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101 Wordplay Puzzles
Each puzzle in this book is simply a play on words and represents a word or a phrase. To solve the puzzles, look for possible clues like colour, sound and position of the word(s). But do beware--these highly entertaining puzzles are addictive! Note: This eBook does not keep scores and requires a colour display.
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Little Wizard Stories of Oz
This collection comprises six short stories by the original author of the Oz series. They are written after 'The Emerald City Of Oz', the last Oz book the author had originally intended to write. However, due to popular demand by his Oz readers, L. Frank Baum continued to write more stories on Oz, including this collection. Read the enchanting stories of how the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger blew their own trumpets, how Dorothy and Toto escaped from the clutches of the giant Crinklink, Tikt... more info>>
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The Olive Fairy Book
A unique collection of 29 fairy tales edited by Andrew Lang. These stories, not so well-known and yet so beautifully told, are derived from Turkey, India, Denmark and others. Read about the enchanted lovers in "The Blue Parrot", the self-sacrificing love of "Little King Loc", the bunniah's comic attempt in cheating a farmer in "A Long-Bow Story", the capable wife who transforms her husband to a hero in "Samba the Coward", a gutsy princess who makes her own fortune in "Kupti and Imani", and the n... more info>>
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