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1. Mid-Length [49706 words]Best Friends by Edna Curry [Suspense/Thriller/Romance]
2. Long [81438 words]Serpent's Tooth by Toni V. Sweeney [Erotica/Horror]
3. Mid-Length [45293 words]Vampire Island by Sandra Cox [Erotica/Romance]
4. Long [97635 words]Bargain With Lucifer by Icy Snow Blackstone [Romance]
5. Short [22804 words]D.O.L.L.S. - Ellen [D.O.L.L.S.--Desirable Older Ladies Love Specialist--Book Two] by Shari Dare [Erotica]
  1. Mid-Length [45293 words]Vampire Island by Sandra Cox [Erotica/Romance]
2. Long [97635 words]Bargain With Lucifer by Icy Snow Blackstone [Romance]
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Bargain With Lucifer
A five-million dollar Trust awaits Luc Deveraux on his thirtieth birthday. All he has to be is a settled family man by then. So he told a little lie and made up a wife and child and thought he'd found an easy way out. Now, however, his grandfather is ill and asking for his grandson to come home--with his family. A chance meeting with penniless widow Julie Richmond ends in a quick marriage, which will finish in an even quicker divorce when Luc gets his money. The only problem is Luc's falling in ... more info>>
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Best Friends
Pushing aside the large checkbook and pile of bills, he sat at his desk, turned on his computer monitor and opened the program she needed. He set it up for her, then held out his hand for her data disk. Raising an eyebrow, she took it from her purse. "I can do it. You don't have to take the time if you're busy." "It won't take long. Nobody else uses my computer." "Proprietary, aren't you?" "No, just cautious. I can't afford to replace it or redo all the data I have on it." Shrugging, she handed ... more info>>
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Brother Devil
Women of New Orlean, beware! All his life, Michel Deveraux has been overshadowed by his brother Lucifer. They called him Michel the Angel, just as they called Luc Le Diable. Because of that, he was easy prey for Clarice Duncan, but now Clarice is dead and Michel is free to indulge his long-suppressed desires. The Angel is falling fast and enjoying it every sin of the way!
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Cady's Story
Chastity Turnbull's eyes lock on Cady Dillon, a lanky cowpoke strolling into her boarding house. Soon the pair agree to a mutually-satisfying comtract. Seth McGee has his hands full with his tomboyish daughter, Kate. He wants her married, but she holds off marying anyone, cherishing a crush on Cady. She dreams about the brown-eyed cowboywho rode off from the S-bar-M ranch without a single word. Riding a winning streak at poker, Cady plans to leave Virginia City very rich, but he waits just... more info>>
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D.O.L.L.S. - Ellen [D.O.L.L.S.--Desirable Older Ladies Love Specialist--Book Two]
ELLEN Book Two DESIRABLE OLDER LADIES LOVE SPECIALISTS D. O. L. L. S We're Desirable Older Ladies Love Specialists and don't think because we have snow on our roofs that the fire went out in our furnaces. Come on in, we want to get to know you better and have a--very good time. ELLEN Ellen decided to try Internet dating until her daughter invited her to a lumberjack competition in Northern Wisconsin. Even though Ellen knew her daughter wanted to screen the men she met, she decided why not? Buck'... more info>>
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On the surface, Gillian Stone has it all: wealth, beauty, and the freedom to come and go as she pleases?at least from sunset to dawn.
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JENI BARRETT thought singing in her high school's production of Annie Get Your Gun was the best thing to happen to her until she met Mitch. MITCHELL DALLMAN knew Jeni Barrett would be the perfect singing partner for pop star, Tony LaMont for the summer. Little did he know she would become special in more ways than one.
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Renting to Own
Lily Champion's life has been anything but stable--until now. She has a good job, a house she is renting to own, and a soon-to-be-five year old daughter, Chelsea. But, true to her past, the ground soon begins to shift beneath Lily, threatening her foundation once again. It takes all of her determination and trust to make peace with the past and restore her hope for the future. Falling in love, however, was not a part of her plan.
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Serpent's Tooth
Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll...and Demon Worship At first, it seemed like the screenplay of a romance-- A famous rock star disappears?twenty-five years later, a former fan discovers he's still alive. They fall in love and marry and he takes her to the ranch where he's hidden for a quarter of a century, but there the love story degenerates into a tale of horror? Once Travis Brandt, aka Hildebrand, the most famous singer of the '80s, takes Melissa Powers to his ranch in the Nebraska sandhills, ... more info>>
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The Man in the Lake
Jack Franks sat at his desk. His name plaque indicated he was the Chief of Police and his uniform denoted his position, but his daily routine seemed about as exciting as watching the grass grow on a hot summer afternoon.
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Vampire Island
My name is Zoe Tempest. Just let me say, I had no intention of becoming a vampire hunter. My world revolved around the trendiest clothes, the boy of the week, shopping, and texting. My life was as close to perfect as a seventeen year old can get. I had everything. Then my parents were murdered and my world came crashing down. After their funeral, I went to live with my uncle Julian Kilmer. That's when everything changed. In a manner more terrifying than anything I could have imagined.
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