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1. Long [70524 words]Strictly Business by Aubrianna Hunter [Erotica]
2. Mid-Length [29789 words]A Dragon's Honor by Dahlia Rose [Erotica]
3. Mid-Length [32373 words]The Matchmaker by Thayer King [Erotica]
4. Mid-Length [38111 words]Quaking Hearts by Crymsyn Hart [Erotica]
5. Mid-Length [26832 words]Shattered Illusions by Anna James [Romance]
6. Long [58978 words]I Just Can't Stop Loving You by Imari Jade [Erotica]
7. Long [51507 words]Booby Trapped and Baby Proofed by Imari Jade [Erotica]
8. Mid-Length [25365 words]A Dragon's Lair by Dahlia Rose [Erotica]
9. Mid-Length [32353 words]Winning Dawn by Thayer King [Erotica]
10. Long [55105 words]Passion Fruit by Imari Jade [Erotica]
  1. Mid-Length [32353 words]Winning Dawn by Thayer King [Erotica]
2. Short [17298 words]Toy Soldiers by Dahlia Rose [Erotica]
3. Mid-Length [29735 words]Army Beasts 2 by Dahlia Rose [Erotica]
4. Short [20895 words]Dear Santa by Dahlia Rose [Erotica]
5. Short [20344 words]Reclaiming His Dragon by Eden Cole [Erotica]
6. Mid-Length [25353 words]Star Spangled Valentine by Dahlia Rose [Erotica]
7. Mid-Length [28741 words]We Go Together by Yvette Hines [Erotica]
8. Mid-Length [36503 words]Dragon Interrupted by Crymsyn Hart [Erotica]
9. Mid-Length [42429 words]Baby on Board by Dahlia Rose [Erotica]
10. Mid-Length [28173 words]Patient Heat by Evie LeGrande [Erotica]
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Strictly Business
She is an architect, successful, professional. So when she meets Jake Morgenstern she refuses to let the stubborn, sexist, obnoxious pig of a man disrupt her calm demeanor. No matter how strong, gorgeous, and ridiculously appealing he is. He is expecting a man. So when Jess Wythe turns out to be Jessica, he is thrown off. When he finds that the somewhat frumpy architect is hiding a beautiful woman behind those boxy suits, he is even more stunned. Imagine his surprise when he finds that not only... more info>>
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A Dragon's Honor
Twenty three year old, Raven St Clair was conducting her own dig in the mountainous lands of Wisconsin. What better way of working towards her degree in archeology than finding traces of the Mohican tribe that had migrated to the region hundreds of years ago. One night alone in the wilderness she saw a battle in the sky between two creatures that should not exist. Dragons. She rushed to the aid of the glorious creature only to find a completely nude and sexy man in its place. He said his name wa... more info>>
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Quaking Hearts
Wes and Samuel are partners in all things. For the past two centuries, they have ridden earthquakes as Storm Riders. These cowboys run a dude ranch and can't think of a more perfect life until Adina appears to them. Adina, looking for acceptance, has come to the Riders hoping for an open position among them. Trouble follows her, no matter how much she tries to hide. Not able to deny their growing attraction to one another, each cowboy must face the passion between all three of them. When someo... more info>>
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The Matchmaker
Bliss Barnes has bad luck with men. She's better at finding mates for her friends than for herself. So much so, they call her the Matchmaker. Her last date married one of her best friends. Frustrated, Bliss is ready to give up on romance when a friend sets her up on a blind date with Aric Ericson. But Bliss has seen Aric before. He was on a date with a man. She decides to keep seeing Aric as a friend, but fighting her attraction to him grows more difficult by the day. Aric is falling hard for B... more info>>
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Shattered Illusions
Two years ago Kate Bradford met Raffaello D'Onofrio while attending a semester abroad. Rafe ran the family vineyard in the Lazio region of Italy, but the thing that attracted her to him most, besides his ruggedly handsome good looks, fathomless deep blue eyes, and well-toned body, was his love of art. It was a passion they shared together. He had been the perfect man as far as she was concerned, and in a few short months she fell deeply in love. She had thought that love was returned. Then she ... more info>>
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A Dragon's Heart
Kalv left the dragon world of Paladin when he lost his mate in a fierce battle over one hundred years ago. Living in the mortal world wearing his human skin he grieved. Until loneliness and a longing for his kind made him open the doorway to home and found it locked. Knowing his heart was the key to opening the doorway he thought it a futile prospect. There was no way he could love again, no way home. Then he met Ginna Masters, a feisty ebony goddess who lived on a ranch on the outskirts of a sm... more info>>
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A Dragon's Lair
Daisye Chambers was a southern lady through and through, as long as that meant she could wear blue jeans and not be expected to attend parties and act like a socialite. Her family was more than wealthy, but she preferred to work for her own and not live off of her family's money. Until her father announced that they were dead broke, and he was swindled out of the textile business that had been in their family for over sixty years. Then she just wanted revenge and to find the person who betrayed ... more info>>
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Army Beasts
Promyse Fitzgerald had made herself a new life and a new home. Far away in Midas, Wyoming so that Lieutenant Zane Wakefield couldn't find her. He was a military man, and she could deal with that. What she couldn't deal with was the secrets and the lies to cover up what he did for the military. So when she ran, she gave up all traces of her old life and embraced the new. It brought her peace and security until there was knock on her door at midnight and there stood the man who plagued her dreams.... more info>>
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Booby Trapped and Baby Proofed
After the death of his wife Olivia from breast cancer, Gunnery Sergeant Harrison Calloway had no choice but to leave the child in the care of Olivia's sister Trudy while he returned to military service to complete his tour of duty. One year later, he moves back to Daytona Beach, Florida to regain custody of his now two-year-old son, and he's anything but prepared to handle the precocious child, who doesn't seem to like him and who has more quirks than any child he's ever met. Harrison has spent ... more info>>
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I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Shaundra Yoshida, an American romance writer, decides to take control of her life after discovering her pop-star husband, Ichiro has cheated on her. With the birth of her babies just weeks away, Shaundra makes a drastic move to put some distance between her and her husband so she can figure out what to do about her future. In the meantime, she's trying to find a nanny to help her with the twins, and so far no one is brave enough to take on the responsibility of two babies and the Aomori menageri... more info>>
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In Deep Kimchi
Erotic romance author Shaundra Morrison thought there was nothing in the world her handsome white boss Harper Kehoe could offer her to get her on a plane bound for Tokyo, including free use of his body for the duration of the trip. Becoming a member of the mile high club intrigued her but not enough to conquer her fear of flying. Harper Kehoe had money, power, and everything his heart desired except for the affections of his best selling author Shaundra Morrison. He jumped at the idea of formin... more info>>
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Passion Fruit
Twenty-five year old, Satoshi Hayashi, the pianist for the Japanese pop-group, Aomori refuses to give up hope that his close friend Shaundra Yoshida has perished in a killer earthquake and tsunami in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan. Hundreds and maybe thousands of lives have been reported lost, but Satoshi feels that he would know if Shaundra was dead. Over the last year they had this special bond. He knew when she wasn't feeling well or when she was in a frisky mood. If she were dead, he'd know ... more info>>
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Saranghae (I Love You)
Shaundra and Ichiro have returned to Asia after their spectacular wedding, but things are far from perfect. Shaundra still has a fear of flying and Ichiro is worried that she might become addicted to the drugs the doctor prescribe. Shaundra is less than happy that her now successful restaurateur husband is too busy to spend time with her and the Takumijo and Satoshi still hasn't moved out of the farmhouse. And to make matters worse, Yori and his new bride Amaya has moved in, along with Aomori's ... more info>>
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Star Spangled Valentine
Their love began on one fateful Valentine's Day in Lawton, Oklahoma, and by Fourth of July, he had broken her heart. Raye Lucas never believed she would see Staff Sergeant Sean Martin again. Eighteen months later when she practically ran into him while she closed up her ceramic shop, the past and memories came flooding back. From one glance he knew the daughter she carried in her arms was his. She met his angry accusations with some of her own. He was the one who left and destroyed what they had... more info>>
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The Darkness Within
There is a fine line between love and hate? Althea May Johnson discovered this when she married a man she thought she'd loved?Until he abused her. Hell hath fury like a woman scorned. An act of betrayal can make a person do some crazy things? Quinton and Vukasin assisted Althea through her troublesome marriage and became her lovers once she was free from her abuser. Unfortunately, they see something in her they never saw before. Can the wolf and the vampire come to Althea's aid when the ti... more info>>
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Toy Soldiers
The small boy trotted up to him with a crumpled piece of paper in his hand while his mother stood patiently and watched. As the child spoke, Captain Caine McIntosh fell in love with the curly-haired tot who asked for a dad to help protect him and his mom. When his soft-spoken mother came to grab him, Caine was instantly attracted to the wide-eyed beauty with ebony skin. He vowed to show her that she didn't have to be strong all by herself and to have her love. Danika Lionel didn't know what to ... more info>>
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Winning Dawn
Dawn Smith has recently broken up with her long-time boyfriend. She's compiled a list of specifications her next man will have to meet. He must be age appropriate, successful, and African American. That rules out Evan Tanner, her cousin's rude and annoying brother-in-law. Evan Tanner was burned by a bad marriage and is no longer interested in commitment. Dawn's honesty and her colorful hair intrigue him. While his mind keeps telling him to walk away, the hunger he feels for her cannot be ignore... more info>>
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You're the One That I Want
Sasha Caroway lived and loved life to the fullest. There was never a mountain she was afraid to climb or a body of water she was afraid to jump into feet first. She had swam with sharks in Australia and cliff dived in Hawaii. Who would have thought she'd be felled by the biggest challenge of her life, in the form of Adrian Faraday. He enticed her to dancing barefoot on the bar of his Irish pub in Savannah. He kissed her until she saw stars. The passion he created was like two atoms meeting. Sash... more info>>
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A Cowboy's Promise
When cowboy Zeke Lucas arrives at Jacob Carter's secluded farmhouse just before a bad thunderstorm, they enjoy a passionate night together. However, Jacob's a lonely, down-on-his-luck writer. Will he allow the cowboy of his dreams to help him move on with his life?
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A Dash of Pepper
Pepper is a male dancer, so he gets a lot of attention. Unfortunately, that attention mostly comes from women, and he has no interest. That is until a mysterious, blue-eyed man watches his show. Pepper can't get his haunting eyes out of his head. It doesn't help that the blue-eyed man claims that he wants to "make Pepper his." Pepper learned that the blue-eyed man, Taylor, is into submission, and Pepper is his muse. Pepper can either run for his life, or learn to enjoy getting caught.
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Hailey knew the consequences of her actions. Heaven would cry for what she was about to do, but her charge was to be kept safe at all cost. Her glory, her immortality, was no question. She was an angel, and the boy she protected was to be a leader of men, a peacemaker like no other. While heaven would protect him, hell wanted him dead. They sent their best, Pennemuel, a demon enforcer, and what he wanted more than anything was her. Hailey gave herself to him, willing to stop a war between heaven... more info>>
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Alien Bond
Zita's life is turned upside down when a sexy ex-Marine stumbles into her workplace and falls at her feet. Caleb Russell is on the run from the government agency that manipulated his DNA to give him abilities he could only imagine. Wounded and one step ahead of his enemy, Caleb has no choice but to pair up with the beautiful Zita. As they travel to Seattle to find a friend that can give him the answers he needs, Caleb and Zita begin a sexual journey of dominant and submissive that will bond them... more info>>
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Emma suffered through her childhood in an orphanage only to then struggle to barely keep herself off the streets. That is, until she met Ryan and Marco. The problem? One alpha wants to love her, the other one hurt her. Females are rare in the world of weres, and her inherited royalty status from the parents that abandoned her make her all the more valuable to Ryan. He wants her, and he will get her, regardless of the crimes he has to commit to do so. Marco scented Emma as his from the second h... more info>>
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Army Beasts 2
Zander threw himself into being part of the Army Beasts specialized military unit. After all he felt as if he needed to make up for all that he did. His twin brother Zane and his wife Promyse forgave him. Yet he found doing that for himself was the hard part. Until the searing pain of a shifter's change and more of the senator's treachery came to light. The true depth of his madness was known when documents proved he'd used Zander's DNA to make a human hybrid, a woman. He set out to find her, th... more info>>
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Baby on Board
Major Rafe Steele lived and breathed the military life. His entire career had been spent in the marines, and he was comfortable in his bachelor life. No wife, no children, and nothing to hold him back from taking the next tough mission. He could ride his motorcycle in the mountains or have a party or three if he had a mind to. He was a lone wolf, and he liked it that way--until one night he came home and there was a package he didn't expect, in the form of a baby car seat holding a little girl a... more info>>
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