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1. Ace of Hearts: Book One of The House of Cards Trilogy by Barbara Metzger [Mainstream]
2. Man Falls Down by Eric Arvin [Mystery/Crime]
3. Jack of Clubs (The House of Cards Trilogy, Book 2) by Barbara Metzger [Romance]
4. Queen of Diamonds (Book Three of the House of Cards Trilogy) by Barbara Metzger [Romance]
5. The Genesis One Code by Daniel Friedmann [Spiritual/Religion]
6. Bite This! A Richard Dick Mystery by Wade J. McMahan [Mystery/Crime]
7. Clea's Moon (A John Ray Horn Thriller #1) by Edward Wright [Suspense/Thriller]
8. While I Disappear by Edward Wright [Mystery/Crime]
9. BLZ by K.G. McAbee [Horror]
10. The O'Quinn Fights: Basement Brawl by Robert Evans [Mystery/Crime]
  1. Ace of Hearts: Book One of The House of Cards Trilogy by Barbara Metzger [Mainstream]
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Ace of Hearts: Book One of The House of Cards Trilogy
A classic work from author Barbara Metzger, now available in ebook format for the first time! Never did Alexander "Ace" Endicott, the Earl of Cards, imagine himself to be thrice-betrothed against his will by the doings of three desperate debutantes. So he escapes London to his property in the country, where he follows through with his deceased father's last wish-to find his long-lost step-sister. His search takes a detour and leads him to Nell, who piques his interest. Now, Ace may have to reco... more info>>
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Jack of Clubs (The House of Cards Trilogy, Book 2)
Years ago, Captain Jack Endicott's half-sister vanished after a carriage accident. He now sets out to honor his father's dying wish and find her. Jack plans to open a lavish gaming parlor and hire only beautiful ladies to deal cards, possibly finding his sister. All he needs is a little luck. Instead he finds prim schoolteacher Allie Silver, who needs a guardian for one of her most precocious pupils. With such an unlikely duo, all bets are off in a wild game of romance.
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Man Falls Down
Marcus wakes up in a surreal state of urgency and foreboding. Something is wrong, yet he can't perceive exactly what. As he makes his way through the morning getting ready for work, little things begin to add up like clues to a horrible truth that awaits him. Will the dream hold up or fall? Will life? A short work of surreal literature from our experimental line The Lab.
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Queen of Diamonds (Book Three of the House of Cards Trilogy)
All of London knows the story of the vanished Lady Charlotte Endicott and the handsome reward that will accompany her safe return. Scores of blond-haired, blue-eyed impostors have tried their luck at Jack Endicott's casino claiming to be the girl, only to be turned away-but Queenie Dennis just might be the one. Fate takes a turn when she returns to London posing as a dressmaker fresh from France. Queenie quickly becomes the talk of the town, catching the eye of the handsome Lord Harkness. As he... more info>>
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The Genesis One Code
Were the heavens and the earth created 6,000 years ago, as the Bible suggests? Or did the universe expand into existence nearly 14 billion years ago from a spontaneous "Big Bang"? Both dates cannot be right - or can they? Imagine that there were some medieval manuscripts, written eight hundred years ago, that could help us decipher Genesis to pinpoint exactly when the universe began, as identified by our most up-to-date cosmological theories. Further, suppose that these same manuscripts could ... more info>>
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13 Shots of Noir
English writer Paul D Brazill's 13 Shots Of Noir is a collection of short stories in the vein of Roald Dahl, The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.The first story, "The Tut", was nominated for a 2010 Spinetingler Award, while the story "Anger Management" was chosen as one of the Predators and Editors top twenty crime stories. Crime, horror and dark fiction are contained within the pages of 13 Shots Of Noir.
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4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up
Told from the point of view of an elevator ride, Samantha explores the ups and downs of her relationship with another woman. Will Samantha get everything she's ever wanted on the 4th floor, or lose it all in The Lobby? A unique twist on the girl-meets-girl tale.
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Rufus thinks he's received a desperate plea to rescue a pants inspector who is being held hostage in a garment factory. Upon discovery of the truth, it may be Rufus' own life that needs alterations. A new short story from the author of the international bestseller A SUMMER WEDDING.
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A Blessing
Rajeen lives in India, near the bustling streets of the Taj Mahal. The boy's deformity, a badly twisted leg, creates pity and allows him to make a living begging from the tourists. It is not a good life, but the only one Rajeen knows. Rajeen's father insists that his deformity is an advantage because he can earn a living without working, but Rajeen continues to long for a better life. His unlikely friendship with a wealthy American artist, Margaret Dawson, leads him to an open door and face-to... more info>>
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A Community Birthday
Monica, an African-American mother dealing with difficult times, is determined to throw a birthday party for her son at a local Mouse Land. When guests start canceling and the store managers begin demanding payment in full, Monica finds herself caught up in a case of racial bias. Can the situation be defused before the happy occasion becomes a nightmare? A short story from our Diversity line.
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A Daughter's Love
A young woman attempts to take care of her father who struggles with inner demons from his time at war. Can a daughter's love overcome the ferocity of a battle being waged in the mind? Flash Fiction from the Nibs literary short story line.
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A Doctor in La Paz
Struggling to make ends meet, a Bolivian physician takes to the streets at night to work as a shoeshiner. Can he survive the experience to provide a better future for himself and his wife? A short story from our Nibs literary line.
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A Favor for a Favor
When does the price of gratitude become too big of a bill to pay? Blake Casson is used to being hired for assassination work, but when he's asked to do a recovery job of a kidnap victim he doesn't want any part of it. The problem is, the man who saved Casson's life previously is the kidnap victim's father, and he's determined to bring Casson in on the job. Soon, Casson finds himself caught up in a game of cat-and-mouse throughout New York City in an effort to recover the abducted woman. When t... more info>>
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A Killer of a Deal
When Cliff is offered a fantastic bargain on a used car, he can't believe his good fortune. Upon getting it home, however, he soon discovers that even an automobile can have a dark side...and that there's a lot of good advice behind the adage "let the buyer beware." A work of horror from our Spectres short story line.
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A Life Worth Living: How To Regain Balance And Simplify Your Daily Life
Is your life in overdrive? Are the times when you feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of each day getting more rare? Are you simply running out of time? You can make simple changes to break the cycle of running frantically just to fall behind. The trick is to make a concerted effort to do less by simplifying and reducing the complexity in your life. A LIFE WORTH LIVING will show you how.
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A Little Death
When Abigail marries Nabal in the time of the rebel king David, she quickly discovers her husband's bullying ways and cruelty. Trapped in a loveless relationship but determined to fight, she finds solace in her growing relationship with servant girl Anna. Soon the two women are plotting to kill Nabal, but the increasing attacks from David threaten to destroy all their hopes for happiness. A short work of historical fiction from our Nibs literary line.
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A Mobster's Guide to Cranberry Sauce
Charlie and Harry know it's their job to take care of the "family." So when Jeremy shows up for Thanksgiving dinner and starts acting suspiciously, the two mobsters figure they'd better make sure nobody's gonna get whacked. This short story appears in the Thanksgiving mystery anthology THE KILLER WORE CRANBERRY.
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A Mobster's Menu for Mother's Day Brunch
The most hilariously dysfunctional crime family returns for their fourth outing in Beth Mathison's hit short story series. To observe Mother's Day, Jeremy brings his best girl Carla to brunch at Pawleski's Supper Club. Harry and Charlie have provided the unique contraband menu that has conveniently "fallen off" of various trucks. The mothers of all the young kids have disappeared for the day, leaving an olive-throwing gang of kids in the club's banquet room. And Aunt Shirley tries to keep the p... more info>>
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A Mobster's Recipe for Cupcakes: A Valentine's Day Story
Jeremy, Harry and Charlie, fresh from their adventures in A MOBSTER'S GUIDE TO CRANBERRY SAUCE, are back and in more trouble than ever. After the Thanksgiving disaster in their previous outing, Jeremy is determined to leave the cranberries (and the "family business") behind and open a successful cupcake shop. When Harry and Charlie show up during his efforts to get ready for Valentine's Day with another crime gone horribly wrong, Jeremy soon realizes that even when you want out of the family's ... more info>>
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A Mobster's Toast to St. Patrick's Day
For Jeremy, trying to be live a life outside of the "family business" isn't easy. First, there was the Thanksgiving dinner disaster of A MOBSTER'S GUIDE TO CRANBERRY SAUCE, followed by the Valentine's Day nightmare of A MOBSTER'S RECIPE FOR CUPCAKES. By now, you'd think he'd find somewhere to lay low when a holiday rolls around. Unfortunately for Jeremy, it appears St. Patrick's Day is going to be another trouble-filled holiday. His girlfriend Carla may be leaving him, his cupcake business is i... more info>>
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A Summer Wedding
In the Summer of Love, one young man discovers both love and heartbreak.
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A Suspicious Affair
First time in ebook! After the cold-blooded murder of her odious husband, Marisol Pendenning, a lovely but pregnant young widow, and Lord Kimbrough, the handsome aristocrat who had been the last to see the victim alive, are drawn into the search for a killer.
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A Taste of Old Revenge
A Taste of Old Revenge is a classic hard boiled/noir police-procedural from the days of Ed McBain and Raymond Chandler. Detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales, two old pros hailing out of the South Side Precinct, have a couple of vicious homicide cases dumped into their laps. Cases no one else wants to touch. Cases that go back into the past and raise up old specters of hate and revenge. Their first case has them wondering why a holocaust victim is assassinated while working in the office o... more info>>
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A Vampire in Whitechapel
A bloodsucker discovers he's not the only monster stalking the streets of Victorian London, when his nightly search for sustenance brings him face-to-face with the city's most notorious butcher - Jack the Ripper. A short story from our Spectres horror line.
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A Winter's Night: Volume 1
Four sisters discover that they are born into a line of women with powers to control the Elements. Plucked from their normal college lives and thrust into a battle to save the Earth, can they defeat the evil Montatre? The publisher is donating 100% of the royalties of this work through December 31st to the author, who lost everything she owned in a fire in June. Cover donated by Dara England.
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