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1. Long [58426 words]Shift of Fate [Dark Promises Series #3] by Elisa Adams [Erotica/Romance]
2. Mid-Length [27763 words]Over the Line by Denise A. Agnew [Erotica/Romance]
3. Mid-Length [40336 words]In Darkness by Elisa Adams [Erotica/Romance]
4. Long [74095 words]Ellora's Cavemen [Tales From the Temple IV] by Jaid Black & Tawny Taylor & Annie Windsor [Erotica/Romance]
5. Long [80413 words]Dirty Pictures by Elisa Adams [Erotica/Romance]
6. Mid-Length [44158 words]Dangerous Games by Charlene Teglia [Erotica/Romance]
7. Long [54246 words]Dance of the Seven Veils by Cris Anson [Erotica/Romance]
8. Mid-Length [48835 words]Bad Boys by Sally Apple [Erotica/Romance]
9. Long [51404 words]Alcandian Quest by Mary Wine [Erotica/Romance]
10. Short [24851 words]Bachelorette by Sherri L. King [Erotica/Romance]
  1. Long [58046 words]Calista's Men [Crime Tells Series #3] by Jory Strong [Erotica/Romance]
2. Long [68969 words]The Game by Mackenzie McKade [Education/Romance]
3. Long [81552 words]What Price Paradise by Katherine Allred [Romance]
4. Mid-Length [33728 words]Uncovering Navarro [My Immortal Knight Series #5] by Delilah Devlin [Erotica/Romance]
5. Long [74095 words]Ellora's Cavemen [Tales From the Temple IV] by Jaid Black & Tawny Taylor & Annie Windsor [Erotica/Romance]
6. Long [58459 words]Taming Heather [Cariboo Lunewulf Series #1] by Lorie O'Clare [Erotica/Romance]
7. Long [60266 words]Triple Play [Sexy Sweet Series #1] by Rhyannon Byrd [Erotica/Romance]
8. Long [53969 words]Rafe and Sheila [The Hunters Series #6] by Shiloh Walker [Erotica/Romance]
9. Long [80413 words]Dirty Pictures by Elisa Adams [Erotica/Romance]
10. Mid-Length [44158 words]Dangerous Games by Charlene Teglia [Erotica/Romance]
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A Wanton's Thief
Falcon Montague had been dubbed many things in his long, immortal life ... Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, murderer, hero. But never had his soul been so deeply branded by a woman. On a late-night raid, he overhears the murder plot of the mistress of Wyngate Hall, the breathtaking beauty, Lady Salena Tremayne. But after snatching her from her chambers to remove her to safety, Falcon soon finds Salena to be the thief ... the thief of his heart. The wanton ... Lady Salena Tremayne has heard the rum... more info>>
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After Sundown: Redemption
When independent, tough as nails motivational speaker, Alyssa Edwards, puts aside her pride and hires Sundown Security to protect her from a stalker while she finishes the last few speaking engagements in her hometown, she's shocked to discover that her new body guard is a two hundred year old vampire. Christian Galiano devotes his immortal life to defending and protecting the humans he ruthlessly preyed upon during the first fifty years of his vampire existence. That duty is his only reason for... more info>>
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Against the Wall
She's a good girl ready for her turn to be bad. He's a hard-ass set on resisting the inevitable. When temptation lives just around the corner, who knows what wicked wonders will result? Shea Dresden doesn't need her PhD to know she's more brains than bod--too much bookworm, too little bada-bing!--but this is getting ridiculous. Her sexy nextdoor neighbor, the sinfully irresistible Ryan McCall, has been going out of his way to ignore her for months now. She's flirted, asked him out, done everythi... more info>>
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Alcandian Quest
Jessica's love life is a mess. She wants a man who will love her, make her heart pound with desire and her body melt from passion. Marriage is in there too, but finding the right guy is turning out to be mission impossible. Dumping Mr. Wrong, she heads to her cabin in the mountains, hardly expecting to be swept off her feet and out of this world--literally--into the arms of the sexiest man she's ever met. What she isn't prepared for is to get the man of her dreams--in duplicate! Dylan and Jett d... more info>>
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Hollywood security expert Gideon Fevere's life is all business with no room for love. Until a chance encounter with a mouthy, brazen siren has him re-evaluating his priorities. Because of a heartless betrayal in her youth, make-up artist Catherine Stowe has little respect for men and no use for them other than in her bed. When Gideon enters the scene, to protect her boss from a dangerous threat, she knows she must tread lightly or risk losing her heart and getting hurt once again. Gideon vows to... more info>>
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Back From Hell [Night Stalkers Series #1]
They are Night Stalkers, two sisters born to hunt and destroy evil. For years a man has joined Jenai in her dreams. He makes sweet, hot love to her,and knows her better than anyone else. Now she has finally met him. After years of searching, Ronan has found her. His mate, the woman he has dreamed of for decades. He has been sent to recruit her and her sister Stephanie to join the powerful organization he works for. If he can't recruit them ... he has orders to kill them. A trap has been set--int... more info>>
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Bad Boys
Shelley's nervous fiance spurns her sexual advances, making her think he is immune to her charms. She becomes furious when she discovers his friends are planning a bachelor party with a call girl to provide him with sexual experience. Not one to be outdone, she decides to find her own tutor. And who better to hit the books with, or rather the sheets, than Thor Ryersson, owner of an adult shop? But Shelley soon learns she may have taken on more than she can handle when Thor comes up with a curric... more info>>
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Beyond Illusion
Beyond Magic ... His powers defy logic--something Ellie clings to in a chaotic world. Beyond Lust ... He sets out to seduce her and she has no barriers to stop him. Beyond Illusion ... Vincent Darque may be more than just a drop dead gorgeous stage magician. Ellie is beginning to think so. And Vincent is going to make sure she believes.
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Calista's Men [Crime Tells Series #3]
Have you ever wondered what it would be like with a woman we actually cared about? One who belonged just to us? One who wanted more from us than a good time ... A woman we could have together or separately. One who saw us as individuals who came as a package deal? One who was waiting for us at the end of the day? No. No? I like them easy and I like to share them with you. End of story, Benito. Getting involved with any woman, much less one who might ultimately drive a wedge between him and Benit... more info>>
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Dance of the Seven Veils
Robbed of her self-esteem during a loveless marriage, recently divorced Lyssa Markham allows her best friend to drag her, costumed as Salome, to a masquerade. She's shocked then intrigued to discover the participants are members of an exclusive sex club. Hiding behind her mask, she permits her long-submerged sensual side to re-emerge as erotic sights and sounds bombard her. Seeing a darkly sexy gladiator inspires her to dance for him, seductively removing one veil at a time until she falls naked... more info>>
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Dangerous Games
Drake Trahern left the dangerous world of military secrets and betrayal to express his creative genius in software. The game, Wyvern's Quest, is an enormous commercial success, but it acts as a screen for his true purpose. His secret has been safely hidden in his desert lair, unsuspected, until his security is cracked by a lone intruder. Shy Melinda Palmer has been drawn into a world of dangerous games. Computer games. Spy games. And the most dangerous game of all, sexual surrender to a dominati... more info>>
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On the third night, Dara. I know about Aidan. Come to me if you value your life. Dara O'Shea-Neilan stared in disbelief at the muscle-bound stranger as the words left his mouth. A swim teacher based in Oregon, Dara is still getting over the loss of Aidan, her husband, three years ago. She sure didn't count on her forgotten Irish roots popping up so ... startlingly ... Yet, there that perfect stranger stood, giving her a sizzling once-over ... Rowan Mackey. Six-and-a-half feet of fiery-haired Iri... more info>>
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When Lissa Henderson turns her back on traditional values and a stifling life of conformity, the last thing she needs is to break down on a lonely road in the middle of a storm. Finding herself is supposed to be an adventure, not a pain in the ass. Fortunately there's a guy drinking coffee alone in the almost-deserted diner not far away. Steve Mitchell is doing his own adventuring, after a bitter divorce shreds his emotions and sends him off with just his truck and his camper. He's not looking f... more info>>
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Dirty Pictures
Lily Baxter ... Yoga instructor ... fantastic cook ... nude model for dirty pictures! If she'd known what an uproar posing nude for a nationally known men's magazine would cause, Lily would have chosen one with a smaller circulation. Now her father isn't speaking to her, her mother thinks she's going insane, and three-quarters of the male population in town is clamoring to get closer to her. To make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend (the drama king) accused her of contributing to the decline of mo... more info>>
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Ellora's Cavemen [Legendary Tails II]
Lucy Wilson wants to get carried away. Literally. The inept witch has a history of relationship failure. Without passion, she fears she won't find lasting love. To prove that she's the object of his desire, she wants a man who will capture her body and her heart. Mitch Davis is too conservative and controlled to be the passionate lover she yearns for. After months of platonic dating, Lucy knows what she has to do. Give up on Mitch and go after the man who will be everything she needs--with a lov... more info>>
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Ellora's Cavemen [Tales From the Temple IV]
"Body Chemistry" by Tawny Taylor--Lukas Brenner is master of Case Pharmaceuticals' research lab. He can light a Bunsen burner with one hand tied behind his back, and even the most stubborn glass tubing bends to his will. But when it comes to women, he's a complete dud. The minute he opens his mouth, they run. That is, until the night of the company Christmas party. Allie Larson has a soft spot for the underdog, including bald cats, poodles with screeching barks ... and Lukas. Who wouldn't? He's ... more info>>
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Erin's Fancy [Awakening Desires Series #2]
Seven Sex Positions That Will Drive You Both Wild! Deciding that she needs a sex life, Erin Conners studies this magazine article to learn how to seduce a man. When Abel Benjamin Garrett unexpectedly returns home, Erin decides to test her newfound knowledge and have a summer fling with him. He's been at the center of all her erotic fantasies since her teens and she wants to try out all seven sex positions with him. Erin doesn't think she'll have any problem getting Abel to co-operate. After all,... more info>>
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Hayden's Hellion
A bad relationship with a money-hungry woman has left Hayden O'Malley disillusioned and untrusting. An old-fashioned cowboy used to meek, biddable women, Hayden's legendary patience is tested when he rescues Austin Calhoun. She's been given an ultimatum by the town's judge--either get a real job or spend thirty days in jail. Apparently hosting sex-toy parties is NOT a real job. From her seductive clothing to her wicked reputation, Austin is everything Hayden isn't looking for in a woman, but she... more info>>
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Her Lover's World
Anna never expected a dream lover. In fact, spending her days as a librarian, she knows such a thing is an impossibility. Until he comes to her. Hard, strong and powerful, he seeps into her dreams, invading her sleep. Each night she waits for him, longing to see his face. Their carnal dream encounters leave her breathless. The culmination of her fantasy leads Anna to believe she's going mad ... until Onyx allows her to see his face. The embodiment of sex and virility, Onyx is an orphan from a lo... more info>>
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Holly [Southern Submissives Series #1]
A submissive betrayed ... Holly has seen the darker side of the bondage lifestyle and her experience has left her scarred, both physically and emotionally. Reluctant to venture back to the world of sensual excess that calls to her, she's forced to make a choice between facing her fears and saving her livelihood, or losing her heritage and possibly her soul. A master on a mission ... Ethan has been in love with Holly from the moment they met at a bondage scene in the French Quarter. Disturbed by ... more info>>
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In Darkness
Trust is a fragile thing. It's hard to come by, and even harder to get back once it's been shattered. Felicia trusted Jace once, ten years ago when he'd first become her lover. She gave him everything--body, heart and soul--only to have him walk away without a word of goodbye. When he left, she vowed never to let him into her life, or her heart, again. But now he's come back for her and he isn't taking no for an answer. She struggled for years to overcome the pain of his leaving, and a deeper, h... more info>>
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Incorrect Spelling
When two elderly witches misspell an enchantment and accidentally summon a very randy denizen of the Fairy Realm, Sky Pyewackett must convince the muscular, exceedingly virile Faun to go back to his fantasy world before there's trouble. There's just one problem ... he won't go. Rowan Sultmhor takes one look at Sky and decides he's right where he wants to be. From the moment he sees the beauty in her garden, he's obsessed with making love to her. Long, warm Spring nights are beckoning, and there'... more info>>
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Merc and Her Men
Kyli had always secretly held the fantasy of having two men at once. But following the stars out in the greater galaxy for seven odd years restricts the number of viable bed partners. Tired of fighting her body and wary now that she seemed to heal much more slowly, Kyli decides to head back home and apply for a position on the Force. She is initially rejected, but is curious about the second missive she receives. Drinking shots of Blue Vodka, waiting at the Corner Pub for her secretive contacts,... more info>>
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Mortal Wounds
Veronica Lichty has never fit in. Born and raised in the restrictive and unyielding world of the conservative Mennonites, Veronica's independence and fiery spirit have always set her apart. She loves music and longs to sing, but has no way to express the passions that drive her. A chance encounter and a secret romance with a young, handsome reprobate who loves fast cars and rock and roll changes all that. She falls in love and tastes excitement for the first time in her life and begins to see gl... more info>>
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Not Quite Camelot [World Gates Series #1]
Angie Blanchard never felt that she fit in, preferring instead to lose herself in books and dreaming of the pageantry and passion of Camelot. But when she is magically transported to the kingdom of Nord D'Rae, instead of enjoying an idyllic world of knights and ladies, she finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of court politics. Escaping from the wizard who planned to sacrifice her for his rituals, Angie is forced to take refuge with the enigmatic Prince Reynart. But Reynart's own existence is p... more info>>
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