [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
5. Long [60000 words]Pornucopia [Pornucopia Book 1] by Piers Anthony [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
6. Long [89620 words]Lineage by Skyla Dawn Cameron [Horror/Dark Fantasy]
7. Long [108200 words]The Rogue Who Loved Me by Ingela Hyatt [Romance/Historical Fiction]
8. Long [86046 words]All Wounds by Dina James [Fantasy/Horror]
9. Long [89124 words]Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn Cameron [Horror]
10. Long [70505 words]The Dimensional Shift by Frances Pauli [Romance/Science Fiction]
  1. Long [105855 words]Dragon's Son [Lord of Wind and Fire Book 3] by Elaine Corvidae [Fantasy/Romance]
2. Long [82980 words]The Crow Queen [Lord of Wind and Fire Book 2] by Elaine Corvidae [Fantasy/Romance]
3. Long [102311 words]Wolfkin [Lord of Wind and Fire Book 1] by Elaine Corvidae [Fantasy/Romance]
4. Long [103017 words]Prince of Ash [Shadow Fae Trilogy Book 2] by Elaine Corvidae [Fantasy/Dark Fantasy]
5. Long [98120 words]The Sundered Stone [Shadow Fae Trilogy Book 3] by Elaine Corvidae [Fantasy/Romance]
6. Long [106564 words]Sorceress Star by Elaine Corvidae [Fantasy/Romance]
7. Long [110298 words]Element by Christopher Besse [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
8. Long [95839 words]Tyrant Moon [Moon, Sun, Star Series Book 1] by Elaine Corvidae [Fantasy/Romance]
9. Long [77069 words]The Coming of the Horseclans [Horseclans Series Book 1] by Robert Adams [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
10. Mid-Length [48376 words]Calling the Dead [Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series Book 4] by Marilyn Meredith [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
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Key to Chroma [ChroMagic Series Book 2]
Settled by a human expedition over 1,000 years ago, the planet Charm is both magical and dangerous. Volcanoes, scattered throughout the vast landscape, erupt with a fantastic array of colors creating Chroma zones and permeating everything and everyone with magic. The barbarian Havoc became king of this strange land and immediately found himself a target to unknown powerful assassins. Having finally secured a firm grip on governing the planet with the help of the God-like Glamors, Havoc and his c... more info>>
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Key to Destiny [ChroMagic Series Book 3]
The Third Novel in the Epic ChroMagic Fantasy Series. At last Havoc and Gale are married, having discovered the source of the changelings, but the King and Queen have yet to enjoy a peaceful reign. The knowledge they've gained, as well as their new Glamor status, opens doors to new questions--and new missions for Havoc's loyal friends. While Ennui, Aspect, and Nonce are discovering the source of the enigmatic loom, Aura, Augur, and Ini are sent in search of more altars. And in the midst, the roy... more info>>
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Key to Havoc [ChroMagic Series Book 1]
1,000 years ago Earth colonized the planet Charm. But the population of Charm is now far removed from their ancient ancestors. Technology has been lost over the years but the people have something better--Magic! Charm is a world covered by volcanoes, each erupting a different color of magic. Everything within a particular Chroma becomes that color. Plants, animals, insects, and even humans all become one color and can perform that color of magic. Traveling is dangerous because a person leaving t... more info>>
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Key to Liberty [ChroMagic Series Book 4]
Shortly after the planet Charm was colonized 1,000 years ago, Earth finally suffered World War III. Almost everyone was destroyed and those remaining fell into a barbarian society when technology was lost. To prevent future wars, Earth's women took control and governed with a more sensible approach. Over the next thousand years, Earth rebuilt itself to an advanced technological power again and now needed more resources for its continued existence and growth. To fulfill their needs, Earth's lost ... more info>>
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Pornucopia [Pornucopia Book 1]
Pornucopia is a picaresque black comedy that transgresses all bounds of everyday good taste. It begins in a near-future world where sex-vending machines and genital transplants are taken for granted.
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A Matter of Justice [A Dani Deucer Mystery]
Dani Deucer is a precocious twelve-year-old girl who wants to be a detective. She and her sister Stephanie are spending the summer in Three Rivers, California when Dani meets hobo Mott Simon. At first Dani is afraid of Mott because he's different--he spends most of his time digging up the town's flowerbeds! But when Mott is accused of murder Dani sets out to prove that sometimes first impressions can be wrong. Like Harper Lee's classic To Kill A Mockingbird, A Matter of Justice is a young girl's... more info>>
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All Wounds
It's said that when opportunity knocks on your door, you have only one chance to take it. No one said what you're supposed to do when it kicks it. All Rebecca MacDonnell wants to do is get through high school with grades good enough to win a prestigious scholarship so that she can finally leave her miserable life behind. One evening, after a particularly bad day, she finds out that people other than her aging grandmother need her help, and desperately so. Well, not "people," exactly. Vampires... more info>>
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An Audience For Einstein
Professor Percival Marlowe is a brilliant, elderly astrophysicist who's dying, his greatest achievement still unfinished and now beyond his diminished means. Doctor Carl Dorning, a neurosurgeon, finally discovers a secret method of transplanting memories from one person to another, thanks to Marlowe's millions. Miguel Sanchez, a homeless boy, agrees to become the recipient of Marlowe's knowledge and personality in this unorthodox experiment, enticed by Dorning's promises of intelligence, wealth ... more info>>
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Beast of the Bells
A dark, erotic historical murder mystery set in 1539. The story is told through the eyes of Rodrigo Aquilino, secretary to the Viceroy, Don Antonio de Mendoza. His mission is twofold. He must find the gold of the fabled Seven Cities of Antilla and discover the real story of the death of Estevanico who was the guide and in fact led the last expedition. Estevanico ... the black man was larger than life. One of his many admirers describes him as "tall, built like an Arabian stallion? sleek, glossy ... more info>>
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Bitter Sweet
What can a princess do when Prince Charming isn't? Vevina started out like any fairy tale princess, with a christening and a magical gift and betrothed to a handsome prince from a neighboring country. The only thing she had to worry about was the typical witch or evil enchanter appearing when she turned eighteen. Then Fallon, her Prince Charming, revealed he was anything but charming. His plots stole nearly everything and everyone Vevina loved, and he tried to make the rest of the world think it... more info>>
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After three hundred years of unlife, sexy vampire Zara Lain has seemingly done it all, and she's now making a living as a successful thief-turned-assassin. Her newest assignment seems simple enough--kill the aging leader of the O'Connor Coven and his only heir, and she'll have another ten million in the bank. But in the dangerous world of the supernatural, few things are ever "simple." When a massive assault decimates the continent's population of powerful witches and warlocks, and its orchestra... more info>>
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After three hundred years of unlife, vampire Zara Lain has seemingly done it all, and she's now making a living as a successful thief-turned-assassin. Her newest assignment seems simple enough--kill the aging leader of the O'Connor Coven and his only heir, and she'll have another ten million in the bank. But in the dangerous world of the supernatural, few things are ever "simple." When a massive assault decimates the continent's population of powerful witches and warlocks, and its orchestrator... more info>>
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Calling the Dead [Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series Book 4]
Tempe Crabtree is the resident deputy of Bear Creek, a small mountain community in the southern Sierra. Her continuing interest in the spiritual side of her heritage often causes unrest in her marriage to her minister husband. In Calling the Dead, Deputy Tempe Crabtree investigates a murder that looks like death from natural causes, and a suicide that looks like murder. Putting her job on the line, she investigates the murder on her own time and without permission from her superiors. Jeopardizin... more info>>
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Corpses So Lively [My Soul To Take Part I]
Professor Alfred Rhys Smythe returns home to Victorian London after years abroad only to discover that a blood-thirsty cult of vampires is stalking the city's theatre district. In My Soul to Take, Part I: Corpses So Lively, Smythe investigates the mysterious death of a young woman who has since begun haunting the dark streets of the theater district and preying upon the local residents. He quickly seeks the aid of Scotland Yard Inspector Arthur Jenkins, who has long suspected that a growing hord... more info>>
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Sirens, sprites, and gentleman astrologers are everyday things in the Woven City. So when the Crusader, a 7-foot-high suit of armor with no one inside, begins hassling people outside Mme. Rumella's Tea Shop, her main concern is that he might disturb her customers. His search for an ancient artifact will come to preoccupy not only the two of them, but Mme. Rumella's young nephew, archaeologist Leila Lanstrom, Mary, Queen of Scots (but don't call her that to her face) and a whole cast of City char... more info>>
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Dragon Companion
Human Seeks Employment. Former Librarian with Dragonriding Skills... Thomas Whitehead, a mild mannered librarian from Iowa becomes magically transported to the magical kingdom of Carolna. Tom soon discoveres his new home has knights and castles, magic, and talking dragons. Tom has a chance meeting with the dragon, Retruance Constable, who finds him interesting enough to "adopt" him as his Dragon Companion. Tom's life becomes even more complicated when he must take part in driving invaders out of... more info>>
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Dragon's Gold
The Prophecy: A Roundear there Shall Surely be; Born to be Strong, Raised to be Free; Fighting Dragons in his Youth; Leading Armies, Nothing Loth; Ridding his Country of a Sore; Joining Two, then uniting Four; Until from Seven there be One; Only then will his Task be Done. When Kelvin was a child, his mother read to him from the Book of Prophecy and he asked what the poem meant. Now he was about to learn. The Kingdom of Rud languishes under the heel of a usurper; an evil sorcerer has taken the t... more info>>
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Dragon's Son [Lord of Wind and Fire Book 3]
As the armies of Argannon sweep south across the Kellsmarch, Jenel's forces frantically organize to stop them. Caught in between are the common people of Jenel, driven from their homes by the horrors of war. After their harrowing escape from Segg, Suchen, Auglar, and their companions find themselves lost in the midst of anonymous masses of refugees. Devoid of hope, they want only to return to Kellsjard and lick their wounds. But the journey is long, and the dangers many. Lost to his friends, Yoz... more info>>
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Dream Pictures [Carnival Soul Trilogy Book 1]
"The bad man's coming." Those were the exact words four-year-old Jamie Weston cried only moments before witnessing the gruesome murder of her parents. But Jamie is still alive, and "the bad man" wants her dead as well in order to claim Weston Corporation and all it's worth. Solomon and Leon Cavanaugh, two staring attractions of a carnival oddity show, rescue young Jaime Weston from her parent's killer. Hiding her within the closed world of the carnival, as Jacey Travis, Leon's niece, they will d... more info>>
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Something stirs in the darkness on the planet Zilith. A team of physicists working on a black INTEL project code named 'Element' has vanished. A SEAL recon team has been inserted to find out why. Lieutenant Jackson and his team must recover an anomalous heavy metal, discovered by a long range geophysical probe on the outer rim of charted space. Stalked by elusive night creatures and hunted by a hunter-killer platoon of Caldarian assassins known as the Black Order Legion, Jackson and his team mov... more info>>
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Fairy Dreams
To save their family lands from their unscrupulous neighbor, Cadal agrees to act as trustee to the Blake estate until Mollie, the youngest of the Blake women, is established at running it. Cadal expects to meet a child, but when Mollie arrives in Ballynaclogh, he finds himself face to face with a woman who is more than his equal.
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Flame's Ghost
Raised in an orphanage, Flame has never known love. She thinks herself incapable of love ... until she finds her gift. She can see through the eyes of the wolf. She will do everything in her power to protect the land of the wolves and its inhabitants. She's given a gift that changes her life, a white wolf cub named Ghost. He is Flame's constant companion, her best friend. Grandfather is Sioux Indian, an old man. Grandfather knows of the girl-child, Flame, but is not prepared for her power. The l... more info>>
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Grave Secret
Twenty-one-year-old Claire Bannister has just been released from a Florida mental hospital, where she spent over three years on the forensics unit for arson and murder--crimes to which she pled "not guilty by reason of insanity." The trouble is, Claire's innocent. She knows who really set the house fire that killed her siblings on that balmy night in Pensacola, but she can't tell. And she knows that her stepmother and lifelong nemesis, Sisley, will be watching her every move. Sisley never believ... more info>>
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Healer's Quest
Zelia is a priestess with sky-blue skin and strange tempers. Half-human and half-air elemental, she lives uneasily in the College of Healers. Perceived as an outsider, and declared a renegade, she is nevertheless chosen for strange and dangerous task. Ares is an opportunist and adventurer. Neither elf nor human he is another outsider, welcomed by no one, mortal or otherwise. Misfit and outcast meet, and together they discover the possess unimaginable powers of sorcery which they will need to com... more info>>
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Heretic Sun [Moon, Sun, Star Series Book 2]
The Exciting Sequel To Tyrant Moon! Deep in the heart of a ruined city lurks the power to destroy the world ... When Thraxis returns to Athraskani lands with his barbarian wife Arrow, he learns too late that the Black Council will not let their greatest tool go so easily. Soon Thraxis and Arrow are ensnared in a dangerous venture ... to discover the ruined city of Xaqqara and with it the lost power of the ancient wizards. Surrounded by enemies, sorcerers, and gods, they must find their way throu... more info>>
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