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1. Flowers that Heal: Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and Other Secrets of the Fairies by Judy Griffin, Ph.D. [Health/Fitness]
2. We're Global Citizens: Conversations with Tomorrow's Leaders by Steffi Schitze [Politics/Government]
3. Competitive Business, Caring Business by Daryl S. Paulson [Business]
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Because People Matter: Building an Economy that Works for Everyone
Our economy is focused on growth and profit. In any given business, success is measured by the flow of money, not the interest of the people involved. In Because People Matter author Jurriaan Kamp tells us why there are better alternatives. Kamp argues that the world economy is not only based on money, but on human choices as well. It is those human choices that can promoted the change necessary to transform our current crisis into a healthier economy that serves everyone. He offers insight on s... more info>>
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Competitive Business, Caring Business
Competitive Business, Caring Business is designed to provide managers and executives with new tools and methods for finding personal satisfaction in their unique contributions to the teams, companies, and industries they serve. The author, Daryl Paulson, the CEO of BioScience Laboratories, Inc., has successfully combined science and business in his personal and professional life and demonstrated in clear, simple, practical terms the true meaning of "integral business." In Competitive Business, C... more info>>
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Flowers that Heal: Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and Other Secrets of the Fairies
Step into the Land of Thyme, a world where fairies use flowers and plants for healing and general well-being. Interwoven into this delightful narrative is vital information on the benefits that flowers and plants provide in achieving optimum health. As the story unfolds, you will learn how to: *use aromatherapy, flower essences, herbs, and nutrition to catalyze innate healing *distill essential oils and flower essences to promote relaxation and regeneration *formulate natural skin care for radia... more info>>
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Mothman and Other Curious Encounters
A New Hollywood Blockbuster, an amazing companion documentary, and thousands of web pages in its honor--what's all the fuss about? In a word--Mothman! On November 15, 1966, this huge, red-eyed creature with wings appeared over Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Thus began thirteen months of otherworldly mystery, madness, and mayhem for the people of Point Pleasant, culminating in the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which left 46 dead. But contrary to popular belief, Mothman is not unique. Here for th... more info>>
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We're Global Citizens: Conversations with Tomorrow's Leaders
International House, otherwise known as I-House, is an institution and community established by the Rockefeller family in New York City. The mission of International House is to enable selected graduate students and interns from countries around the world to live and learn together in a supportive residential community that builds life-long qualities of leadership, tolerance, respect, and friendship among individuals of all nations and backgrounds. This collection of biographical sketches is bas... more info>>
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