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1. Long [63149 words]The Diamond Key by Barbara Metzger [Romance/Historical Fiction]
2. Long [77823 words]The Forbidden Bride by Sandra Madden [Romance/Historical Fiction]
3. Long [68261 words]Death on a Silver Tray by Rosemary Stevens [Mystery/Crime/Historical Fiction]
4. Long [66096 words]The Primrose Path by Barbara Metzger [Romance/Historical Fiction]
5. Long [69625 words]A Matter of Honor by Nina Coombs Pykare [Romance/Historical Fiction]
6. Mid-Length [43624 words]Change of Heart by Joan Wolf [Romance]
7. Long [66207 words]Love's Way by Joan Smith [Romance/Historical Fiction]
8. Long [70000 words]Miss Hartwell's Dilemma by Carola Dunn [Romance/Historical Fiction]
9. Long [90000 words]Toblethorpe Manor by Carola Dunn [Romance/Historical Fiction]
10. Long [50000 words]The Savage Lord Griffin by Joan Smith [Romance/Historical Fiction]
  1. Long [71000 words]Murder Mile High [Liz Sullivan Mystery #3] by Lora Roberts [Mystery/Crime]
2. Long [65751 words]Face Down among the Winchester Geese by Kathy Lynn Emerson [Mystery/Crime/Historical Fiction]
3. Long [63000 words]Murder Bone by Bone [Liz Sullivan Mystery #4] by Lora Roberts [Mystery/Crime]
4. Long [112651 words]Cicrle of Light by Nancy J. Cohen [Romance/Science Fiction]
5. Long [55983 words]The Fortune-Hunters by Carola Dunn [Romance/Historical Fiction]
6. Long [67000 words]Face Down Before Rebel Hooves by Kathy Lynn Emerson [Mystery/Crime/Historical Fiction]
7. Long [75000 words]Imprudent Lady by Joan Smith [Romance/Historical Fiction]
8. Long [66197 words]Face Down across the Western Sea by Kathy Lynn Emerson [Mystery/Crime/Historical Fiction]
9. Long [67000 words]Murder in the Marketplace [Liz Sullivan Mystery #2] by Lora Roberts [Mystery/Crime]
10. Long [67840 words]Hearts Betrayed by Gayle Buck [Romance/Historical Fiction]
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The Diamond Key
Wynn, Viscount Ingall, saved a young woman from a fire. Lady Victoria Keyes, in despair of her life, promised herself to marry any man who rescued her, whoever he might be. But Wynn was a social outcast and refused her hand. And the diamond key Torrie's father gave her at her come-out ball was a promise to give her heart and hand only to her true love? Regency Romance by Barbara Metzger; originally published by Signet
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The Forbidden Bride
Edmund Wydville discovered that the gardener's daughter had developed into a beauty while he was away. Kate Beadle had loved Edmund from afar since she was a child, but she knew the nobility didn't choose low-born brides. But her rose and crown ring suggested a mystery about her birth. While Edmund struggled with his attraction to her, she discovered the dangerous truth about her heritage. Historical Romance by Sandra Madden; originally published by Zebra under the title A Princess Born
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Death on a Silver Tray
Beau Brummell was the arbiter of fashion in Regency London--and a friend of the Prince Regent. When the Duchess of York asked him to investigate the murder of the Countess of Wrayburn, he could not refuse. Miss Ashton, the Countess's paid companion, was suspected--and it would take a clever gentleman to discover that there were others with a motive for murder. Winner of an Agatha. Regency Mystery by Rosemary Stevens; originally published by Berkley Prime Crime
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A Matter of Honor
Agatha Trimble had a secret. She wasn't always destined to be companion to Lord Winthrop's spoiled daughter, Cecilie. But when fate delivered the two of them to the Earl of Denby as Cecilie's new guardian, Aggie was faced with a real dilemma. For it was Denby who had deserted her five years ago--and he now vowed to make her his. Regency Romance by Nina Coombs Pykare; originally published by Dell Candlelight Regency
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Change of Heart
Cecelia Vargas was riding instructor to Jennifer Archer. Jennifer's father, Gil, belonged to a world of high society and international finance and diplomacy. Cecelia was from an entirely different world, but Gil was attracted to her warmth and loving nature. So he married her, but he hadn't yet learned that you couldn't simply acquire love, you had to cherish love to make it last. Contemporary Romance by Joan Wolf; originally published by New American Library Rapture Romance
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Love's Way
Chloe Barwick manages the rundown family estate while her brother Edward plays poet. Her neighbors Lord Carnforth and his daughter Emily seem to be struggling, too, until a wealthy nephew, Jack Gamble, comes home from India. Chloe is suspicious of Jack lending money to her brother, and of Jack's "engagement" to Emily, who is in love with Edward. And Captain Wingdale is ruining their village? Regency Romance by Joan Smith; originally published by Fawcett Crest
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The Primrose Path
Viscount Knowle--war hero, society darling and rising political star--expected to inherit his aunt's Primrose Cottage--but she left it to her dogs, and her companion, Angelina Armstead. Angelina would not be reasoned, bribed, threatened or even kissed into giving in to Knowle's shameless tricks to secure the property. Regency Romance by Barbara Metzger; originally published by Fawcett Crest
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A Country Mouse
Spirited Emily Gibson has been looking after her family since her father died, but debts are mounting. She decides she must marry for money and writes asking her estranged grandfather to select a suitable suitor. The man the Earl of Westerham chooses is her cousin, but he is the last person Emily would have picked for herself. Regency Romance novella by Fenella Miller; originally published by DC Thomson, UK, as "A Journey to Love"
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A Dead Bore
Escaping scandal following her husband's death, Lady Fieldhurst accepts an invitation to a house party. Tragedy follows her when the vicar, author of a dull local history, dies in a fire. She suspects murder, and sends to Bow Street for John Pickett. Posing as her footman, he investigates from belowstairs while she gathers information above. But Pickett finds her assistance both a help and an all-too-pleasant hindrance. Regency Mystery/Romance by Sheri Cobb South; originally published by Five St... more info>>
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A Debt to Delia
Wounded and trapped behind enemy lines, Major Lord Tyverne was rescued by Lieutenant George Croft, who subsequently died. Trying to repay the enormous debt he owed, Tyverne offered marriage to Delia Croft. Though her obnoxious cousin kept her on insufficient monies and George's fianc´┐Ż was devastatingly pregnant and abandoned by her family, and Diablo terrified everyone in sight, Delia insisted on love, not obligation. Regency Romance by Barbara Metzger; originally published by Signet
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A Frightful Prospect
Dimity Dalyrumple may be determined never to marry, but her uncle has other ideas. And Patrick William Very may be known as No Marriage Kirkdale, but he has a mother who insists that he insure the succession and provide her with grandchildren. Watch Dimity and Patrick contrive to avoid matrimony--and lose to love. Regency Romance by Nina Coombs Pykare; originally published by Lion Press
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A Matchmaker's Match
Lady Psyche Veringham was a sharp-tongued bluestocking who had turned her attention to finding a match for her young protege, Amanda. The Earl of Southdon appeared to her the perfect husband for Amanda--but he proved willfully uncooperative, pretending Psyche wished to win him for herself. The earl was having none of the pretty debutantes; he wanted a woman of wit and charm. Regency Romance by Nina Coombs Pykare writing as Nina Porter; originally published by Zebra
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A Mistaken Identity
When Emma Ellison met two unknown gentlemen in the plum orchard she guessed one of them was Lord Denver. She disliked his companion on sight. But Lord Denver improved on acquaintance and Emma believed that he returned her affections--until he treated her cruelly. She left the vicarage broken-hearted. Would Richard find a way to change her mind? Regency Romance novella by Fenella Miller; originally published by DC Thomson's My Weekly Pocket Novel
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A Reckless Wager
Lord Stanton does not believe that marriage would suit him--so he has avoided it. But when he wagers with his friend--and loses--he must make an offer for Charlotte Sherwood, a young woman his godmother favors. To honor his debt he sets off to ask for the young lady's hand. But who knows? His luck may yet be in--the lady may refuse him! Regency Romance by Lois Menzel; originally published by Fawcett
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A Reluctant Bride
When young, widowed Patience Sinclair agrees to chaperone her godmother's daughter, she doesn't realize quite what's involved. Lord Orpington believes that his mother has, yet again, tried to trap him into matrimony by inviting Patience for the season. But Patience has no intention of giving up her independence for anyone, even someone as attractive as Lord Orpington. Regency Romance Novella by Fenella Miller; originally published by D C Thomson [UK]
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An Affair of Interest
An Affair of Interest Sydney Lattimore was sure her beautiful sister could capture the interest of a wealthy parti if they could finance their way to London with their grandfather's half-pay and Sydney's clever management. Viscount Mainwaring could scarcely believe the courage this little copper-haired sprite showed--and the outrageousness of her schemes. But he knew he had to keep her out of trouble. Regency Romance by Barbara Metzger; originally published by Fawcett Crest
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An Early Engagement
Adventurous Lady Emilyanne had no one but Viscount Stokely to turn to when her guardian tried to force her to marry his awful stepson. So the viscount married her while on leave and returned to his army unit. Which left Lady Em to attend to estate and ton matters pretty much as she saw fit--even if he didn't quite agree with her methods. Regency Romance by Barbara Metzger; originally published by Fawcett Crest
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Aunt Sophie's Diamonds
Claudia Milmont has lived most of her joyless life with her grandparents, though her mother enjoys the fringes of society in London. When Claudia's Aunt Sophie dies, a whole new world opens up for her. Cantankerous Sophie has instructed that her diamonds be buried with her--and Claudia is determined to help her cousin retrieve them. But the charming Sir Hillary Thoreau, a nonesuch, is co-executor of Sophie's will and he's keeping a sharp eye out for any mischief--and for Claudia, too, apparently... more info>>
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Black Night, Amber Morning
When Dion Parris returns to his hometown, the village busybodies immediately decide he will be the perfect husband for Dr. Solange Richards, a fellow Canadian expatriate. But Dion has a potentially explosive secret: he is planning to find and kill the man who murdered his parents. Romantic Suspense by Freda Vasilopoulos writing as Tina Vasilos; originally published by Harlequin Superromance
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Comfort and Joy
Maeve O'Malley rescued an unconscious man one December night, but her brother's sense of propriety forced her to marry the stranger. Art collector Charles Rycroft, from an old and wealthy Boston family, lost his memory following the attack which robbed him of a valuable sketch of St. Nicholas--and on recovering it he found himself married to a beautiful Irish girl--from the serving class. Victorian Romance by Sandra Madden; originally published by Zebra
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Dangerous Decision
Though Edwina Pierce knows about the curse on the castle family, she seeks the position of governess to the Earl of Holmden's girls, because she has no alternative. When she discovers that their dead mother is calling to the girls and their father, she struggles to keep them safe. And if her efforts to protect Charles and the girls lead her to love him? Regency Romance by Nina Coombs Pykare; originally published by Belgrave House/Regency Reads
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Deadlier than the Pen
Diana Spaulding is a widowed theatrical columnist trying to survive in the scandal-fueled journalistic world of 1888 New York City. Her editor assigns her a story on horror-author Damon Bathory, whom he suspects of murdering two female journalists. Diana faces danger from a deranged artist, a matriarch with a warped sense of humor, a traveling acting troupe--and the elusive Bathory himself. First in the new Diana Spaulding series by Kathy Lynn Emerson
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Emily's Beau
Emily Hughes dreamed her brother's friend Jacob would whisk her away to a life of bliss at his side? Instead, when she comes to London Jacob asks her to tutor his ward Harriet in the ways of society. Then she learns that Jacob and Harriet have been betrothed since childhood. She must carry on with a broken heart--but how? Regency Romance by Allison Lane; originally published by Signet and winner of the Write Touch Readers' Award and the Winter Rose Award.
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Face Down across the Western Sea
Does England have a claim to the New World? Queen Elizabeth I thinks so and she's gathered together a group of scholars to prove it. Drawn into intrigue and danger through her friendship with Sir Walter Pendennis, Lady Appleton lends a hand to uncover ancient secrets and solve a murder. Historical mystery by Kathy Lynn Emerson; originally published by St. Martin's Minotaur
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Face Down among the Winchester Geese
When her husband becomes one of the suspects in the murder of several Southwark prostitutes (known as Winchester Geese), Lady Appleton vows to uncover the identity of the real killer in order to prove her husband's innocence. The year is 1563. "A solid bet for historical mystery fans." (Publisher's Weekly) Historical mystery by Kathy Lynn Emerson; originally published by St. Martin's Press and Kensington Books
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