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1. To Fly Again by Gracia Burnham [Spiritual/Religion/General Nonfiction]
2. The Marriage You've Always Dreamed Of by Greg Smalley, Ph.D. [Spiritual/Religion/Spiritual/Religion]
3. The One Year Devotions for Moms by Ellen Banks Elwell [Spiritual/Religion/Spiritual/Religion]
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20 (Surprisingly Simple) Rules and Tools to a Great Marriage
If you are finding that the urgent is often upstaging the important in your life and marriage, this book is for you. Its proven ideas will help you invest in your marriage through short, effective steps that have stood the test of time.
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The Complete Book of Bible Secrets and Mysteries
Most people, be they long-time believers, new Christians, or skeptics, enjoy very short Bible-related material. Stephen Lang, an expert in the Bible, serves up secrets and mysteries of the Bible in a fun, entertaining way.
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The Marriage You've Always Dreamed Of
The Marriage You've Always Dreamed Of offers couples usable, practical tools that, when applied, will help them break away from discouraging patterns and significantly increase the level of satisfaction in their marriages. Often in an attempt to get one to do what the other wants, couples play on each other's core fears which results in responses that injure the relationship. Greg Smalley helps couples identify their repetitive negative patterns of relating which he calls the "fear dance." His p... more info>>
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The One Year Devotions for Moms
Daily devotions in the One Year line that are specifically targeted to the needs of mothers.
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To Fly Again
Former hostage and bestselling author Gracia Burnham reflects on the hard-earned wisdom she gained during her yearlong captivity in the Philippine jungle. Twenty-one theme-based chapters focus on the challenges each of us faces when we lose control of some aspect of our life. Full of stories from the jungle and Gracia's life since returning home to the U.S., the book goes beyond the story of what happened to examine the lessons and spiritual truths learned when someone lives her greatest nightma... more info>>
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