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Double Dragon eBooks is a division of Double Dragon Publishing; founded in 2001 with the goal of building a Canadian-based publishing venue for the growing number of good but unpublished fiction writers around the world. Double Dragon it dedicated to publishing quality works of fiction and non-fiction, and will continue to publish works in various genres in both the eBook and traditional paper book formats. We also make special efforts to publish a specific number of works written by North American Aboriginal authors each year.

1. Very Long [202491 words]Rogue Program by Darrell Bain [Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller]
2. Long [77209 words]The Unthinkable [The Unthinkable - Book II] by C R Daems [Science Fiction]
3. Long [86655 words]Gentlemen Prefer Witches by Nick Pollotta [Fantasy]
4. Long [80008 words]Burden Of Lachesis by E. L. Noel [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
5. Long [64986 words]Alien Infection by Darrell Bain [Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller]
6. Long [70353 words]Shards [Book One] by Peter W. Prellwitz [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
7. Long [101427 words]Dark Winter by Jennifer Schwabach [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
8. Long [53796 words]The Stars Like Candles Proudly Shown by Rob Mancebo [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
9. Long [71221 words]Atrocitas Aqua: Horrors of the Deep by David Bowlin [Horror/Suspense/Thriller]
10. Long [62620 words]Crazy Ships by Darrell Bain [Science Fiction]
  1. Mid-Length [40611 words]The Angel of St. Thomas vs. The Galactic Good Guys by Peter W. Prellwitz [Young Adult/Science Fiction]
2. Long [113183 words]Desolation Outpost by Terry L. Vinson [Suspense/Thriller/Horror]
3. Long [122638 words]Dark Lady's Chosen [Book Four of the CHRONICLES OF THE NECROMANCER] by Gail Z. Martin [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
4. Long [127067 words]The Perilous Gate [The Gates of Carn Cycle Book 1] by J. J. Eliyas [Fantasy/Historical Fiction]
5. Long [127847 words]Borne On Wings Of Steel by Tony Chandler [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
6. Long [94774 words]Cradle's End [The Nord Chronicles: Book Four] by Rex A. Horne [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
7. Long [96600 words]Dayspring Dawning [Dayspring Series Book 2] by Jeanine Berry [Fantasy/Romance]
8. Very Long [191026 words]The Speaker by Sandra Leigh [Fantasy]
9. Long [90871 words]The Primec and the Inheritors [The Nord Chronicles Book 3] by Rex A. Horne [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
10. Long [128900 words]A Dream of Drowned Hollow by Lee Barwood [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
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Rogue Program
DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Rogue Program is an outgrowth of my popular novel, Savage Survival, which is combined with the sequel to make one giant book, essentially two books for the price of one! Almost from the time Savage Survival was published, fans and readers wrote asking, "What happened next?" This novel not only answers the question but includes a greatly expanded and revised version of the original novel, which then segues directly into the sequel of that book. The two together make up Rogue ... more info>>
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The Unthinkable [The Unthinkable - Book II]
Lynn the Fox has been a Kazak for several years and thought she has seen it all; after all, she's a Master Kazak having killed more than five Assassins--professional killers with wizard-like talents. But life is unpredictable and the unimaginable is about to happen: * The Kazaks encounters a new kind of Assassin--a Mind Bender--who's made two Kazaks kill their clients. Lynn knows she's not immune to new Assassin's talent, which doesn't bode well for her client. * While protecting the teenage s... more info>>
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Gentlemen Prefer Witches
Accidentally discovering that she's an extremely powerful witch, Rissa Harmond, travels to the distant city of Savannah to try and find the source of her new powers. Are they a gift, or a curse? Unfortunately, a millennium-old vampire does not want her to learn that secret under any circumstances, and suddenly Rissa is besieged by supernatural monsters, and running for her life! Barely able to control her growing powers, Rissa desperately struggles to find someway to defeat the vampire--even w... more info>>
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Burden Of Lachesis
The Order of the Third Circle, an underground medieval society operating in the present, has harnessed Fate. Their charge and reason for living is the book, an ancient tome, from whence letters are drawn, penned by a scribe centuries earlier. Gabriel Mondragon, a letter bearer made immortal by an elixir and a Lachesis ring, makes deliveries that in some way change the face of the earth. Trisagion knights guard the book and the bearer, but betrayal is on the wind. Civil war is imminent within... more info>>
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Alien Infection
When a laboratory technician on the verge of retirement accidentally infects himself with blood from an emergency room patient, he intends to report it--until government agents swarm the hospital, confiscating every sample of blood taken from the patient--at gunpoint. Deciding not to report the incident just yet for fear of being thrown into an isolation chamber, he goes home--and falls violently ill. By the time he recovers and returns to work, scary things are happening. Everyone who has come ... more info>>
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Dark Winter
When humans first came to Saril, they had only one goal--to create a new paradise to rival their lost homeland. But as the centuries passed, they realized there was something else on their new world. Some thing strange and wonderful. Their decedents wielded powers the original settlers had never dreamed of. They could raise cities with their minds... heal with a touch... But every silver lining has a cloud, and Saril's was no different. There were some who twisted those gifts, perverted them to ... more info>>
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Shards [Book One]
John Wyeth was a successful man. At nineteen, he graduated at the top of his class at a respected university. By the age of twenty-two, he had survived three brutal years of warfare, serving as commanding officer for a behind-the-lines reconnaissance platoon. Now at thirty-one, he was the Senior Project Leader for the super secret think tank NATech, and he was very good at what he did. Everyone knew and no one doubted that within a few years he would be the Director. And then he was killed. Sort... more info>>
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The Stars Like Candles Proudly Shown
This book is a collection of Science Fiction adventures that have previously appeared in Raygun Revival and Spacewestern Magazines. The first is about a miner on a desert planet who risks his life to rescue a woman that he really wishes he hadn't. In the second, romance is in the air when antagonistic races join in a mission to save a peaceful planetary population from immanent destruction. In the third, a comedic and cataclysmically violent space captain is swept into the intrigues of a portsid... more info>>
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A Dragon's Tail
Look for three--One old enemy, One a stranger to her kin and kind. And look for the One from the rising sun, Who'll know them both and seek and find. From "The Song of Three" As sung by Nabon d'Lyre Centra, a foundling child grown to manhood, longs to learn his true identity. With no memory of his parents, no knowledge of his past, he is certain of only one thing--he is not a wizard. Taught to fear and distrust wizards by his foster father, Centra knows he's not one of "those spineless cowards."... more info>>
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A Shadow of Light [The Rath Haven Chronicles Book 1]
The Rath Haven Chronicles: A Shadow of Light by Rachel DeFriez is a wonderful novel about a young girl on the edge of her powers. Where do they come from, those larger than life, leaders of men like Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Caesar and Napoleon? Jane Weston knows the answer because her brother Jack is one. The two are Averiens, descended from the super race, carrying the blood of Tuatha. Although having a hero for a big brother occasionally comes in handy, Jane has always secretly won... more info>>
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A World Lost, A World Gained - Apertures Three
The final book of the Apertures trilogy! The dream of a different alternity where Americans can begin anew has been a goal of Jan and Jani Jenkins almost since the first of the Apertures Era. Now they are working against time and selfish politicians to see it happen before the whole world goes up in flames. They are urgently ferrying colonists and equipment to a new earth that only they can reach, but often it seems as if the fates are conspiring against them and all they hold dear. But when the... more info>>
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Allies and Enemies - [Apertures: Book Two]
A new Apertures novel by best-selling ebook author Darrell Bain. Betrayed by a new aperture former he is mentoring, unconscious from a head wound, Jan and his team are stranded in a hostile alternity, with enemy forces surrounding them and closing in for the kill? The exciting sequel to Apertures and the second book set in the Apertures universe.
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Atrocitas Aqua: Horrors of the Deep
Herman Melville said it best when he proclaimed that every path eventually leads to the sea. For it is the sea that holds our most sacred and terrifying fears, yet it also holds a glorious mysticism over us as a race, an attraction so strong that most of us flock to beaches, river banks, creeks, and lakes at every opportunity to stare out into the vast blueness and wonder: what's out there? Take my hand, Dear Reader, and swim with me through this journey of sixteen tales of watery terror. As we ... more info>>
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Borne On Wings Of Steel
Mother, Jaric and Kyle, along with their newfound friends, continue their search for other survivors of the human race who may have escaped the T'kaan genocide. They travel to the farthest known worlds of the universe, but fail to discover the first solid clue that anyone else survived. After many long months of fruitless searching, their hopes again begin to fade. But there is conflict even within Mother's family. Kyle and Jaric bitterly resent Becky's clone. They cruelly taunt her and treat h... more info>>
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Crazy Ships
A brand new science fiction novel from the author of The Sex Gates and The Pet Plague. Earth has become a dystopia ruled by giant corporations, where the majority of the population is bonded to a company for life. Twins Jane and Steve are an exception, living an upper class life by means of their parents' stake in a new enterprise--which doesn't suit the great corporation currently governing the world. Just as Steve and Jane realize they are in love--with each other--their parents' company is fo... more info>>
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Crowharrow [The Chronicles of Ealiron, Book Three]
Deep in the heart of Loralin Forest, folks whisper of a legendary immortal predator with the body of a male god, towering black wings and the claws and fangs of a mountain cat. Crowharrow, they call it. But one family of troubled wizards knows the winged hunter is not a legend. The youngest, a woman named Tansel, has been sheltered all her life by solitude and the secrets of her ancestors. A diabolical seducer and destroyer of women, the beautiful immortal notices Tansel and ushers her, the last... more info>>
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Dante's Mirror
Straight-laced tax attorney Melissa Siren conceals a dark side. She yearns for a dominant man to force her to submit to his will. She enjoys a torrid love affair with young Aaron Devin, a blue-collar man ten years her junior. She finds in Aaron the perfect lover, exciting and dangerous, but never excessive. Melissa's taste for fine antiques leads to the purchase of a magical mirror capable of animating erotic lithographs and the seductive emotions they convey. As people around Melissa die violen... more info>>
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Death On Zanath
Humanity reached the stars, colonizing planets deep in the galaxy. But a century later, the T'Akons, a powerful alien race appeared. The machine-based aliens conquered the colonies with their advanced technology. They also began their quest to remake humans into their own cybernetic likeness. On the planet Zanath, the aliens create cybernetic-hybrid humans that now comprise a majority of the population. Unmodified humans are shunned on Zanath and forced to live in ghettos. One such human is Kir... more info>>
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Eternal Triangle [Order of the Black Lily Book 3]
While traveling to the airport after visiting his close friend Julian, Manuel Gonzalez meets an intriguing divorcee when his vehicle collides with a moose during a near-blizzard. Invited to take shelter from the dangerous storm by Alison Haldane, a self-reliant ranchwoman, Manuel, who for many years has led a brigade of mercenary soldiers, performs a service that his hostess regards as the saving of her life. Drawn to the woman whose courage and forthrightness he deeply admires, Manuel frankly a... more info>>
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Evil Outfitters, Ltd.
Evil Outfitters, Ltd. has specialized in the equipage of dark lords, assassins, necromantic wizards and priests, and rich madmen for hundreds of years--and it's still run by its original founder, Tavrax the Lich. When the baron Drackley signs on as a new client, he ruffles the firm's calm by showing every sign of truly being able to overthrow the king. Even Tavrax takes an interest. Madeline Muir and James North, who comprise the tailoring department, are much less happy to discover that Drackle... more info>>
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Evolution of an Affair [Order of the Black Lily Book 2]
A self-reliant Westerner meets an intriguing stranger who radiates an aura of danger. Seduced into becoming Julian's mistress, Mercedes discovers that he intuitively divines her need for pain inflicted by an expert master. Sensing that Julian understands her as no one ever has, cognizant that this sometimes cruel partner reaches depths in her nature hitherto never plumbed, Mercedes swiftly grows to trust the master who relentlessly increases the demands he makes while raising her to unprecedente... more info>>
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Full Moonster [BUREAU 13 Book Three]
'Bureau 13' is the ultra-covert branch of the FBI assigned to handle supernatural criminals. The public doesn't know they exist, the President denies any knowledge of their actions, and not every Bureau 13 operative is a human being. Yet these wise-cracking, heavily-armed, federal agents are America's first, last and only line of defense against the growing tide of monstrous evil.
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Heart Of The Sidhe - The Sidhe Legends: Book Four
The Tower of Glass has been destroyed. Balor of the Evil Eye is dead. But now the Tuatha de Danann clans must face a new threat from the piratical Fomor race. While one faction tries to make a peace, a ruthless military under High-Admiral Tharkus forms a conspiracy to thwart the attempt, gather their forces, and strike back at the Children of Danu. The young hero Lugh of the Long Arm must gain new strength for his people by seeking out the lost source of the Sidhe power. He is aided in his ques... more info>>
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Immortal Blood [Book One: Raven Blood Trilogy]
On the cold, dark streets of London lurks a serial killer. Raven Mason is the photographer who covertly takes pictures of the crime as it happens. Her cold indifference to the victims she shoots quickly changes the night she's attacked by the killer. This leads her down the dark, seductive path to the vampire underworld. A world from which she won't return.
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Mothership - Book One
In the midst of Galactic War a new life-form is born--an AI starship. But with all its weapons and sophisticated programming, the sentient starship is not equipped for its greatest challenge--that of becoming the mother to the last three children of humanity. The deadly T'kaan soon begin the hunt again after they discover that the human race is not quite extinct. As Mother faces these impossible odds, she discovers that deep inside her massive memory systems she holds another treasure--a knowled... more info>>
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