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1. Long [79114 words]Memory Blank by John E. Stith [Science Fiction]
2. Long [65903 words]The Lure of the Basilisk [The Lords of Dus, Vol. 1] by Lawrence Watt-Evans [Fantasy]
3. Mid-Length [37647 words]The Phantom Detective: Notes of Doom by Robert Wallace [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
4. Short [11189 words]The Stainless Steel Rat in The Missing Battleship by Harry Harrison [Science Fiction]
5. Short [10264 words]Vault of the Beast by A. E. Van Vogt [Science Fiction]
6. Long [137601 words]Silverlock by John Myers Myers [Fantasy]
7. Short [11618 words]The Storm by A. E. Van Vogt [Science Fiction]
8. Mid-Length [42777 words]Deathworld II: The Ethical Engineer by Harry Harrison [Science Fiction]
9. Long [59617 words]The Counterfeit Heinlein by Laurence M. Janifer [Science Fiction/Mystery/Crime]
10. Long [68266 words]Alienist by Laurence M. Janifer [Science Fiction]
  1. Mid-Length [37647 words]The Phantom Detective: Notes of Doom by Robert Wallace [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
2. Long [67883 words]Wings in the Night: The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard, Vol. 4 by Robert E. Howard [Fantasy/Horror]
3. Long [66900 words]Man of Many Minds by E. Everett Evans [Science Fiction]
4. Long [59039 words]Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper [Science Fiction]
5. Long [63451 words]Shadow Kingdoms: The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard, Vol. 1 by Robert E. Howard [Fantasy]
6. Very Long [153835 words]When the Gods Slept [Timura Trilogy Book 1] by Allan George Cole [Fantasy]
7. Long [77085 words]People of the Dark: The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard, Vol. 3 by Robert E. Howard & Joe R. Lansdale [Fantasy/Horror]
8. Long [128556 words]Waterfront Fists and Others: The Collected Fight Stories of Robert E. Howard by Robert E. Howard [Mainstream]
9. Long [58171 words]The Blessing of Pan by Lord Dunsany [Fantasy]
10. Short [5549 words]The Game of Rat and Dragon by Cordwainer Smith [Science Fiction]
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Deathworld II: The Ethical Engineer
On the planet Pyrrus, human colonists have fought a centuries-old war with the native life forms. These life forms adapt to human tactics and technology, evolving new species so rapidly that natives returning from even brief trips off planet must be carried in protective armor canisters from their ship to the safe buildings, where they will learn of the latest deadly threats. "The Ethical Engineer" is the second volume in the DEATHWORLD series. It was originally published as a two-part serial i... more info>>
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Memory Blank
Cal Donley wakes up missing his recent memory and covered with blood. Someone else's blood. He learns that he's a computer engineer living on the L5 orbital colony Daedalus, and he's married to a tantalizing stranger. Worn on his wrist is Vincent, a watch-sized artificial intelligence who can also tell time. But Vincent is missing some of his memory, too. As Cal tries to find out what happened during his long blackout, and in particular what happened in the last few hours of the gap, people arou... more info>>
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SILVERLOCK is one of the all-time great fantasy classics. In this richly picaresque story of a modern man's fruitful adventurings in legendary realms of gold, John Myers Myers has presented a glowing tapestry of real excitement and meaning. In essence, this is the tale of Silverlock's wanderings in the Commonwealth, the land of immortal heroes real and imagined, in search of his true destiny. In form, it is sheer headlong narrative, with occasional clangorous verses woven into its fabric. In con... more info>>
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The Lure of the Basilisk [The Lords of Dus, Vol. 1]
The overman named Garth sought immortal fame. The oracle told him to serve the Forgotten King to get that fame. But this King sent Garth after a basilisk whose gaze could turn men to stone. What sane use could anyone have for a monster like that?
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The Phantom Detective: Notes of Doom
Follow the Phantom on the breath-taking trail of a ghastly series of sinister crimes perpetrated by a supercriminal who holds promissory notes for the lives of his victims! Ripped from the pages of the June, 1935 issue of "The Phantom Detective" magazine, here is the complete lead novel (including illustrations)--NOTES OF DOOM! Thrilling pulp action!
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The Stainless Steel Rat in The Missing Battleship
Slippery Jim diGriz--a.k.a. The Stainless Steel Rat--is back in this classic adventure, originally published in the April, 1960 issue of Astounding Science Fiction! It might seem a little careless to lose track of something as big as a battleship ... but interstellar space is on a different scale of magnitude. But a misplaced battleship--in the wrong hands!--can be most dangerous.
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The Storm
Their combined military power could not stand up to the tremendous might of Earth's greatest battleship. But one force could yet smash it--and give the Dellians the freedom they sought!
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Vault of the Beast
It came to Earth to find a genius mathematician ... the one human in the solar system capable of understanding the ultimate prime number. Time is running out. The time-lock on the Beast's millennia-old Martian cage is about to open, and mankind will never be able to deal with the threat! A classic from the Golden Age of science fiction, originally published in the August, 1940 issue of Astounding Science Fiction.
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A Dreamer's Tale
Another classic collection of Dunsany's fantasy stories, including the dreamlike "Poltarnees, Beholder of Ocean." "Blagdaross," "The Madness of Andelsprutz," "Where the Tides Ebb and Flow," "Bethmoora," "Idle Days on the Yann," "The Sword and the Idol," "The Idle City," "The Hashish Man," "Poor Old Bill," "The Beggars," "Carcassonne," "In Zaccarath," "The Field," "The Day of the Poll," and "The Unhappy Body."
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A Gathering of Doorways
The forest is reaching out for Gil and his wife, Melissa, but more than anything, however, the forest wants Noah, an adventurous five-year-old with a head full of tales about heroes and distant worlds. And Noah has just stepped inside the dark circle of trees . . .
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A Gent from Bear Creek and Other Tales
This collection showcases Robert E. Howard's comic westerns. Howard's novel "A Gent from Bear Creek" is included (with its text restored), as well as two additional western stories featuring Breck Elkins, "While Smoke Rolled" and Texas John Alden." Introduction by Paul Herman.
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A Planet for Texans
When the whole ornery state of Texas took off for a new planet more to their liking, New Texas was the result: a rough-and-tumble world where everyone packs a gun and it's legal to shoot politicians (if they deserve it)! But now these rugged and independent space pioneers are the targets of an expansive race of aliens. Is the Solar League's new ambassador tough enough to steer them back to Earth's embrace?
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A Positive Romance
Edward Bellamy (1850-1898) was an American author and socialist, most famous for his utopian novel, "Looking Backward," set in the year 2000. "A Positive Romance" is one of his rare short stories, originally published in 1898, about an idea for the perfection of the human race.
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A Slip to Die For [STUD DRAQUAL Series, Book 1]
Someone had not only killed the writer, who'd been an "underground" movie star, model, hustler, and cross-dresser, but had also murdered the borderline drunk, who'd been a TV-network executive and anchorman for the evening news. Each corpse had been carefully draped in Draqualian silk, a very special silk created by very special silkworms who ate very special mulberry leaves. Stud Draqual knew all about the silk, and knew the dead men too. Two things were immediately clear: the killings weren't ... more info>>
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A World is Born
The romantic, fictionalized solar system of Leigh Brackett's works provides a lush, steamy world in Mercury, where Mel Gray is working to build a home for veterans of the Second Interplanetary War. But Gray has no idea of the romance and adventure that awaits on this savage young world... A thrilling planetary adventure from the legendary COMET pulp magazine!
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Adventure Tales #4 [Special classic 'Weird Tales' Authors Issue]
Adventure Tales features the best short stories and novelets from classic pulp magazines. #4 is a special issue devoted to authors who made "Weird Tales" magazine famous! Included in this issue are: Features: THE BLOTTER, by the Editor; ADVENTURE THRILLS; THE MORGUE (letters); Fiction: THE MONKEY GOD, by Seabury Quinn; DOUBLE-SHUFFLE, by Edwin Baird; EVERY MAN A KING, by E. Hoffmann Price; BLIND MAN'S BLUFF, by Edwin Baird; THE MAD DETECTIVE, by John D. Swain; SON OF THE WHITE WOLF, by Robert E.... more info>>
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Adventure Tales #5
The fifth issue of ADVENTURE TALES showcases the work of Achmed Abdullah, with two long stories: "The Remittance Woman" and "Their Own Dear Land." Also features are "The Pearls of Paruki," by J. Allan Dunn, and "The Midwatch Tragedy," by Vincent Starrett.
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Alibi and Dr. Morelle
A Wildside Mystery Classic. At the time that Ted Patrick is planning to pull off his biggest house-breaking job, Dr. Morelle, aided as ever by Miss Frayle, sets up an off-beat criminological experiment, which is destined to have unexpected results. The success of Ted Patrick's coup, achieved with the inside help of a pretty blonde, Myra Campbell, is marred by the killing of a village policeman. Patrick gets away with the loot but runs into trouble when his cleverly planned alibi crumbles dramati... more info>>
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Alien StarSwarm
Salvatore commands the battleship Endymion. He's seen his share of battles and fought them bravely, too. So he doesn't hesitate when beautiful Princess Hatari pleads for his help. She wants to regain her throne, but it may be more than Salvatore can accomplish, for the deadly race known as the Balderdash has taken over the planet Melchior--and now, even his own men have turned against him!
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Space travel was supposed to be safe. Accidents only happened to other people. So what was Gerald Knave doing stranded in the middle of space, with no way to get home--and no idea where he was?
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All for Naught
All For Naught collects a novella and a novelette: "Naught for Hire" and "Naught Again." "Naught for Hire" is a quirky, action-packed, comedy set just a few years from now. Nick Naught, private eye, walks down some strange mean streets as he tries to stay ahead of the killers on his tail and tries to cope in a world where all the irritations we have with technology are magnified. Gadgets act up in big ways, including voice operated machines that talk back to people. Nick Naught winds up on a hit... more info>>
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All White Girls
They're dying in the fleshpits in the Windy City. They're all white girls. One young woman is missing. Another is dead. They were drawn to the Windy City like moths to a flame, but the city's bright lights can't illuminate every dark corner. Hidden in the alleys and back streets and in a three-block long stretch of strip clubs and adult book stores are the men who prey on young women like these: the pedophiles, pimps, and pornographers. When former partners, unlicensed private investigator Big D... more info>>
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Ambrov Keon [Sime~Gen, Book 7]
When Sime killed Gen, it was the normal way of things--after all, Gens weren't really people, were they? They existed only to provide Simes with life-giving selyn. And then Risa Tigue, a Sime, injured and needing selyn, stumbles on the trail of a gen named Sergi ambrov Keon. Sergi is a Companion, a Gen who can control the transfer of Selyn without harming either Sime or Gen. In Risa, Sergi sees the potential for that rarest of beings, a Channel. But can Risa survive the transformation--and even ... more info>>
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An Antarctic Mystery; or, The Sphinx of the Ice Fields: A Sequel to Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
During his twilight years, the French author Jules Verne (1828-1905) wrote two original sequels to books that had fired his own youthful imagination but which he felt to be incomplete: Johann Wyss's "Swiss Family Robinson" and Edgar Allan Poe's "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket." "Arthur Gordon Pym" (1845) was only one of many Poe stories which Verne admired; no other single author had more impact on his writing. Verne acknowledged this debt in his only major piece of literary cri... more info>>
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Anal Cousins: Case Studies in Variant Sexual Practices
Carolyne's parents are determined to go to any length to assure her virginity at marriage, and so they recruit two cousins for sexual explorations that will leave less evidence behind. Adam, his hormones raging, willingly allows himself to be seduced by a cousin who is already jaded by normal sex and needs something more from the men in her life. A gang-raped young woman turns to her trusted cousin and unorthodox sex to combat the trauma of gang-rape, unwanted pregnancy, and abortion. Two men, t... more info>>
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