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1. The Heritage Trail explores West Kent--South-East England by Linda Lee [Travel/History]
2. Manor Houses of Great Britain Volume 1 by Linda Lee [History/Reference]
3. Abbeys & Priories of Great Britain Volume 1 by Linda Lee [History/Reference]
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Abbeys & Priories of Great Britain Volume 1
During the twelfth century, great numbers of Norman abbeys and priories were founded in England, Wales and Scotland. By the mid-fourteenth century some 1,000 religious houses of varying denomination had been established. Today, less than one third of those exist in some form or other. This book explores 30 of these sites, some well known, others not, but all open to the public at certain times throughout the year. Each article comprises a colour photograph, an historical overview, and an informa... more info>>
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Castles of Great Britain: Volume 1
Although various types of fortification existed well before the invasion and many modern "Stately Homes" are often referred to as such, this book explores 30 of the countries surviving structures considered to be 'true castles'. Built between the eleventh and seventeenth centuries when they signified power and status, these fortifications lie at the very heart of Britain's heritage. The purpose-built south coast defences of Henry VIII are a bit of an anomaly, but several examples of these are in... more info>>
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Castles of Great Britain: Volume Two
Continuing our exploration of castles from volume one, this book features a further 30 examples of fortresses throughout Britain, including some of Scotland's famous landmarks. Some now survive merely as romantic ruins, whilst others continue to dominate the surrounding area as ancestral homes to the modern nobility. Each article comprises a colour photograph, an historical overview, and an information panel containing opening times, grid reference, address, telephone number, and web site detail... more info>>
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Devon and Cornwall--South-West England
Between the rugged coastal scenery of Cornwall, and the sheltered Riviera-style beaches of Devon, everything from castles to cliff railways can be found. Tin and copper mining has been carried out in the area for centuries, and several ruinous mine workings now provide some of the most evocative landmarks. As farming and fishing supported the local communities, few grand buildings were constructed for the land-owning gentry. Nevertheless, there are many fascinating properties to explore in this ... more info>>
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Manor Houses of Great Britain Volume 1
Little evidence of everyday life in Britain during the Middle Ages has survived, with the exception of the manor house. Today there are perhaps some 300 examples of this type of late medieval country house throughout the country, many of which have evolved from the ancient "aisled hall." The selection of 30 properties contained in this volume have been well preserved, and many will be familiar even if not previously considered a "manor house" in the strictest sense. Each article comprises a colo... more info>>
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Maritime Heritage of Great Britain
For nearly a millennia Britannia has ruled the waves and over many centuries tales have been told of great sea heroes, from military commanders like Admiral Lord Nelson, to the swashbuckling rogues of Tudor England. Marvel at the 'Victory' and the 'Warrior', or experience Second World War conditions aboard HMS Belfast or HMS Cavalier. Anticipate a leisurely trip on one of the last operating British paddle steamers, or feel the claustrophobic chill inside a cold war submarine. This book explores ... more info>>
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Notable Houses of Great Britain
In Britain today there are many 'normal' houses that were once owned by, or been the birthplace of, famous authors, poets, painters, explorers and naturalists. Many are open to the public and the fascination and interests of their one-time occupants are often as diverse as the structures themselves. Classical and contemporary art, literary masterpieces, entrepreneurial engineering, religious symbolism, and the foundations of modern science are all secreted in this miscellany. This book explores ... more info>>
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Pleasure Piers of Great Britain--Volume 1
There is something quintessentially British about the seaside pier and many surviving today remain as individual in character as the resorts they enhance. Originally conceived as landing jetties for increasing paddle streamer traffic, the seaside pier soon became a popular venue for 'Promenading' or 'taking the air'. Many acquired ornate ironwork, deck lighting, shelters, and in many instances even trains. As the seaside holiday grew in popularity so too did the role of the pier, many being exte... more info>>
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The Heritage Trail explores West Kent--South-East England
Renowned as the 'Garden of England', Kent is as famous for its blossom and orchards as it is for its rich and diverse heritage. From the moment the Romans landed on our southern shores, Kent's landscape was carved out with solid roads, military settlements, and major towns. The county can now boast two thousand years of living history, with at least some fragment surviving from every period of its development. This book explores 30 of West Kent's Historic monuments, some well known, others not, ... more info>>
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