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Executive Influence: Impacting Your Workplace for Christ
Executive Influence is full of sound advice on "taking your faith to work" from over forty Christian businesspeople. These well-respected executives and professionals talk candidly about the challenges of using their positions of influence while not abusing their authority. Their personal stories and practical suggestions will help all believers become more effective witnesses at work. Learn how to win a hearing for the gospel from top executives such as: Bill Pollard, former CEO and current cha... more info>>
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Secrets of the Mustard Seed: Ten Life-Changing Promises from the New Testament
The Ten Best Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Life. Jesus came into the world of complicated rituals and regulations to condense the pursuit of God into one word: love. But he did more. Christ and his apostles showed us what healthy love is made of and how it can work most powerfully in our lives. The New Testament turns words of advice into life-changing promises. After a thorough investigation of what Jesus emphasized the most, Steven Mosley has uncovered the New Testament's Ten Commandment... more info>>
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The Messenger: An Exciting Fictional Account of Paul's Letter to the Philippians
To anyone else, the letters had little value. But to Paul, they would be words of life. Epaphroditus would have preferred to walk from Philippi to Rome. This was the stormy season, the time when cold winds from the north mixed with warmer air over the Mediterranean, causing sudden and violent tempests. As temperatures plummeted and the wind and rain engulfed him, the young potter silently rebuked himself: 'No one in his right mind travels at this time of year. Not by sea. What were you thinking?... more info>>
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The Overload Syndrome: Learning to Live Within Your Limits
Do you dread going to work? Are your relationships strained from stress? Do you wish you could check into a hospital just to get some sleep? Busyness. Stress. Overload. Anyone living in today's society knows the struggle of trying to handle the demands of life at the turn of the millennium. You don't have enough time to do the things you have to do--let alone those things you'd like to do. You feel tired, worn out, and burned out. You're not alone. These symptoms are not a figment of your imagin... more info>>
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