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1. Long [78600 words]Smithfield House by Joy Gee [Suspense/Thriller/Romance]
2. Mid-Length [27008 words]Bekka of Thorns by Steve Shilstone [Fantasy/Young Adult]
3. Long [71895 words]Dictating Desire by B.R. Paulson [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
4. Short [6644 words]A Quiet Place in the Country by Heather Parker [Mystery/Crime/Romance]
5. Short [8917 words]A Parasol in a Hurricane by James Greer [Mystery/Crime]
6. Long [87934 words]After the Fall of Night by Sherri Lee Claytor [Dark Fantasy/Romance]
7. Mid-Length [39103 words]Jesse Garon: The Search for Elvis Presley's Twin by Brett Wallach [Mystery/Crime/Mainstream]
8. Long [68669 words]Damn the Luck by Ken Smith [Mystery/Crime/Historical Fiction]
9. Short [20779 words]Amber's Mysterious Death [Sheryl Locke Holmes Mysteries: Book 1] by C.L. Exline [Mystery/Crime]
10. Short [19582 words]Syndrome by James Patrick Riser [Horror]
  1. Long [79941 words]Into the Soul of Madness by Rob Seyk [Horror]
2. Long [69788 words]American Samurai by Steve Hendry [Suspense/Thriller]
3. Long [72296 words]Buried Secrets by R. Alan [Mystery/Crime]
4. Short [6644 words]A Quiet Place in the Country by Heather Parker [Mystery/Crime/Romance]
5. Long [87934 words]After the Fall of Night by Sherri Lee Claytor [Dark Fantasy/Romance]
6. Short [8917 words]A Parasol in a Hurricane by James Greer [Mystery/Crime]
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A Parasol in a Hurricane
What would you risk to keep a promise to someone you hardly knew? Your job, your marriage.... Your life? Parasol in a Hurricane poses that question to a young policewoman and dares her to choose. Karen O'Neil is a California girl with a domineering husband, ripped from a sun-drenched, stimulating life as a San Diego cop and spirited away to the isolation of rural Wisconsin. Talented, attractive and intense, she is cut off from everything she knows except how to be a police officer. She works for... more info>>
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A Quiet Place in the Country
Jessica enjoys her work as community copper in a small English village - until a young girl is found dead at the bottom of Lowther Crag. As the policewoman starts to investigate, she finds disturbing undercurrents in her quiet community. With the help of the local doctor, she sets out to uncover the girl's dark secrets, but soon finds her own life threatened...
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After the Fall of Night
Jackson County, Wisconsin was a tranquil area of the globe, until murder struck the small community. The local sheriff investigates and begins unearthing things he never imagined possible. An immortal shape-shifter... Nightwalker, Corin von Vadim, inhabits a secluded sprawling estate in the town of Hixton. An enigmatic loner, he hides the fact that during the daylight hours, he rests within the dark confines of the earth, only rising after twilight--a routine he has carried out for five hundred ... more info>>
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Amber's Mysterious Death [Sheryl Locke Holmes Mysteries: Book 1]
The game's afoot when Sheryl Locke Holmes spots Amber's husband, Roger, who'd disappeared without a trace after Amber's tragic death. With the help of her sidekick, Dot Watson, Sheryl follows Roger and a trail of amber jewelry which leads to duplicity, mayhem and murder. As different as day and night, Sheryl, Dot and Amber bonded like sisters during college. Their friend's death left unanswered questions and an unidentifiable body. This time Sheryl won't stop until she gets answers--and avenges ... more info>>
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American Samurai
At the demand of his father, Steve Johnson, an eleven-year-old Air Force brat, is trained in the martial arts by a vicious underground Japanese gang. At fourteen, he gets involved in a terrible martial arts fight with a veteran SAS commando and kills him. Witnessed by the CIA, he's coerced into their assassin program, and his life is changed forever. Years later, he serves his country as a navy pilot during the Vietnam War, and the deeds of his secret life come back to haunt him. Can Steve outru... more info>>
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At My Window with a Broken Wing
What happens when a sweet, naive college girl from a small town in Ohio decides that she wants to leave the predictable small town life and small town boyfriend behind and take a "walk on the wild side"? And suppose that one night she meets the lead singer in a rock and roll band--a guy just as wild and wicked as she is sweet and innocent. And suppose the lure of something dangerous, unpredictable, and life changing tempts her to throw all of her small town, good girl morals out the window. What... more info>>
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Bad Things
Carl is trying to raise his blind son, Donnie, alone as best he can. After Donnie goes through a traumatic operation in an attempt to restore his sight, they return home to find something is seriously wrong with their world. For one thing, there is a hideous monstrosity awaiting Donnie in his bedroom cupboard and a red-eyed demon-woman stalking their every move as they flee their invaded home. Saved on the lonely roads of Aberdeenshire by a mysterious young woman who seems to know her stuff when... more info>>
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Bekka of Thorns
On the world of Boad, Bekka and Karro of Thorns, a pair of young hedge-dwellers, dare to leave the tunnels and bowers of home to seek adventure in the Woeful Wanderers' Wasteland and uncover the lost city of Rumin -- a strange choice for members of their clan, who stick close to the hedge and fear open spaces. Karro is known throughout the hedge as a silly clown. Bekka, ever watchful, never chatty, is called Silent Bekka by all. Misfits among their own kind, Bekka and Karro are bonded as dearest... more info>>
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Beneath the Surface
Jo has the darkest of secrets in her past, which drives her to seek out the most traumatic of hotspots in the world as a war correspondent so she never has the time to confront what she did. A fellow reporter, Craig, accompanies her into war-torn Sergavia to recover rolls of film from a dead colleague. Along the way Jo finds love and a reason to go back to the beginning so she can move forward.
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Buried Secrets
When a construction crew digs up a pair of skeletons sitting in an old car, former homicide detective Hap gets called out of retirement to find their identities and who buried them many years before their discovery. When Hap's home is firebombed in an effort to stop the investigation, Hap's wife, Darlene, becomes infuriated and installs herself as his "assistant." Together their investigation takes them from one end of the country to the other, following leads that uncover insurance fraud, infid... more info>>
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Merta is lonely. One of the last pixies in Ireland, she's seen her own kind diminish, and now her adopted human family is migrating to America. But Merta isn't about to let her favorite people leave without her. The new, strange land she encounters is sparsely populated with humans but abounds in Native American spirits. Merta is herself adopted by one native entity, Bear. Together they encounter great danger and wonder as two cultures clash and finally intertwine.
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Damn the Luck
In the early hours of March 5, 1865, Lucas Brooks and Danny Boyle broke into the home of President Abraham Lincoln. They were hoping to find just a few semi-valuable objects left behind after the First Family had moved to Washington. What the two burglars found was much more than they had hoped for--or maybe not: a mysterious, and seemingly impenetrable, iron box. All the boys had to do was break into the box. Well, that was easy to say. Actually doing it proved to be much more difficult--and da... more info>>
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Dark Roads
Dark Roads The passengers of a broken down bus in the lonely Highlands of Scotland are about to face the darkness... Why is there a deserted village that looks for all the world like it was made of and moulded from plastic? Why do the passengers start to disappear one by one? And what are the strange manifestations that baffle the confused, remaining passengers? Lost in an unearthly fog that never dissipates, fate will eventually find these people and take them to new lives or to the other side ... more info>>
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Dictating Desire
Samantha had a problem. Her other personality, Maria had been ruling their lives for far too long. Samantha, just like Maria had fallen in love with Dr. Lawson by the sound of his voice. The difference was, Samantha wanted to get to know the real him whereas Maria had a sick obsession. She had to find a way of getting rid of Maria once and for all. Will Samantha succeed or will Maria emerge and take over, forever causing Samantha to once again lose everything she's worked for, including the man ... more info>>
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One steamy Virginia Friday afternoon, Craig's life takes a dreadful turn--a little boy appears quoting ominous passages from Craig's traumatic past. As Craig struggles to put things right for the future of him and his son, Lonnie, the ensuing weekend becomes a battle for their lives, resurrecting the rage and guilt that had lay dormant in Craig's heart for years. Until now. Door picture taken by Firehawk77.
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Glad Tithings
Two baby-boomers, Rick and Jill Wilson, find their dream home. After a lifetime of doing without, they're ready to embark on an early retirement to make the next chapter in their lives something extraordinary. They leave New York City behind and set out for a rural paradise in the mountains. But a secret is hidden by their chosen small town of Parrish. A secret that will tear apart their once unflappable marriage and cast them into a world that neither would have ever considered having to face. ... more info>>
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How to Avoid Writer's Hell: The Query-Go-Round
This is book IV of a series that addresses most of what there is to know about writing a tight, exciting story. Finally, the long-awaited The Query-Go-Round addresses writing the dreaded query letter, the synopsis, and even how to compose confusing bibliographies. In Laymen's terms and with a touch of irreverent humor (and her rolled newspaper...mwahaha!), Ms. Bicknell-Brown delivers another installment that will help you learn as you laugh and have fun.
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How to Avoid Writer's Hell: Your Style? Oh, Hell No!
This is book III of a series that addresses most of what there is to know about writing a tight, exciting story. In Laymen's terms and with a touch of irreverent humor (and her rolled newspaper...mwahaha!), Ms. Bicknell-Brown discusses a new comma dilemma, when to use semi colons and colons, more on participial phrases, dangling participles, infinitives and split infinitives, dialogue tags, alliteration, writing blurbs, and much more. Watch for book IV which will cover writing the dreaded query ... more info>>
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Into the Soul of Madness
In the final year of college, Gregg Mason's criminal psychology professor, Dr. Max Madwen, offers him the assignment of a lifetime--to interview three serial killers. During his first interview, Gregg unlocks a secret power buried deep within him. The moment he makes eye contact with the serial killers, he discovers the ability to enter their souls and see everything that person has lived and experienced. As he delves deeper into each killer's soul, Gregg finds a link between all three. Soldiers... more info>>
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Jesse Garon: The Search for Elvis Presley's Twin
Elvis Aron Presley was born on January 8, 1935. Also born that day was Jesse Garon Presley, Elvis's twin. The world has believed Jesse Garon was born dead. Until now. Jesse Garon is the story of Private Investigator Phil Allman's pursuit of Jesse Garon Presley, the heretofore thought stillborn fraternal twin of Elvis Presley. In a twisting journey to solving three murders, Allman travels from his hometown of Philadelphia through the bustle of New York City to the New Jersey shore and ultimately,... more info>>
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No Tithings
Tortured by the residual effects of the alien preacher, Ezekiel Regnarts, Rick Wilson is driven to revenge. Burning down a church seemed to be the least he could do and more than he dreamed he'd ever be driven to do. He never realized that even this radical action fed into the plans of the invaders. Rick and Jill Wilson are torn apart by the pastor. They need help, and the world is unwilling to listen to their pleas. How does one accuse a church of being at the heart of an alien infiltration of ... more info>>
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Reins of Time
In the Dark Age of two thousand, six hundred years into our future, two men struggle against changing times. One is young and genetically gifted with an electromagnetic attraction to a strange planet where sentient metallic aliens can warp space. Meerak is the prize of three worlds' of power politics and must mature quickly or die. His honorable enemy-become-companion is a middle-aged man who will sacrifice everything for his loyalty to this cause. Together with three strong heroines, they fight... more info>>
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Sanguine Moons
Weston thought he was just a rancher, but when one of his co-workers runs into trouble on the job, he finds that he's so much more. Twin moons, Iris and Bliss, threaten him with the sun's wicked reflection, and Weston discovers that he will never look at cattle the same again.
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Savvy Business Skills for Writers: Nuts and Bolts
This is the first book in a series on developing business skills to grow and thrive in the challenging publishing industry. Make no doubt about it, to agents and editors, writing is first and foremost a business. Publishing generates billions of dollars every year. How can a writer find their slice of the pie? That's what this book will help you accomplish. Of course, having a salable project and great writing ability is ultimately what will sell your book or article and keep your readers coming... more info>>
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John Fairchild is a lonely retiree breaking his silence on an event that happened several years earlier. Soon after moving to a Virginian suburb, John meets Mary, the little girl next door. John finds Mary in her backyard one morning screaming at someone who is not there, and as she begins to calm down he hears footsteps as if a person is running past him. After he finds evidence that his home is broken into while he is sleeping, John becomes paranoid until Mary shares a secret with him that pus... more info>>
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