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Fully incorporated in February 2000, ElectricStory strives to hasten the adoption of eBooks by publishing the best in fantastic literature. Our editors, graphic designers, and technology consultants have worked for top entertainment and software companies, such as Microsoft, Sierra, and Wizards of the Coast. We're headquartered thirty miles east of Seattle in the rainy Cascade Mountain foothills. Deer and elk roam the neighborhood, sword ferns squat under the cedars, and beards of moss wag from the branches. It's an introverted place that seems well suited to our work.

1. Long [84740 words]Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
2. Short [15258 words]Portraits of His Children by George R.R. Martin [Fantasy]
3. Short [7869 words]Boobs by Suzy McKee Charnas [Fantasy]
4. Short [23295 words]Unicorn Tapestry by Suzy McKee Charnas [Fantasy/Horror]
5. Short [5600 words]Little Red Schoolhouse by Robert F. Young [Science Fiction]
6. Short [8000 words]What Bleak Land by Robert F. Young [Science Fiction]
7. Short [5500 words]The Dandelion Girl by Robert F. Young [Science Fiction]
8. Long [55000 words]Astronomy by Richard Wadholm [Dark Fantasy]
9. Mid-Length [30622 words]Barnacle Bill the Spacer by Lucius Shepard [Science Fiction]
10. Short [17945 words]Crocodile Rock by Lucius Shepard [Horror/Fantasy]
  1. Long [148595 words]The Green Pearl [Lyonesse Book 2] by Jack Vance [Fantasy]
2. Very Long [150000 words]Madouc [Lyonesse Book 3] by Jack Vance [Fantasy]
3. Short [8000 words]What Bleak Land by Robert F. Young [Science Fiction]
4. Short [5500 words]The Dandelion Girl by Robert F. Young [Science Fiction]
5. Long [84740 words]Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
6. Long [131526 words]New Celebrations: The Adventures of Anthony Villiers by Alexei Panshin [Science Fiction]
7. Short [7250 words]The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr by George R.R. Martin [Fantasy]
8. Long [125637 words]Sugar Rain [Starbridge Chronicles 2] by Paul Park [Science Fiction]
9. Long [64592 words]The Engines of the Night by Barry N. Malzberg [General Nonfiction]
10. Short [19823 words]Beauty and the Opera or The Phantom Beast by Suzy McKee Charnas [Fantasy]
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Rite of Passage
After the destruction of Earth, humanity has established itself precariously among a hundred planets. Between them roam the vast Ships, doling out scientific knowledge in exchange for raw materials. On one of the Ships lives Mia Havero. Belligerent soccer player, intrepid explorer of ventilation shafts, Mia tests all the boundaries of her insulated world. She will soon be tested in turn. At the age of fourteen all Ship children must endure a month unaided in the wilds of a colony world, and alth... more info>>
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Portraits of His Children
Richard Cantling didn't regret the sacrifices he had made for his work, but he had expected his daughter to forgive and forget. When the painting arrives, it seems a gesture of reconciliation--until he's brought face to face with another of his offspring, one he never planned to meet...
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In 1948, the future was 1984, but in 2002, we don't have to wait as long! Adjust your vision to 2020 as revealed in this collection. On an international highway system of never-pausing traffic, Nomads keep moving from cradle to grave. Bio-engineered kangaroos carry fetuses for busy mothers. And a foundering lunar resort makes a desperate bid to exploit one of humanity's great oversights--we forgot to name the moon! Wry and funny and appallingly probable, 2020 includes several of Robert Onopa's b... more info>>
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A Song for Lya
Two telepaths investigate the newly discovered world of Shkea, where every native inhabitant, and an increasing number of human colonists, worships a mysterious and deadly parasite. Winner of the 1975 Hugo Award for Best Novella.
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At the end of World War II, an American task force investigates a Nazi project to reanimate the dead and summon strange monsters from other dimensions. Deranged by their own studies, the Nazi scientists have been difficult to find, much less talk to. Only the linguist Susan Gilbert has had any luck getting their cooperation. When it turns out that the biggest, most horrific experiment of them all has yet to be completed, she ends up leading the effort to save the world. But she's not a mad geniu... more info>>
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Barnacle Bill the Spacer
Johnny somehow fell into the role of Barnacle Bill's protector and apologist. Barnacle Bill is handicapped and the pariah of the entire space station. But when mutiny breaks out on the station, how can Johnny protect Bill? This is a great work by Shepard which took both the Hugo and Locus awards and is filled with tragedy, irony, and triumph, all at the same time.
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Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories
From the gentle fantasies that include the wry title story--winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards--to ecological allegories; a horrific novelette about experimental excursions into the realm of death; and a first-contact mini-epic, this anthology showcases the wide range of Bisson's powerful talent. In every piece, Bisson's characters are just as absurd as their fantastic landscape, yet thoroughly ordinary, recognizable, and authentic. His pack of scientists, artists, rednecks, insurance sal... more info>>
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Beauty and the Opera or The Phantom Beast
During a performance of Faust, the beautiful young soprano Christine is kidnapped by the hideous "Phantom" of the Paris Opéra and taken to his Gothic lair beneath the city. The phantom's powers are almost supernatural, his tempers often lethal. However, Christine is no victim. Though she must accede to his demands that she become his wife and protégé, she does so on her terms, and the dark romance that follows becomes an enduring legend.
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Suzy Charnas offers a fresh perspective on alienated youth through a very old fantasy idea. Puberty is tough on anyone, but especially on "well-endowed" girls, who get a lot of unwanted attention in addition to the monthly curse. When you're a werewolf, well, the curse takes on a whole new meaning, and bad things happen to people who hassle you.
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Colonel Rutherford's Colt
The itinerant gun show draws together many subcultures from the margins of society: survivalists, Aryan brotherhoods, and the team of Rita Whitelaw and Jimmy Roy Guy, dealers in collectible arms. Rita has made Jimmy an exception to her general disdain for whites--"not your typical Caucasian," as she describes him--for Jimmy's got a storytelling ability that borders on mystic vision. When Jimmy makes an agreement with the widow of Aryan martyr Bob Champion to broker her husband's infamous Colt .4... more info>>
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Crocodile Rock
When Rawley called, Michael had no idea what he would be getting into. He was offered a chance to take on a strange case. There were reports of native "crocodile men" murdering tribesmen. Such reports were not uncommon in the wilds of Africa, but in this case a "crocodile man" has actually confessed to the murders...
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Dream Factories and Radio Pictures
What if the post-apocalyptic world was inherited by the android avatars of a famous duck, mouse, and dog? What if every '50s Bugarama monster-movie nightmare came true at once? What if Cloudbuster pioneers had transformed the arid American Southwest into a subtropical paradise? What do you mean, what if? They're real, they're here, a life-giving downpour in a desert of mundanity, right from the cranium of Howard Waldrop, one of the best, most original writers in America. For the first time, the ... more info>>
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Earth Magic
Neither swords-and-sorcery nor Tolkienesque romance, Earth Magic presents an archaic world in the tradition of the Northern European epic poems. Haldane, the young son of the Get warlord Black Morca, encounters a witch in the woods who unsettles his composure with prophecies of strange events and major changes. He returns home to find the first of the prophecies already come true--his father has been off raiding the more civilized countries to the West and has returned with a Western princess fo... more info>>
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Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow
An excellent companion to Alexei Panshin's novels, Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow collects twelve of his best stories, the last a novella written in collaboration with his wife, Cory. From the universe of the Nebula Award-winning Rite of Passage, where the hegemony of advanced ships over primitive worlds engenders complex moral dilemmas, to the first manned exploration of Neptune, to the interstellar quest of a fair lady and a noble beastman to find a home, these engaging fantasies turn the id... more info>>
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Ghosts and Other Lovers
The introduction begins, "I'm fascinated by ghosts, and entertain all sorts of theories about what they really are. That hauntings are caused by the uneasy dead, by spirits unable to find rest, seems to me the least likely explanation...." Veteran fantasy and horror author Lisa Tuttle has assembled thirteen of her imaginative inquiries into the nature of ghosts and the people they visit, covering territory from gothic romance to the just plain creepy. Incisive, moving, and unsettling, Ghosts and... more info>>
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Green Tea
A vindictive survivor of an interstellar terrorist attack confronts his nemesis over a tense, but civilized, cup of tea.
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The Grist is the goo of life that links humanity with the collective consciousness of every living thing. Andre Sud, itinerant priest and expert rock balancer, searches for the Large Array Personality (LAP) known as Thaddeus Kaye, who threatens the delicate balance of interstellar events with his suspected ability to control the future.
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Heirs of the Perisphere
In a post-apocalyptic future, three theme park robots designed as cartoon characters--a duck, a dog, and a mouse--search for a buried cylinder that will help them learn more about the people from their own time. [This story is also available in Howard Waldrop's collection Dream Factories and Radio Pictures].
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In the House of the Worm
In a crumbling underground city on a dying planet, young Annelyn has lived a life of privilege. When he is humilated at the hands of the crafty groun hunter they call the Meatbringer, he and his high-born friends plot revenge. But Annelyn's plan goes desperately awry, leading him deep into the city's ruins--and to the ugly truth about his forebears' reverence for the mythic White Worm.
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Little Red Schoolhouse
A little boy runs away from the bleak city to regain the bucolic countryside of his memory, with its little red schoolhouse and pretty, affectionate teacher. Unfortunately he's intercepted by the authorities, and even more unfortunately, they're willing to grant his wish. (This early story of Young's makes an interesting complement to "What Bleak Land," one of his final pieces.)
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Lucy Maria
Edward had been smitten with love for the ghost since he was a boy. His fiancee reluctantly agreed they could rent the house she haunted. After all, how could the spirit of a long-dead child come between them?
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Madouc [Lyonesse Book 3]
The World Fantasy Award-winning third volume of the Lyonesse trilogy brings attention to the faerie changeling Madouc. Where princess Suldrun once meekly endured the proprieties of Castle Haidion, Madouc defends herself with rotten fruit. Vexed, King Casmir arranges a contest to marry her off, but Madouc has other ideas, and enlists the stableboy "Sir Pom-pom" on an impromptu quest to find her father. During their travels, they encounter swindlers, faeries, trolls, ogres, a knight in search of h... more info>>
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Memories of the Future: Stories by Robert F. Young
Robert F. Young published frequently in major markets from the 1950s to his death in 1985. Disney even optioned film rights to one of his books. However, probably because he wrote few novels, he was never widely known. His better stories, many collected here, captured a deep sense of nostalgia and winnowed a glimpse of true love from mere obsession: a mountaineer must redeem his life by scaling a miles-long artifact shaped like a woman; a little boy attempts to return from a bleak city to the id... more info>>
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My Pathology
What if the logic of the world reflected the bizarre logic of the unconscious? Each story in My Pathology explores the insanity just below the surface of normal life--especially the madness that unites and divides the sexes. A woman's obsession with her younger sister's nocturnal activities centers uneasily upon the attic of their shared home, where someone or something has built a room-sized nest. A man's desire to connect with aliens threatens his ability to form human relationships. And in th... more info>>
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Having recently gone blind, Ray seemed in no condition to serve as illustrator for an expedition. However, the researchers were traveling into the realm of death itself, where one does not need eyes to see.
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