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1. Long [64924 words]The Institute, Book I: Healer [The Institute Series] by Cassandra Gold [Erotica/Fantasy]
2. Short [10989 words]Gambling On Maybe by Fae Sutherland [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
3. Long [62074 words]Blue-Eyed Soul by Fae Sutherland & Chelsea James [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
4. Long [73743 words]Diversion by Eden Winters [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
5. Mid-Length [31246 words]Calendar Boys--October: Trick Of Silver by Jamie Craig [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
6. Mid-Length [44336 words]Nowhere Diner: Finding Love by T. A. Chase [Erotica/Romance]
7. Short [23507 words]Wanting by M. L. Rhodes [Erotica/Romance]
8. Long [64717 words]The Blue Moon Cafe by Rick R. Reed [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
9. Mid-Length [26635 words]Tame by A. J. Llewellyn [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
10. Mid-Length [26638 words]The Bounty Hunter by M. L. Rhodes [Erotica]
  1. Long [61129 words]Virgo: The Warrior Prince [Boys Of The Zodiac] by Pepper Espinoza [Erotica/Fantasy]
2. Long [98258 words]Between Sinners And Saints by Marie Sexton [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
3. Long [79434 words]A Renaissance In Blood [The Master Chronicles, Book VII] by Jamie Craig [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
4. Long [100089 words]My Rebel Belle by Pamela Cummings [Romance/Historical Fiction]
5. Mid-Length [39419 words]Music Of The Night [Masquerade] by M. L. Rhodes [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
6. Long [90894 words]Sea Change by Darlene Marshall [Romance/Historical Fiction]
7. Long [85523 words]The Wishing Tree [The Texas Brides, Book I] by Catherine Snodgrass [Romance]
8. Long [65826 words]Unquiet Spirits by Dee Lloyd [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
9. Long [73900 words]Ice Princess by Catherine Snodgrass & Bryndis Rubin [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
10. Long [85776 words]Lords of Kellesborne [The Draegan Lords, Book II] by M. L. Rhodes [Erotica/Fantasy]
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The Institute, Book I: Healer [The Institute Series]
For years, Dr. Tristan Matheson has hidden his unusual healing abilities, pretending to be an ordinary doctor instead. And he's eluded detection--until now. When Tristan's targeted, a mysterious shapeshifter named Cam becomes his only means of escape. A member of the Delphic Institute, Cam is capable of taking the shape of anyone he's ever seen. Retrieving Tristan was supposed to be an ordinary mission, but the feelings the doctor stirs in Cam are surprising and unwelcome. Unfortunately, Trist... more info>>
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Blue-Eyed Soul
International pop star Remey Dufresne just wants a break from it all. And the idyllic town of Haven, Massachusetts, seems to be the perfect spot to reconnect with his small-town roots and recharge. He doesn't expect special treatment from the people who live there, he just wants a haven of his own. But what he also doesn't expect is to fall in love--with the town, with its people, and with the local high school music teacher and his precocious little girl. Single father Aleksander Kelly is by n... more info>>
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Drug dealers aren't always on the streets; sometimes they sit in offices and boardrooms, selling merchandise in official-looking bottles instead of little cellophane bags... When given a choice between eight more years in prison or using his "expertise" to assist the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau's Department of Diversion Prevention and Control, convicted drug trafficker Richmond "Lucky" Lucklighter takes the sentence with the illusion of freedom. Cynical and unwilling to admit he's begun to ca... more info>>
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Gambling On Maybe
When Phoenix police officer Stephen Miranda offers tipsy Zachary West a ride home one Friday night, he's just doing his job. He doesn't expect to unleash a glittery whirlwind on his orderly, very homogenized life. From minute one, Zach is like nothing Stephen's ever known and like everything he's secretly craved. Zach doesn't hide who he is for anyone's comfort, even his own, but for a chance at a man like Stephen, he'd be willing to be an "undercover lover." But while Stephen lusts after the v... more info>>
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Calendar Boys--October: Trick Of Silver
Halloween is a night of tricks and treats, but an assassin doesn't expect either until he meets his mark and realizes nothing will be the same again... Argenti agent Darren Sumner was born to hunt and terminate rogue werewolves, and his assignment to target Aden Richter should have been like any other. Guilty of seven murders, the werewolf needed to be put down. Unfortunately, Darren's assigned to infiltrate a Halloween party in a leather miniskirt, high heels, and a wig! To make things more dif... more info>>
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Nowhere Diner: Finding Love
Leaving Minnesota, Timothy Gapin doesn't have any plans except getting as far away from all the memories as he can before his money runs out. His secret lover has married, breaking his heart and making him choose a life in the open rather than a relationship built on lies.Little does Tim know that four days later he would grab dinner at a diner and find a place to stop. Somehow this diner in the middle of nowhere becomes his home and the people who work there his family. In addition to the worke... more info>>
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Cavan Carmichael has just transferred to LAPD from rural Oregon. It's Halloween and he's expecting...well, the unexpected, since it's the time of spooky things, and this is LA, after all. Nobody, however, could have predicted an animal abuse call that turns out to reveal a beaten, chained-up man in a garden shed. Then come the words that Cavan knows will haunt him for life: "Don't worry, I'm tame." Cavan rescues the man who, underneath the bruises and blood, is very handsome. And mysterious. N... more info>>
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The Blue Moon Cafe
Someone--or something--is killing Seattle's gay men. A creature moves through the darkest night, lit only by the full moon, taking them, one by one, from the rainy city's gay gathering areas. Someone--or something--is falling in love with Thad Matthews. Against a backdrop of horror and fear, young Thad finds his first true love in the most unlikely of places--a new Italian restaurant called The Blue Moon Cafe. Sam is everything Thad has ever dreamed of in a man: compassionate, giving, handsom... more info>>
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It started with one kiss. Which led to another. And another. And then to a mind-blowing night of intimacy Jeremy Reynolds can't forget. He can't stop thinking about the gorgeous, smart, compassionate man who tilted his world. Can't stop seeing warm, sexy eyes gazing at him with breath-stealing intensity. Jeremy tries to tell himself to let the incident go, move on, and chalk it up to a life experience. After all, what transpired between him and his best friend and roommate, Ben Cross, can never... more info>>
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629 Miles To Love
When Noah Parker left his hometown six years ago, he left behind more than his family and the confines of a town he'd outgrown. He also left behind Cal Green, his childhood best friend and high school love, and it's the one thing he's regretted ever since. Now, called home by his ailing father, Noah decides he's had enough of regrets and sets in motion a plan to convince Cal that they're meant to be. Noah has a full tank of gas, a reluctant passenger and 629 miles to change the past before his g... more info>>
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A Corner Of My Soul
The perfect place to clear his head. The idyllic haven with the woman of his dreams. The isolated spot for a killer out for revenge... Natalie Gray has lived in a corner of Doug Carlyle's soul since the day they met. She's his light in a dark world, the good that cuts through the evil his mind too often sees. She's his anchor, his heart, his future. The world and all its horrors can wait. This is the time for them. Doug wasn't anticipating someone else had a different agenda. He won't be caught ... more info>>
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A Deceptive Bequest
In the country, Ashley Douglas sees a young man overturn his boat. She can swim, and, believing he is drowning, leaps in to save him. She's mortified however, when he winds up pulling her to safety. She discovers he's Lord Damon and worse, not only does he call her Miss Blake, but dares to kiss her. She arrives home drenched, and finds even more upsetting news. The Duke of Roxton has informed her foster parents that he wishes Ashley to become his young daughter's governess, and Ashley is terrifi... more info>>
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A Good Neighbor
Dylan admits it himself, he's a relentlessly single man in a small town, consoled only by being a good teacher and a devoted nephew to his Great-Aunts.When the Aunts take a hand in matchmaking him with Josie, the girl down the street, Dylan doesn't tell them what kind of soulmate he's really looking for--and the fact that he's already found the man in question, Josie's brother Neal. But a secret affair can't go on forever, can it?Faced with a heart-wrenching decision when his chance at love seem... more info>>
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A Most Unsuitable Bride
Deirdre Darrington's widowed father marries unexpectedly. Deirdre accepts her new family, only to be crushed when she discovers the man of her heart, Clive Shadbourne, is engaged to Phoebe, the elder of her stepsisters. After Clive goes off to war still unwed, the Darrington family is invited to Harmon Hall, where all three young women meet Edward Fox, who will one day be Lord Harmon. A notorious rake, Edward sets his sights on both Deirdre and Phoebe--not for marriage but for dalliance. But wha... more info>>
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A Renaissance In Blood [The Master Chronicles, Book VII]
What happens to love when you experience a rebirth and become new again? Jesse Madding wakes up one morning to discover everything has changed and he is completely alone, with both Gideon and Emma gone. Betrayed by the last person he'd expect, he realizes the life he once had is over, and somehow he must forge a new existence. Aching with the loss, Jesse vows to do everything he can to overcome the lies, return home, and locate the vampire that makes his life worth living. Genres: Gay / Dark Fan... more info>>
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Achilles' Charm
She was the unresistable charm of love that filled his dreams. Her leaving was the poisoned arrow that pierced his heart. The demure crossing of Agnes Mary O'Connor's beautiful ankles during mass on a sultry summer day is what first drew Ross Carpenter to the lovely girl he wanted to possess. And possess her he did--completely and irrevocably he bound her to him. Theirs was a passionately intense relationship. The diamond ankle bracelet Ross clasped around Agnes Mary's ankle was an unspoken prom... more info>>
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Allegro Vivace
Sparks fly when brash young violinist Matt Dugan strides into professor Aaron Parrish's classroom. Aaron's intrigued by the twenty-year-old virtuoso, and agrees to take him on for private lessons. Things get off to a rocky start that's complicated by a growing mutual attraction. But Aaron, still reeling from the loss of his partner two years earlier, resists--until the afternoon Matt seduces him in his office. Teacher and student embark on a passionate affair. Matt wants to tell everyone, whil... more info>>
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Aquarius: He Said, He Said [Boys Of The Zodiac]
He said: "So what if I thought he was gorgeous? He was also kind of a jerk. But then our kids decided to be best buddies, and I kept having to see the guy, and...well, keeping him strictly as fantasy material who never opened his mouth got a little harder after that..." And he said: "I don't have time for a personal life. I have a son whose medical history requires my full attention and a company I need to keep afloat in this awful economy. Making friends just isn't a priority. At least until t... more info>>
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At His Throat, A Promise
In the slave city of Spire, Ellis has been discarded. His former master, a man who was supposed to teach him and take care of him, passed away, leaving Ellis alone and in danger of being taken to the Facility. Ellis is desperate to avoid that fate. He seeks a master to take him on, guiding him into adulthood as well as a profession. Ellis has had desire stolen from him--he's been trained to blush, to submit, to give in. He doesn't know how to cope with William, a man who wants the real Ellis. W... more info>>
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At The Advent Of Dusk
1962. Chicago. Gideon Keel is the most feared vampire in the city. Nobody dares to stand up to him--until somebody does... When his path crosses that of the charismatic civil rights activist's, Gideon faces the first person in more than sixty years to threaten his existence and live to tell the tale. Mary Straughn is beautiful, driven, and most of all, determined not to let anyone--even a vampire--hurt the people she is trying to lead into a better life. He knows he should kill her. Yet, when sh... more info>>
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Battling Glass
Emilien has hidden himself away for endless years. Half-human and half-vampire, he has continually struggled with his own nature. His only contact is with a vampire named Carmen, who makes one critical error and brings the full force of vampire wrath down on Carmen, exposing Emilien and forcing him out of hiding. Saddled with a young mortal woman he can't bring himself to kill, he flees with her to her brother's house. Carl represents everything that Emilien yearns for, to live life like a norm... more info>>
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Beneath Dark Stars
The sequel to Amber Allure's Best Seller The Back Stairs... Fallon Roxbury, seasoned detective and special police consultant, knows that appearances can be deceiving. Trained to gather the clues and arrive at logical conclusions, he fits the puzzle pieces of a situation together to find the truth. But there's nothing reasonable in Fallon's attraction to the sexy, secretive shapeshifter called Sundown. Sundown has studied people all his life. Having his very own human male is all he ever wanted... more info>>
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Bitter Creek's Redemption
Bitter Creek is a town on the brink of war.Lines are being drawn and sides taken as two powerful men gather armies of gunfighters. The townspeople are helpless and the law worthless. One man has already died in the opening salvo of this land war and an air of fearful anticipation hangs over the town.Eagle, the half-breed who works at the livery stable, manages to survive by not taking sides, until one day a stranger rides into town. Eagle's life changes, and he realizes that he can no longer hid... more info>>
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Brianna's Navy SEAL
Brianna Macgregor longed for adventure, until tragedy cured her forever. Or so she thought... Former Navy SEAL-turned-kindergarten teacher Cable Addison enters Brianna's life, and he's everything she wants. But even though he's left adventure behind, it's followed him in dangerous ways. When old Macgregor enemy Darcy Langlais sets her sights on Cable, Brianna has to decide if love is worth the risk. [Genres: Romance / Contemporary Romance]
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Bridge Over Troubled Water
Detective Brady Lindstrom deals in death, and not just because he's a homicide cop with the slaughter of a century to solve. Ten years ago, vampires murdered his lover. Ever since, he's looked over his shoulder, ready for vampires to strike again. Or maybe just the one he loved. Exhausted and angry about the needless deaths he has to investigate, Brady worries that the killers he's looking for aren't even human. Those fears are compounded by an unexpected visitor, the battered and nearly broken ... more info>>
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