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1. Short [15387 words]Orange Blossom by Marshall Masters [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
2. Short [23895 words]When They Invite You to Dinner--Eat First by Laurie Burns Hennicker & Marshall Masters [Family/Relationships]
3. Short [20633 words]Gold Fever by Marshall Masters [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
  1. Short [20633 words]Gold Fever by Marshall Masters [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
2. Very Long [213889 words]Godschild Covenant: Return of Nibiru by Marshall Masters [Science Fiction/Romance]
3. Short [15387 words]Orange Blossom by Marshall Masters [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
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Godschild Covenant: Return of Nibiru
A fast-paced action drama set against a global backdrop of tribulation that brings humanity into contact with extraterrestrial races. The story begins in 2011 with the early onset of natural and man-made catastrophes. In the midst of this maelstrom, the pains, secrets, and shady characters of Anthony Jarman's earlier life propel the story at a breathtaking pace, as he struggles to redefine his life through a newfound love for a son he has never met. In the process, he finds himself irresistibly ... more info>>
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Gold Fever
Three adventurous college students set out to find abandoned Spanish gold mines in the hills of Arizona and find unexpected danger and ancient mysteries along the way. The experience not only creates a bond among newfound friends, but also launches a whole new future for humankind.
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Indigo-E.T. Connection
Science tells us that the seeds of life can endure for millennia before a life-nourishing event awakens them. Could this explain the Indigo Child phenomenon? Now, humanity stands upon the cusp of its next evolution, and unprecedented numbers of Indigo Children have awakened to guide the willing towards a brighter future and contact with extraterrestrial races. While some believe that the Indigo Child phenomena began roughly forty years ago, Marshall Masters believes that Indigo Children have alw... more info>>
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Orange Blossom
Just when a handsome young aerospace consultant thinks that his contract to document a sophisticated communications satellite system has been mysteriously cut short, he is given an unexpected reprieve. There is a glitch in the ground control system and the brilliant engineer who designed it holds all the answers to his questions--if only he can penetrate her cold and reclusive nature. Tasked to work with him, she persists in keeping both him and his curiosity at arm's length. Though his superior... more info>>
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Twain's Revenge
Handsome, young Danny McCallum is caught in the jaws of a life-changing dilemma. As he begins his last semester of college, his hopes of graduating and starting a new cruise ship job will vanish unless he completes a dark and twisted assignment. Envious of his popularity with women, Danny's American Literature professor blackmails him into proving that renowned American author Mark Twain was a closet pedophile. As much as Danny wants to graduate and follow his dream of becoming a novelist, he is... more info>>
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When They Invite You to Dinner--Eat First
Author Laurie Hennicker recounts heartwarming New York City childhood memories of how her struggling immigrant family found perpetual joy and contentment in the midst of the Great Depression. The secret she shares in this heart-lifting book is simple--unconditional love still works, even in the twenty-first century. When They Invite You to Dinner--Eat First is a reminder of the joy of living with unconditional love. Her tender childhood stories will give any funny bone an irresistible tickle!
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